Kat V.

Kat V. Editor (Offline / Online), Creative Editing, Audio Editor, DIT, Edit Assistant, Camera Operator, Colourist.

With background in journalism and vast experience of working across digital and broadcast content, Kat is a strong storyteller and technically proficient editor. She enjoys working across documentaries as well as short snappy visually creative content. A real believer that collaborative process between the editor and the director/producer is key to creating the best edits possible, Kat thrives on technical as well as structural problem solving.

She obtained her degree in journalism at UAL and trained as a documentary filmmaker with Grierson Doc Lab; and also completed training in broadcast camera operating and vision mixing with The Bloomberg Broadcast training programme.

Aside from editing Kat is proficient at operating various cameras (A7s, Cannon C300, Sony Fs).

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1min viral video following UK drill artist Cristale freestyling at 100mph in the snow. Objekt for Red Bull (Premiere Offline)

1min Snapchat series following rapper Aitch as he plays pranks on people around him. (Premiere Offline)

5x5min Dating show. Virtue for Topshop (Premiere Offline)

2min, A reel of all the incredible music represented by Universal Music (Premiere Offline)

4x10min, Interviews uncovering the stories of some of the UK's most influential and successful self-made entrepreneurs.(Premiere offline)

5x1min, Creative trailer teasing the interview series with the UK's most influential self-made entrepreneurs. Chivas Regal (Premiere offline)

1min reel of some of the impactful work VICE has done. Vice (Premiere offline)

1min trailer highlighting some of the best shows featuring women Vice (Premiere offline)

22min, Rosie Viva, a fashion model and entrepreneur, knows all too well the challenges of life with bipolar. Happenstance Films for Channel 4 (Premiere offline & graphics)

12min, A short documentary about a pretended billionaire who infiltrated NYCs most exclusive and expensive homes. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

12min, Investigative documentary recounting one of the worlds most sophisticated catfishing scams. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

12min BBC journalists Rianna Croxford and Noel Titherage investigated OnlyFans, after it failed to protect victims of revenge porn, underage children selling and appearing in explicit videos, and hacking.

7min Documentary that explores the latest technology Paloma Galzi uses as a forensic artist. Her work has successfully brought numerous missing kids home safely. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

12min, Investigative journalist Tam Hussein and ITV News correspondent Lucy Watson exposing a sophisticated network of human trafficking. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

19min, A deeper look into the complexities of legalisation of cannabis, the dangers of large corporations taking over the business while, many of those most harmed by the drug war – like people of color and medical patients – are being shut out.Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

7min, A planespotter disclosing the weird activities of the US government in the skies like spying on the people below. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

12min, VICEs Tim Hume explores how the manosphere” has started to bleed into the broader conservative movement, and how its become a key recruiting ground for the far right. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

7x40min, Red Arrow Studios for BBC (assistant editor Premiere Offline)

12x12min, Factual Entertainment series follow the up-and-coming star of English blacksmithing and blade-smithing Alec Steele as he recreates a breathtaking array of historic weaponry. History (Premiere Offline)

8min, What started off as a two-month summer project, has now turned into a decade-long endeavour, with over 64,000 entries. Jacobs forensic analysis has been vital in exposing whats really going on in the worlds most secretive country. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

12min, Jamie Clifton explains the complexities of how heroin has fundamentally reshaped Afghanistan as a country for decades – and how you cant understand the Wests failure there without it. Vice (Premiere Off/online, grade & mix)

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