Leon B.

Leon B. Editor (offline), Colourist, Motion Graphic Designer.

Leon is a highly skilled editor, colourist and After Effects artist. His strong background in directing and shooting has given him a broad understanding of the entire filmmaking process allowing him to edit and interface with other departments with greater insight and efficiency. No matter what role he works in, his focus is always on good storytelling. Leon is friendly, flexible and thrives with challenging problems. Additionally, he has a great deal of computer experience making him ideal for technically demanding jobs or troubleshooting.

No matter the project, you can rely on Leon to understand your needs and deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner.

Below are projects Leon has worked on as either editor, colourist or AE artist. Due to an NDA on his previous 6 years of work, titles and details aren’t listed.

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(Edited in Premiere Pro, Offline/Online, Colour in DaVinci Resolve)

(Colour in DaVinci Resolve)

(VFX in After Effects, Colour in DaVinci Resolve)

(Edited in FCPX, Colour in DaVinci Resolve)

Leon B.'s Software Skills

Leon is an advanced user of PP.

Leon is an advanced user of FCPx.

Leon is an advanced user of AFX.

Leon is an advanced user of DVR.

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