Martin W.

Martin Wells

Martin W. Editor (Offline / Online), Colourist.

Martin is a senior level off & online editor who has a 360 knowledge of post-production for broadcast. Fully proficient in all core editing software. He is also a pro with Adrenaline,Symphony & Premiere for his grades, working in SD, HD & 4K, tape and film, along with Interplay and other media networked access systems. While being easy going and creative, Martin is also very forthcoming and confident when mapping out the expectations and workflow for a project. In doing so he creates understandable timelines and delivers to specified guidelines, matching technical specifications and consistent workflow. Having a great deal of experience in training others, (C4,C5, ITV,BBC) on Avid, FCP, Premiere along with workflow, as well as being in charge of several editors on various projects

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C4 Daytime property show. Following property buyers around the world as they search for a holiday home. 2017

Saturday night Entertainment show. Gary Barlow is looking for musical and acting talent to star in his musical based on the story of Take That. BBC1 Primetime – Editor

Series following a couple as they decide with the help of Two presenters where to live and find a property to buy. C4 - Editor

Long-running and high-profile British television programme that reconstructs major unsolved crimes in order to gain information from the public which may assist in solving the case. BBC/BBC1 - Editor off/online

Presenter lead, topical magazine-style daily programme broadcast live. BBC/BBC1 - Editor

Daytime property series. TwoFour/ITV – Editor/EP

Daytime series where Aggie MacKenzie meets the people who are still clinging onto things they never see or use. ITV/Two Four - Editor

Current affairs series for ITV - Editor off/online

6 x weekly series that used the music of the day along with the sport from various years. ITV - Editor

5 part series for the BBC Natural History Unit Presented by Sir David Attenborough and Produced and Directed by Martin Salisbury, retelling the stories of several natural history filmmakers and how they created new ways of filming. BBC/BBC - Editor

Series looking at how cities interact with the sea and make a living from it. BBC2 Primetime - Editor

A series looking at police forces around the UK and how they use CCTV to catch Criminals. Spike/C5 - Editor

Series following Multi-millionaires and the removal companies that move them. Boomerang/C4 – Editor

Series following the RSPCA. Middlechild/C5 – Editor

Daytime spin-off series following the UK's most characterful brokers. Boomerang/C4 - Editor

Light hearted series following the exploits of five people who for fun go Drag Racing at the weekend. This involved a multi camera shoot including in car cameras and Jimmy Jibs to capture the action along with the very stylised interviews in unexpected locations. ITV - Editor

Offline Editor for DaisyBeck Studios for Channel 5.

Series focusing on plastic surgery and the correction of when it goes wrong. Transparent TV/C5 – Editor off/online

A series of shorts exploring different people’s beliefs and practises. ITV - Editor

Cut to music and with special FX, a full on quick turn-around edit. ITV/CITV - Editor

Rugby promos for the BBC – Editor off/online

Various promos for TX in the UK and USA, nordic and emea. Promo Editor off/online

To create weekly, formatted promos for all from conception to completion to go out on all network from News; Documentaries; Current affairs, Lifestyle, to Sport and beyond. Working from a monthly production list planning, writing & researching material. Working to a strict delivery schedule. ITV – Promo Editor & Graphics

Live rugby union action. BBC – Promo Editor

Flagship BBC Rugby series – Editor off/online

A roundup show with presenter lead items and a fun take on the week’s Cricket event. ITV Sport - Editor off/online

Saturday night/Sunday morning football show. BBC1 - Editor offline/online

Working for creating in house and on air promos for worldwide Zuffa UFC / PPV channels and Spike TV – Editor Off/Online

Creating promos and managing various promos, to be aired before, and throughout the Olympics. My main focus was on the track sports such as the luge and bob skeleton along with the arranging of interviews for the various networks and athletes and creating a daily summary of events for the show that evening.

Feel good ad campaign (commercial & promos) for BAR Honda Racing. Filming Formula one, Jenson Button, powerboat racers such as Steve Curtis, racing quads & Paul Winrow ATV champion, Michael Rutter and Ryuichi Kiyonari from British Superbikes. Shot in Japan using, heavy use of multi cam. Shot in Japan we also shot in the UK and the Middle East.

An unconventional entertainment show with sports. The programme won several awards for its original ideas. ITV – Editor.

Working in a fast-paced deadline environment, editing stories planned and as they happen. ITV News - Editor

Film to raise awareness of the plight of children from around the world. Contained very strong images ranging from children working in the mines of Africa to prostitution and the killing of child soldiers. BBC - Editor

A light hearted fast paced current affairs series. ITV - Editor.

RTS nominated current affairs weekly series. ITV – Editor

Development editor for Curve media. Working on a series across 3 locations following the ups and downs of monkey life.

BBC2. A 14 part natural history series presented by Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall. Exploring the south west of the UK and discovering the people who have a passion for the wildlife and its preservation.

C4 Following the animals and staff at Chester zoo revealing the day to life of animals and staff. 2014

20 part series for Sky. Set at Monkey World, following the trial and tribulations of rescued monkeys and their life at the park.

A set of films used to create commercials.

A series of mood films set in Iraq. Creating a mood of tension and despair while looking at what can be done.

Twenty mood films designed to create hype and rivalry before competition.

Life within a war zone, depicting the utter futility of war and the impact upon daily life for young and old.

Offline assembly editor on Jumanji 2. Starring Jack Black and Dwayne Johnson. Create for Columbia pictures.

Several projects: Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderwick Chronicles, City of Ember – Editor offline

30 second commercial - Editor offline

Commercial for RSPB - Editor online

Sponsorship stings for fishing series - Editor online

Trailers & teasers for online use. BBC - Editor off/online

Martin W.'s Software Skills

Martin is a highly experienced Avid Symphony Onliner

Martin is a highly experienced Offline and Online Final Cut Pro 7 Editor

Martin is a highly experienced Offline and Online Avid Media Composer Editor

Martin is a highly experienced Offline and Online Premiere Pro Editor

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