Mohammed M.

Mohammed M. 3D Generalist, Animator, Compositor, Effects Artist, Editor (Offline / Online), Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Artist.

Mo is a very highly driven and passionate VFX generalist and 2D/3D Motion Graphics Artist with 7 years of experience in the industry. With a BA (Hons) in Animation, he has spent the last years on an uninterrupted path perfecting his skills working for International clients throughout Europe and the United states. He is consistently delivering and improving the quality of his work all whist working to tight deadlines and ambitious targets. Mo is a pleasure to work with and has a kind nature. With Dutch/Persian heritage he is fluent in Dutch and also speaks Farsi.

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1min 30sec 2D animation about keeping kids safe online. 90Seconds.TV (AFX, Premier Pro)

2min 20sec 2D motion graphics showcasing customer’s needs. Foolproof/90Seconds.TV (Illustrator, AFX, Premier Pro)

10sec 3D Logo animation for website. Advertainment Media Ltd (Cinema 4D, AFX)

1min 2D web animation to promote mystery dining. Artventus (AFX, Premier Pro)

1min 2D motion graphics for Vanish stain remover. Zenithmedia/90Seconds.TV (Illustrator, AFX)

2 x 2min videos with motion graphics showcasing new products. Zenithmedia/90Seconds.TV (AFX, Premier Pro)

3min 2D animation to improve customer service and journeys. Spring Loaded Films Ltd (AFX, Premier Pro)

2min 2D motion graphics promoting various services. Advertainment Media Ltd (AFX, Premier Pro)

2min 3D Animation promoting various services. Advertainment Media Ltd (Fuse, Maya, Premier Pro)

8 x 2min Video with graphics about Helpful advertising. KASH (AFX, Premier Pro)

4 x 2 min Videos, Customer’s needs. KASH (Premier Pro)

20min Video with motion graphics for real estate conference exhibition. 90Seconds.TV (AFX, Premier Pro)

30sec TV promotion for a New Dance show in Indi. London Tamil Media Ltd (AFX, Premier Pro)

30sec online promotion video for the London art conference. FIFTH WALL (AFX, Premier Pro)

2min 2D animation for a political party in the Netherlands. Artventus (AFX, Premier Pro)

15min short documentary following Andrew Cotton pro surfer on his latest adventure. KASH for Casio (Runner, Camera assistance)

1h 37min Feature film Thriller/Horror Creating majority of the VFX for the film. Aviary Films Ltd (Maya, After Effects)

1h 42min Drama, Fantasy, Horror creating all of the VFX for the film. Aviary Films Ltd (Maya, AFX)

12min Short drama film, Where a British Indian child bride is forced by her parents to marry a much older man. Emma Lindley (RealFlow, Maya, AFX)

10min short film with a 2min 2D animation sequence. Crisis charity (Illustrator, AFX, Premier Pro)

21min Short Horror, Thriller film about a young butcher with personality disorder. Team Adapta Ltd (AFX)

1min 30sec 3D VR Music for a new show on channel 4. KASH for channel 4 (Maya, AFX)

Mohammed M.'s Software Skills

Mo is Maya generalist

Mo is an advanced level AFX user

Mo is an Intermediate Illustrator user

Mo is an intermediate Photoshop user

Mo is an intermediate level ZBrush user

Mo uses Premiere Pro to compliment his work

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