Minesh C.

Minesh C. Editor (Offline / Online).

Minesh is an experienced editor with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast and digital industries on both short and long form content. He has over 12 years experience and love to collaborate with different people, production companies, brands and channels to craft a narrative and create engaging content for a wide range of audiences.

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x1 57” - Offline Editor - Dragonfly TV - BBC 1, 9pm - Series Editor - James Robinson, Production Executive - James Mudie

Offline Editor - S2 - x6 47” - True North - Sky Crime - Series Producer - Jayne Hancock

Offline Editor - x4 47”- True North - Sky Crime -Series Producer - Jayne Hancock

Assistant Editor - Raw TV - Netflix, Editor - Duncan Hill, Production Manager - Parita Mandalia

1 x 47 min. Offline Editor for Channel 4. Remarkable TV. Series Producer - Alice Almond. Executive Producers – Joff Wilson and Kitty Walshe.

3 x 47 min - Offline Editor - Studio Leo/Argonon - Channel 5. Executive Producer - Claire Collinson-Jones

1 x 47 min. Motion Graphics artist for pilot episode Involved a number of animated infographics throughout the show (After Effects). Channel 4. Remarkable TV. Executive Producer - Charlotte Smith.

30 x 1 hour. Motion Graphics artist for both shows across the series. Involved top down house plan animated and tracked text animations for the show (After Effects). BBC Two. Remarkable TV. Executive Producer - Joff Wilson.

1 x 30 mins. Offline Editor for a virtual reality based documentary celebrating the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Youtube Original Documentary/Remarkable TV, Executive Producer - Patrick Furlong. (Premiere Pro).

Digital VT Editor. Working on a shift rotation basis editing footage over 24 hours for all

online platforms. This included eviction nights and cutting task videos segments, some of which

were included in the main broadcast show. Filming post eviction interviews and formats. Turn

around time for a video was a couple of hours including upload and meta tagging. Channel 4.

(Premiere Pro).

Edited multiple pieces of online content for duration of series. Cutting backstage branded content and quick turnaround social videos featuring the contestants and judges. Fremantle Media. Executive Producer - Karen Troop (Premiere Pro & After Effects).

Development taster tape through to commission. Remarkable TV, ITV (Premiere Pro).

Development taster tape through to commission. Remarkable TV, BBC 2 (Premiere Pro).

Development taster tape through to commission. Remarkable TV, BBC 2 (Premiere Pro).

x50 x 5 mins. Offline Editor and Motion graphics artist on a new series

featuring Youtube gamers for Sky's on demand kids platform. Sky Kids. Monrae Productions.

Commisioner - Ian France. (Avid)

x4 x 47 mins. Offline/Online Editor on six camera current affairs talk show with

Zeze Millz and Yinka Bokinni celebrating Channel 4 black to front initiative. Channel 4. Cardiff

Productions. Executive Producer - Maxine Wilson, Debbie David. (Premiere Pro).

Offline Editor - x3 47”- Hat trick - ITV - Executive Producer - Debbie Rich

25 x 43.45 min - Offline Editor - Remarkable TV - BBC One. Series Editor - Jo Holloway, Edit Producer - Benjamin Polya

Minesh C.'s Software Skills

Advanced PP editor.

Offline editor, Intermediate Avid editor.

Mid Level MGFX

Intermediate Illustrator user.

Intermediate Photoshop user.

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