Jon F.

Jon F. Editor (Offline / Online), Motion Graphic Designer, Director.

Jon is a highly experienced After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro user. He is very passionate about cinema and animation and comes from a Graphic Design background. He’s shot and directed music videos and short films, and on the motion graphics side of things, has worked with major brands such as Warner Bros, Marvel Studios, Heineken, O2, Lexus and Toyota. Pays great attention to detail, is a quick learner and always delivers high quality work.

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Social media content for YULA (AFX)

Internal motion graphics showreel

Internal films for the marketing team (Premiere/AFX)

Animation of Vegas skyline for duty free area in Las Vegas airport (AFX)

Smart content production tool explainer video for Heineken (AFX)

DOOH film poster animations for several Warner Bros films such as Wonder Woman 1984, Justice League, Ready Player One, Rampage, among others. (AFX)

TVCs for HIVE, Lexus Toyota, and British Gas (Premiere/AFX)

2nd unit Camera / VFX (After Effects

Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere ) / VFX Supervisor

Transit Director / Cinematographer / Editor ( Premiere )

Love on the Roof Director / Cinematographer / Editor ( Premiere )

Nothing to Hide Director / Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere )

Keywest Director / Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere )

Evolution of Self Director / Cinematographer / Editor ( Premiere )

Director / Cinematographer / Editor ( Premiere )

Leaving Director / Cinematographer / Editor ( Premiere )

Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere)

Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere)

Second AC

Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere)

Several films promoting different shows

Cinematographer / Editor (Premiere)

Jon F.'s Software Skills

Jon uses AFX on an advanced level.

Jon uses PP on an advanced level.

Jon uses PS on an advanced level.

Jon uses Illustrator on an advanced level.

Jon uses C4D on an intermediate level.

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