Max W.

Max W. Editor (offline), Animator, Motion Graphic Designer.

Max is a short and long form editor and producer with experience in all projects from broadcast to agency work. Recently, Max worked in house for Leagas Delaney and has covered a range of genres from factual entertainment and reality to commercial and branded content.

He is incredibly handy to have around which is made even easier given the fact that he is an incredibly likeable and charismatic guy with bags of character.

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TV and digital campaigns for prestigious watch maker. Leagas Delaney. Editor & Post Producer (PP / AFX).

M&C Saatchi advert. 1 x 4” (FCP Offline & Online).

1 x 1’30” Tiger Aspect (FCP Offline & Online).

Directed by Steve McQueen. Burberry.

TV & digital ad. Narration by Russell Crowe. Leagas Delaney. Editor. (PP / AFX).

Pitch, Leagas Delaney.

Pitch, Leagas Delaney.

Pitch, Leagas Delaney.

Pitch, Leagas Delaney.

Pitch, Ogilvy.

Pitch. Grey London.

4' Sony Pictures. (FCP Offline & Online).

Disney. (PP Offline)

Sony Pictures. 6 x 12” (FCP Online).

8 x 60’. Each episode sees eight single young princes enter a mystical fairy-tale kingdom to battle it out to win the heart of one lucky princess. But first they've got to complete a series of insane physical and mental challenges set by the most fearsome man in the land, the princess's overprotective dad. Channel 4 (Avid Offline).

1 x 50’. American teens enter an English camp to lose weight. Channel 4 (Avid Offline).

10 x 50’. Game show starring Noel Edmonds where contestants have to answer questions on topics they learnt at school. Sky 1 & Sky 1 HD (Avid Offline)

1 x 50’. Christmas special with Noel Edmunds presenting. Sky 1 & Sky 1 HD (Avid Offline)

1 x 50’. Teenagers compete to pass their driving tests with their parents help. Channel 4 (Avid Offline)

1 x 50’. Presenters travel through America speaking with dead celebs, one claims he can speak with the dead the other is critical. ITV 1 (Avid Offline)

120 x 50’. Game show with Noel Edmonds & Dick and Dom. Sky 1 & Sky 1 HD (Assistant Editor)

1 x 30’. Ruth Watson helps develop hotels throughout the UK. (Assistant Editor)

7 x 5’. Unseen footage of Jamie Oliver’s tour around Italy. (FCP Offline & Online).

1 x 50’. Award winning show on chef Heston Blumenthal redeveloping the little chef menu. Channel 4 (Avid Offline).

1 x 50’. Factual documentary about UK cops on the beat. ITV (Avid Offline).

1 x 50’. Documentary focusing on British serial killers. ITV (Assistant Editor)

30 x 30’ A show focused on automobiles and planes. Ginx TV (FCP Offline & Online)

1 x 50’ proposal in Muslim community. BBC (Avid Offline & Online).

12 x 5’. Short form edits of talking heads on London life. (FCP Offline & Online).

60 x 3’. Short form show about current affairs. (FCP Offline & Online).

10 x 60’. Flagship show for Ginx TV aired in over 20 countries. Weekly round-up of the very best video game news, reviews and action from the biggest events on the gaming calendar. (FCP Offline & Online).

60 x 30’. Magazine show targeted at males. Bravo / MNET (FCP Offline & Online).

60 x 30’. Magazine show, MTV style approach to computer games. Bravo (FCP Offline & Online).

140’. Movie based on love and loss, UK and International release (FCP Offline).

Max W.'s Software Skills

Max is an advanced user of Premiere Pro CC.

Max is an intermediate - advanced level AFX skills.

Max has a good knowledge of Avid Media Composer.

Max is an advanced user of Final Cut Pro 7.

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