Jonny W.

Jonny Ward

Jonny W. Creative Editing, Editor (offline), Editor (online).

Editor with over 30 years’ experience working across a broad range of programming from documentaries and series to pop promos and sport magazine shows.

An enthusiastic collaborator, creative, motivated, with a love of the editing process and storytelling. Experienced working with both large and small budgets and long and short form programming. Extensive experience and knowledge in both offline and online editing. Expertise in track laying and sound mixing.

Credits with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, Disney, Channel 5, History, Sky Sports and the Olympic Channel, Monster Energy, Rolex and the Bank of England.

Remote Working - 400mbps fibre broadband.

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6 x 10min A youth-skewed series presented by American hurdler and bobsledder Lolo Jones examining the physiology of elite sportspeople. It is one of the highest-performing original series on the Olympic Channel.

IMG for Olympic Channel (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online/Grade/Sound Mix)

14 x 30min Celebrity lifestyle films for the Trace Sports Network. Featuring: Usain Bolt, Yelena Isinbaeva, Florent Malouda and Sanya Richards-Ross. IMG For TRACE (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online/Grade/Sound Mix)

12 x 20min Partner presentation videos. Dhillon Stevens for SJP (Adobe Premiere Pro Offline/Online/Grade/Sound Mix)

3 x 6min How investors can make sense of the explosion in digital infrastructure. Dhillon Stevens for Actis (Adobe Premiere Pro Offline/Online/Grade/Sound Mix)

1 x 5min Fund raising video for Panathlon; a national charity that gives young people with disabilities and special educational needs the opportunity to take part in competitive sport. Dhillon Stevens for Panathlon (Adobe Premiere Pro

3 x 5min Year-end partner presentation videos.

Dhillon Stevens for Veritas (Adobe Premiere Pro Offline/Online/Grade/Sound Mix)

1 x 12min A short drama made for the Bank of England to show all cash handlers how to spot a counterfeit note. This film won Gold for Best Training at the IVCA awards. Pukka Films for The Bank of England (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 30min A presenter-led historical documentary with Amber Butchart telling the story of the Huguenot silk weavers who fled religious persecution in France 300 years ago for London. Button Down for BBC ONE (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 30min Fronted by Suzi Perry, this documentary uncovers London’s technology pioneers of the past, present and future, from the first computer programmer to the multi-million-pound app creators. Button Down for BBC ONE (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 60min A film charting the life and character of Winston Churchill through shot sequences and dramatic reconstructions, archive footage and interviews.

Narrated by Sir Ian McKellen. IMG for ITV (Avid Media Composer Offline)

2 x 30min A series about the history of the London Film Studios. Jam Pictures for ITV (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 60min An in-depth look into the life and career of the Black Knight. Gary Player examines his deep-rooted past as a poor boy in rural South Africa to his rise becoming the third man in history to complete golf’s career Grand Slam.

IMG/Rolex for Sky Sports and Worldwide Distribution (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

6 x 60min Documentary series about the inventions of the 20th century that have shaped our lives. TWI/Pathe for BBC Studios (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 60min Tiger Woods opens the door to his astonishing life in golf, from the promise of a child prodigy to the most dominant force in the history of the sport.

5 x 60min Archive documentary series chronicling the most significant people and events of the 20th century. TWI/Pathe for History (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 50min The cat and mouse tale of how the DEA’s Special Agents undertook a decade long manhunt for the female Al Capone, criminal mastermind Griselda Blanco. Using dramatic re-enactment.

World Media Rights Productions for Discovery American Heroes Channel & ITV Studios Global Entertainment (Avid Media Composer Offline)

2 x 60min International Strongman competition held every year, designed to push the Strongmen to their absolute limits, challenging not only their physical strength, but their agility and mental toughness too. IMG for Channel 5 (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

1 x 60min As it suggests really… crazy people doing crazy things! Lion Television for ITV (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 60min Re-boot of this classic sports entertainment show where elite athletes battle against each other to determine who is the greatest.

IMG for Channel 5 (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

2 x 30min A look at the state of health care in Britain, with a combination of factual reporting and satire, presented by Phil Hammond.

BBC Science for BBC TWO (Avid Media Composer Offline)

3 x 30min Early evening BBC ONE series about consumer

complaints. RDF Television for BBC ONE (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 74min The life story of the greatest boxer to ever live. Told through the eyes of the people. IMG for ITV (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 60min Multi-camera O.B.

Featuring Elton John, Bon Jovi and Moby.

IMG for Fox America (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

1 x 3min NME Video Exclusive.

Button Down for NME (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

1 x 60min Profile of the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kim Dae-jung and his struggle to open communications between North and South Korea through his ‘sunshine policy’, after fifty years of separation.

IMG for BBC Studios (Avid Media Composer Offline)

1 x 60min A documentary looking at the scandal and political turmoil that the International Olympic Committee had suffered since the Atlanta '96 Games and how they endeavoured to ‘put their house in order’ leading up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

IMG for Channel 9 Australia. (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

3 x 29min Observational documentary series following young Northern bricklayers as they go head-to-head to see who can earn the most cash. Big characters with aspirational stories.

Button Down for BBC THREE (Adobe Premiere Pro Offline)

450+ x 49min (Seriously!) Over three decades as a supervising editor on the world’s most widely viewed, longest running, award-winning weekly sport magazine series. Features on rising stars, indigenous sports, human interest stories and event highlights. IMG For Channel 4/Sky Sports/Worldwide (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online/Grade/Sound Mix)

6 x 5min A humourous travelogue with Welsh rugby legends Shane Williams and Andy Powell, as they explore the food, the culture and the sport in Japan ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Button Down for Sky Sports and World Rugby (Avid Media Composer Offline/Online)

Two Series of 13 x 30min Innovative award-winning youth culture, extreme sport, adventure and travel series. IMG for Channel 4 / Worldwide (Avid Media Composer Offline)

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