Nigel W.

Nigel W. Editor (Offline / Online).

Nigel throws himself whole heartedly into whatever project he is working on; though he has fifteen years of experience and is an award winning editor, he never gets complacent and is always pushing himself to make each job better than the last. Over the years he has amassed television credits for all major broadcasters, and knows how to target a film for a particular time slot or audience. He has also developed strong storytelling skills and has a good grasp of narratives.

During his career he has cut some of the toughest subject matters, and through the nature of this work is also very aware of editorial policy and broadcast compliance issues. But its not all dark and heavy, he has also worked on a wealth of entertainment and current affairs programmes that present their own different challenges. Nigel originally trained as a photographer so he retains that precision and attention to detail into the way he presents his editing work. Visually he wants everything he works on to look extraordinarily good.

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1 x 60’ Series following new recruits to the ambulance service. - BBC3

1 x 60’ Colorado has just voted to legalise Marijuana for those over 21 but it’s the kids who are affected the most with state schools being overrun with stoned children. BBC N&CA for BBC2

1 x 60’ In depth look at the shooting of a WPC in Bradford in 2005 and the hunt for the killers that took the Police all the way to the deserts of Somalia. Director: Sarah Hay, Exec producer: Andrew Sheldon. True North

1 x 60’ BBC Correspondent Lyse Doucet takes a journey to Afghanistan behind the headlines. She sees a fascinating country of ancient cultures and traditions and meets people desperate for a new beginning after thirty years of war. Director: Chris Alcock, Exec Producer: Darren Kemp. BBC

1 X 60’ The feisty best-selling author takes a look at some of the most notorious female killers in British criminal history. Director: Sharon Walker, Series Prod: Katie Kinnaird, Executive Producer: Barry Ryan. Free @ Last Television

1 x 60’ - What happens when a 21 year old from Crewe visits Yemen, his mother’s birthplace, one of the most dangerous places on earth? Director: Steph Atkinson, Series Producers: Karen Wightman / John O’Kane. - BBC Northern Ireland

1 x 60’ Story of a German student with an unhealthy obsession with a girl he knew only through an Internet chat room. Executive producer: Cat Lewis. Nine Lives Media

1 x 60’ In 2002 Ian Huntley murdered two children, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, but five years earlier an eleven year old girl had a lucky escape from the same man. This is the story of her ordeal and how she got away. Director: Rosalind Tsang, Executive Producer: Mike Spencer. MMA

15 x 45' Series looking at the effects of anti-social behaviour on the streets of Britain, presented by Dominic Littlewood. Series Producer: Stephanie Campbell - Leopard Films, BBC1

1 x 60' Profile of opera and musical theatre star Alfie Boe which examines the role that faith has played in his rise to super stardom. With contributions from Little Britain star Matt Lucas.

BBC Religion & Ethics

2 x 60’ Archaeologist and Historian Neil Oliver sets out to find the country’s most inspiring sacred wonders and through them he traces the roots and origins of religion in Britain. - BBC Religion & Ethics

1 x 35’ A look at the faith and charity of Charles Dickens perceived by many to be the inventor our classic image of Christmas. Producer: Charlotte Hindle. - BBC Religion and Ethics

As British soldiers prepare to leave Afghanistan for the final time, Gareth Malone once again puts together a choir of military wives to sing at the WW1 memorial prom concert. Twenty Twenty, BBC2, 1 x 60

Series that follows couples wanting to lose weight, as clinical psychologist Tanya Byron probes them for hidden reasons for their obesity. Renegade Pictures, BBC1, 1 x 60’

1 x 60 mins DJ presenter B Traits takes a journey into the dark world of drugs to try to unearth the truth about what substances are really doing to us - BBC News & CA, BBC3

1 x 60 Minutes - Drama documentary detailing the disappearance of Shannon Matthews and the bizarre role her own mother played in the crime. Director: Milly Ali, Series Producer: Helen Tonge. - Title Role

1 x 90’ - Feature length documentary telling the story of the courtroom drama as depicted on the big screen. Classics like Twelve Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird are appraised to see how real life events influenced them and how the genre influenced the real world. Dir: Georgina Harvey, Executive Producer: Michael Poole. BBC Bristol

3 x 60’ - Observational Documentary following South Yorkshire Police as they struggle to rebuild the worst force reputation during the biggest cuts to its budget in its history. Series Director: Ricardo Pollack, Exec Producer: Peter Dale. - Rare Day/BBC2

1 x 60’ Films following six people whose lives have been torn apart by accidents, and how the professionals at one of the new specialist Trauma centres help them to pick up the pieces. Director: Jane McGoldrick. - October Films for ITV

1 x 60’ Samira is a model who lives in London but was born in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, possibly the most dangerous place in the world. She’s now retracing the journey her mother made when she fled 21 years ago. Director: Steph Atkinson, Exec Producer: Rob Unsworth. - BBC N&CA Manchester

** Winner Foreign Press Awards 2012- Best Documentary/TV Feature

**Winner One World Media Award 2013

1 x 50’ The observational film follows the specialist force that has cut the numbers dramatically using controversial capture houses that tempt the burglars into committing crime. Director: Steph Atkinson. Century Films,

1 x 60’ A film following a group of successful UK based Libyans, who sacrifice comfortable lives to return home to Libya. For the first time in their lives they take up arms and join the revolution in a final and desperate attempt to topple Gadaffi. Director: Anne Reevell. Moonbeam Films, for Aljazeera English,

Two films made over eighteen months, follow two terminally ill patients as they prepare to donate their bodies to anatomical research institutions. Director: Diane Myers, Daisybeck Studio’s, Channel 5.

2 x 60’ Observational series that looks at London Zoo and the role it has in a twenty first century world. Director: Nick Mattingly, Series Producer: Richard Denton, Exec Producer: Paul Hamann. - Wild Pictures

6 x 30’ Silverville follows the lives and loves of some residents in a new retirement village in Milton Keynes. Director: Steph Atkinson, Series Producer: Lynn Barlow, Executive Producer: Julian Mercer. - BBC Bristol

3 x 30’ Series of observational life stories of people who have all chosen to adopt children. Director: Steph Atkinson, Executive Producer: Bill Lyons. - BBC Birmingham


1 x 40’ The wheelchair dancing championships take place in Blackpool every year. Competitors push themselves through months of physical and mental exhaustion battling each other in order to make the final. Two teams from England and Scotland are determined to go to any lengths to ensure national pride is restored... Director: Benetta Adamson, Exec Producer: Paul Sommers. Tiger Aspect

3 x 60’ Classic fly on the wall with amazing Police access with each programme following one crime from 999 to conviction. Director: Steph Atkinson, Series Producer: Lynn Barlow, Executive Producer: Julian Mercer. - BBC Bristol

**Winner of 3 RTS awards and the Grierson for Best Documentary Series

12 x 30’ Series which explores human stories of courage and inspiration, as well as a few cut heads, at the new Manchester Children’s Hospital, the biggest hospital of its kind in the country. Directors: Nick Mattingly / Claire McFall / Rachel Smith, Series Producer: Tanya Cohen. - Maverick Television

1 x 60’ Rosa Monkton was a best friend of Princess Diana. In this film she goes on a journey to investigate the growing number of parents who find it impossible to cope with a disabled child. Director: Steph Atkinson, Exec Producer: Paula Trafford. - Scarlet Television

Three part series which follows the race for life of patients requiring lifesaving transplant surgery. Director: Louise Malkinson, Exec Producer: Ricardo Pollack. True North, Channel 5, 1 x 60’

3 x 30’ Obs Doc Series looking for the next big thing on the Indie music circuit. - MTV

Presenter Miquita Oliver investigates payday borrowings, meeting people whose borrowings are out of control

1 x 60’ One in five young people has an accident within six months of passing their driving test and last year over 700 were killed. This observational film is at the scene of accidents and reveals the devastation caused. - BBC N&CA Manchester,

1 x 30’ Online fraud has increased massively; so much so that some Banks have decided that they are no longer going to automatically pay out, leaving genuine victims massively out of pocket. PD: Jane Drinkwater, Execs: Mike Lewis & Steve Boulton. - Nine Lives Media - Channel 4

1 x 30’ It is five years since the UK was hit by the credit crunch that has strangled Britain’s property market, possibly irreversibly. ITV

1 x 30’ Ajmal Masroor an Imam and broadcaster follows up the controversial comments of the Archbishop of Canterbury by taking a look at how Shariah law might be implemented in the UK. Directors: Sharon Hepburn / Karen Selway, Executive Producer: Jean Claude Bragard. - BBC Religion & Ethics,

1 x 30’ The Bank of England has told the public to spend their way out of recession, but is it sensible advice? Producer / Director: Alex Hill, Exec Producer: Alexander Gardiner. - ITV

1 x 60’ Reporter Simon Boazman investigates European stag parties and the sex tourism that leads him to the criminal gangs supplying brothels and clubs with trafficked women. Director: Steph Atkinson, Executive Producer: Darren Kemp. - BBC Northern Ireland

Adam Wishart goes back to Jerusalem to ride the new transport infrastructure supposed to bring the city together. BBC1, 1 x 30.

1 x 60’ Since 2004 there has been an influx of young people coming to live in Britain from Eastern Europe hoping to make a better life for themselves. But it doesn’t always work out that way. We follow five new immigrants as they attempt to set up home in a country that won’t always be welcoming. - BBC News & Current Affairs

1 x 60’ Interview and archive based look at the world of Hacking, Super injunctions and everything else in between. Starring a certain Premiership footballer that we can’t mention. Director: Mike Swindells, Exec Producer: Rob Unsworth. - BBC N&CA,

4 x 60’ Series that offers up creative ways to save money, featuring the Queen of thrift Mrs Moneypenny - Remarkable TV, CH4

1 x 60’ Episode of the long running spouse swapping reality show. RDF - CH4

Episodes of the tech head channel 5 series.

2 x 30’ Series that looks behind the scenes at the mega-successful US entertainment TV series. Director: John Moulson, Executive Producer: Paula Trafford - Scarlet Television, ITV 2

1 x 30’ Two 12-year-olds from Lewisham in South London swap places and live with each other's families for a week taking on one another's chores and activities and learning that, despite their different backgrounds, they have many things in common. Producer: Lizzy Lambley. - CBBC,

Various VT’s for long running series - CBBC

Film about raising awareness of body image issues amongst children. CBBC, 1 x 15’

1 x 30’ The Season concentrates on the romantic activities of a group of teenagers working for a season in Val D’Isére. Directors: Judith Parker / Sarah Dillistone, Series Producers: Fiona O’Sullivan / Carolyn Reynolds / Tony Wood. - Lime Pictures/BBC 2

Winner ‘Licence To Kill’ - Best Current Affairs' RTS NW 2013

Winner “Escape From World’s…’ - Best Documentary/TV Feature 2012

Editing - West of England

Winner Best Documentary Series

Winner Best Documentary Series

Winner Best Documentary

Nigel W.'s Software Skills

Nigel is a highly experienced Symphony Editor.

Nigel is a highly experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor.

Nigel is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor.

Nigel uses After Effects to enhance his own work.

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