Lee H.

Lee H. Colourist, Compositor, Creative Editing, Director, DIT, Editor (Offline / Online), Effects Artist, Motion Graphic Designer, Title Designer.

Lee is an editor and motion graphics artist with a decade of experience creating work for clients such as Sony Music, National Geographic TV and beIN Sports.

His ability to take on hybrid projects has led to him working on unique projects, ranging from motion graphics sequences for feature films, to Netflix trailers designed specifically to be screened on the side of the Burj Khalifa.

With his breadth of knowledge across production and post-production, Lee is a trusted collaborator to producers and directors alike.

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6x 6-60s videos for Hourglass ‘Unlocked’ launch. Reblis Films (PrPro)

60s Secret cinema x Guardians of the Galaxy event trailer. Deadbeat Films (PrPo)

1x 5min & 10x 60s Abbey Road Studios collaboration videos. Parkview Creative (PrPro)

60s Hourglass x Katie Scott launch video. Reblis Films (PrPro)

60s ‘What on Earth is Pangaia?’ brand video. Capture and Look Inc. (PrPro / AFX)

2 x 2min university promo videos. Parkview Creative (PrPro / AFX)

1 x 90s university promo video. Parkview Creative (PrPro / AFX)

2 in ‘In The Studio’ jewellery brand video. Liv Luttrell (PrPro)

60s jewellery range launch video. Capture (PrPro)

60s photography shoot behind the scenes. Capture (PrPro)

60s photography shoot behind the scenes. Capture (PrPro)

15s-2min range of brand concept explainer/launch videos. Capture (PrPro / AFX)

2x60s brand range launch videos. Capture (PrPro)

3min. Wall to Wall Productions - (PrPro)

8min documentary about artist Mr Bingo. (PrPro)

7x 15-30min bonus features documentary for feature documentary. Capture and the BFI. (PrPro / AFX)

4min documentary about long covid sufferer Ruby Lindsay. Get A Life Magazine (PrPro)

90s trailer for short film starring Brian Cox. Capture (PrPro / AFX)

60s fashion film. Annemarie Sterian (PrPro)R PORTER -

3 x30s Pride 2022 social media videos. Mr Porter (PrPro)

60s Winter Issue fashion film. Marek Chorzepa (PrPro)

3min ‘This Must Be Christmas’ Music Video. RCA Records (PrPro)

3min ‘Guava Rubicon’ Music Video. Big Life Management (PrPro)

3x 3min acoustic session videos at London’s Rak Studios. RCA Records (PrPro)

3min ‘Skin and Bone’ Music Video. EMI Records (PrPro)

6min Tour video. Modest! Management (PrPro)

3min ‘Fix Somebody’ Music Video. Modest! Management (PrPro)

3min ‘I’ve Got You’ Music Video. OB Management (PrPro)

3min ‘Love my Life’ Lyric Video. Sony Music (PrPro)

3min Live tour video reel. ATC Management (PrPro)

30min ‘Stars Align’ Joe Cole x Cesar Azpilicueta Interview - Buzz16 (PrPro)

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