Katie P.

Katie P. Editor (Offline / Online), Camera Operator.

Katie is a proven commercial and documentary Editor with a solid foundation in both broadcast and music and prides herself in being able to find multiple options within the edit. She is passionate about storytelling and developing characters.

As an experienced editor with a track record of delivering engaging and entertaining stories, Katie enjoys collaborating with both technical and creative teams while providing a fresh take on the material at hand. She is an excellent problem solver who excels under pressure, and she also bakes excellent cookies.

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30” (Editor & AFX)

60”, 30”, 15” for national broadcast (Editor & AFX)

60”, 45”, 30” for international broadcast (Editor & AFX)

60”, 30”, 15” (Editor)

4 x 3” Internal Communications (Editor)

5 x 10’ Pharmaceutical Information Packages (Editor)

2 x 2.5” On Board Promotional Films (Animation & Creative)

Dare (Director / Editor)

60” Internal Communications (Editor)

Various 3’ creative development packages (Editor)

2 x seasons. Daily National Television Show Segments. (Editor)

1 x 3’ Conference Walk-On Film (Editor)

1 x 3’ Political Election Broadcast, The Conservative Party (Editor)

80’ Feature Documentary premiered at IDFA, Sheffield, and Zurich.

Official Festival Selections: World Premiere at the prestigious IDFA 2007, Munich Doc Fest 2008, Zurich Film Festival 2008, Sheffield Doc Fest 2008, New York Jewish Film Festival 2008, Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival 2009.

4 x 10’ New Artist Reels (Editor)

3 x 60’ Music Specials (Canada, Line Producer)

5’ short comedy film (Editor)

24’ Cannes Short Film Corner (Editor)

Online Campaign, Dare (Director / Editor)

Online Campaign, Dare (Director / Editor)

4 x 60” Online campaign (Editor)

16 x 15” Online campaign (Editor)

5 x online films (Shoot, Editor)

Christmas Campaign, Saatchi & Saatchi (Senior Editor)

20 x 4’ Broadcast and online content for overseas channels (Editor)

1 x 60’ DVD release, ITV (Editor)

8 x 60’ Gaming Magazine, Ginx TV (Editor)

8 x 10’ Line Opening Communications (Editor)

1 x 30’ Pilot, New Earth Films (Editor)

Katie P.'s Software Skills

Katie is an experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor.

Katie is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor.

Katie is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

Katie is a an experienced After Effects Operator.

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