Lajos P.

Lajos P. Editor (online), Colourist, Camera Operator.

Lajos is post-production expert with over 20 years’ of experience specialising in colour grading. He has a deep understanding of the moving image after starting his career as a cameraman/DoP and making his way through all stages of post-production including: offline and online editing, DIT, dailies colourist/operator and colourist.Throughout his varied career he has gained a solid knowledge base of short and long form cinema and commercials.

Lajos has a positive attitude which makes him a pleasure to work with in a grading session and the little gems of advice he can share will give your project that extra polish.

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85 min - ARRI. Director: Terry Jones, Bill and Ben Productions. Assistant Colourist.

94 min - ARRI Alexa. Director: Jim O'Hanlon - Cross Day Prods. Assistant Colourist.

82 min - Canon. Director: J.K. Amalou - Silver Leaf Productions. Assistant Colourist.

RED/elements. Directors: Damien Macé, Alexis Wajsbrot - Bigscope Films. Onset Colourist.

94 min - ARRI. Director: John Godschmidt - VIVA Films. Assistant Colourist.

150 min - RED. Director: David Batty - BigBook Media. Colourist.

98 min - Canon. Director: Tony Ukpo - Vertigo Heights. Colourist.

109 min - ARRI/dailies. Director: Simon Curtis - BBC/TWC. Dailies Colourist.

128 min - Panasonic HD. Director: Stuart J. Parkins - Beyond Mirrors / Mountview Films. Colourist.

110 min - 16mm. Director: Nihat Seven - Blind Pictures. Colourist.

120 min - RED. Director: Konstanti Ferstl - Zorro Film. Colourist.

150 min - RED. Director: David Batty - BigBook Media. Colourist.

99 min - Canon. Director: Tony Ukpo - Vertigo Heights. Colourist.

85 min - Sony HD. Director: Tim Barrow - Lyre Productions. Colourist.

17 min - RED. Director: Aygul Bakanova - LFS/Aitysh Film. Colourist.

10 min - RED. Director: A. Kirkland, R Rafalat - KnockKnock/House of Wolves

6 min - ARRI Alexa. Director: Emilia Reid & D Haidar - Fortune Fil

16 min - ARRI Alexa. Director: T Manolo & T Sandler, Dead Pixel

13 min - RED. Director: Zaheer Ahmad - ESA Pictures

17 min - RED. Director: Jessica Lurel - LFS

25 min - ARRI Alexa. Director: Alessandro Alpini - LFS

12 min - RED. Director: Uri Stramer - LFS

23 min - ARRI Alexa. Director: Daina Pusic - LFS

24 min - RED. Director: Brian O'Toole - LFS

12 min - RED. Omar Zavala - LFS

Comedy Central

92 min - Canon. Director: Aleks Nikolic

24 min - Canon. Director: Stephan Bookas - Independent

86 min - Sony HD. Director: Mike Clear - Going The Distance

76 min - Sony HD. Director: Tracy Worcester - Pig Business/Channel4

66 min - DSLR/SonyHD. Director: Ella Todd - Environment Films

Corporate Video

Lajos P.'s Software Skills

Lajos is a highly experienced DS Online Editor.

Lajos is a highly experienced Avid Online Editor.

Lajos is a highly experienced DaVinci Resolve Colourist.

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