Natalie B.

Natalie Barnard

Natalie B. Editor (offline).

Natalie is a diligent and devoted editor who has been cutting together short and long form videos for over 6 years. She is highly organised with a keen eye for detail. Whether it’s a scripted project or she is working off a brief, Natalie always understands clearly the purpose of each project. Thanks to her kind and fun demeanour, along with her collaborative attitude, you will receive a quality product and a good working environment along the way.

Below are projects Natalie has worked on as either editor, colourist or AE artist. Due to an NDA on his previous 6 years of work, titles and details aren’t listed.

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Natalie B.'s Software Skills

Natalie is an advanced user of PP.

Natalie is an advanced user of FCPx.

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