John M.

John M. Editor (Offline / Online), Colourist.

John believes an obsession with attention to detail and 100% absolute dedication to seeing a project through from the initial concept are the fundamentals to working in post-production. After teaching himself Premiere, AFX & Photoshop at Film School, he was able to quickly progress from runner to editor in no time at all. Accomplished as a short-form offline editor, particularly and unusually enjoying editing interviews, he is also an onliner, grader and has worked on various long-form projects, including his personal highlight: “Pirates of Somalia.” Always quick to identify and offer ideas that harmonise with the vision of the director, he is able to deliver a final picture along with a sound mix and graphics to give the piece the edge that will make it unique.

Lucky enough to have a hobby as a job, in his spare moments, if he’s not learning Spanish he’ll be juggling his time around his three boys or (otherwise known as) his “new hobbies”.

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DS Nitris HD Online - 60’ From Cleopatra to Uma Thurman, why pearls continue to be the most glamorous of gemstones - Faction Films for NHK Japan

Avid Offline - Update on situation in war-torn province of Sudan - Native Voice Films for SBS Australia and Channel 4 News

DS Nitris grade & online - 3 x 60’ Mysteries of past civilizations revealed, MEM Television for Reader’s Digest

DS Nitris online & grade - The construction of the world’s longest bridge, Darlow Smithson Productions for Channel 5 & National Geographic

Grade and DS Nitris HD online - In Northern Ireland non-sectarian musicians perform against a backdrop of continued division - Minh Productions for Channel 5

Symphony Nitris Grade & Online - 60’ Has life changed for ordinary Bolivians after the accession of president Evo Morales? - Bethnal Films

Avid Symphony online & grade - 60’ How Marks and Spencer fell from grace but bounced back - Fulcrum TV for Channel 5

Co-online credit - 60’ Speaking from beyond the grave, narrator Johnny Kennedy tells of his extraordinary life battling a rare skin condition - Yipp films for Channel 4

Avid Online - 60’ Dispossessed Native Argentineans attempt to win back the rights to their homelands. - Native voice films for More4

Colourist - Documentary feature film examining how Tony Blair’s government has eroded British civil liberties - S2S Production

DS Nitris Grade & Online - 60’ A year in the life of an inspirational head teacher at a north London state school - Insight Films for BBC1

FCP7 - 50’ With unique, perilous access on board a hijacked ship, this is the true story behind the rise of piracy in Somalia and follows a group of youths on a pirate skiff as they hunt for ships to hijack. Electric Sky & Rabobat Film

Friends remember Derek Jarman’s life, work and early death. 400 Blows/VET Productions for BFI Distribution - Symphony Online

Pre-grade online on symphony - Ep 2 History of photography series - BBC 4 & Wall To Wall Productions

Avid Offline - 22’ Nepalese migrant workers underpaid and exploited in the Gulf States. Anti Slavery International and International Trade Unions Congress

Symphony grade and online - 2 x 60” for PBS and BBC Worldwide. How the Vikings colonised new lands including North America

Avid Offline/Online & Grade - Graphics and FX heavy coverage of final table of big money poker tournament - Halfords Media for Channel 4

Colourist - Young footballers get a chance to travel to Qatar ahead of their winning World Cup bid - New Moon Television

Avid Offline/Online - 60’ Music documentary charting the rise to fame and musical career of singer Pink. 4Music & Channel 4

FCP Offline & Grade - 6 X 15’ Music programmes for Channel 4. Liar Media

Avid Offline/Online - Multiple shows: UK Hot 40, This Week’s Fresh Music, Pop Powerlist Black Veil Brides Top 50 of Rock and more

FCP Offline - 5 songs edited for concert performance, Liar Media

Final Cut Pro online and grade - 2 x 1 hour concert videos for Sky Arts

Grade - Music video, Motion Picture House

DS Nitris online & grade - Spectacular footage of the highly venomous snake, Fulcrum TV for Sky One

Avid Media Composer - 30’ programme about maths in relation to the environment - Cornucopia Productions for BBC2

Symphony online and grade - 1 x 60’ for Discovery. Strange medical conditions from around the world

Colourist - 2 x 60’ (Eps 3 + 5) Real life people with super powers - Off The Fence for History Channel

Avid offline editor. Online Editor and Colourist - 4 x 30’ offline for RTÉ, UKTV Good Food and BBC Worldwide. Ireland’s famous chef travels around Ireland’s coast, trying out local ingredients on the way

Avid Symphony Online - 45’ Ep 4 featuring Jamie Oliver pitching British food against European neighbours, Fresh One/Channel 4

Avid Adrenaline Offline - Conference film, BBH

FCP Offline/Online - Promotional film for British Council

FCP Offline/Online - Educational Films, Lotus Films

FCP Offline - Screenstation for Save the Children

FCP Offline - Mayoral political broadcast for then Labour runner Tessa Jowell

Avid Offline/Online - Numerous projects for the teachers’ channel - Big Heart Media & Cornucopia Production

FCP Offline - Graphics and voxpop based corporate - Juice Moving Image

FCP Offline/Online - 5 x 2’ conference films for CDP advertising agency.

FCP Offline & Online - conference film, Myriad Global Media

FCP Offline / Online - For pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis

Avid Xpress Pro Offline & Online - Conference film

FCP7 - Various internal videos for rapidly growing oil company.

UNICEF South Sudan campaign film. UNDP Afghanistan. Campaign films. Grade.

Avid online and After Effects graphics - Web-based editor training

Because I’m a Girl campaign film. Grade.

Avid offline - 60’ art piece by Gillian Wearing displayed at Maureen Paley Gallery

Avid Offline & DS Nitris Online & Grade - Feature length video art piece by acclaimed artist Susan Hiller displayed at Prince Charles Cinema and Timothy Taylor Gallery, London

FCP offline & Grade - Video art piece on the wilderness of Banff in Canada, Exhibited at Apthorp Gallery, Finchley, Igloo - Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli

Avid Offline and Avid Symphony Online & Grade - Video art piece by Cameron Jamie for Artangel based on Halloween celebrations in Detroit, Michigan. Theatrical exhibition with live soundtrack by the Melvins at Forum Kentish Town, and venues around Europe and the USA
FCP Offline - Numerous music-based videos promoting Mercedes UK businesses, Polar Media

FCP Offline/Online - Numerous trailers and promos for Disney and its associated channels in the UK, TNS/Deluxe Broadcasting Services

Blue Marlin. Numerous short recipe pieces featuring chef James Martin. Symphony grade and online with some After Effects.

FCP Online & Grade - Numerous promos, Discovery Channel

Shell corporate featuring Rachel Riley. Part Premiere offline changes, After Effects and grade.

Offline/Online - Numerous edits on TV ads for clients including Save the Children, World Wildlife Fund, UNHCR & Sightsavers

Avid offline/online - Commercial, Space City

FCP Offline - Storyboard animations, CP+B

FCP Offline - Clients include; OMO campaign, 50-50 post Ax campaign, CP+B Coke Zero pitch, Space City Ecoclear, Ogilvy internal communications, St Lukes and much more.

FCP Offline - Best of agency submission to Creative Magazine awards

Grade - Motion Picture House
Grade - Motion Picture House

Renault ads reversioning, Premiere and After Effects

Avid Symphony - 5 x 60’ for ITV4. Celebrities join forces with experts to see who can catch the most. Online Editor and Colourist

The jet-set world of the young and super rich, who share their luxury lives online. Popkorn TV. Offline changes to C4 show.

Watch out for Britain’s first gay, Chinese, comedy feature exploring the ups and downs of two friends seeking their own very different versions of love - Grade and DS Nitris HD online - Rice is Nice Productions

Hindi language remake of the infamous Danish original, Independent - DS Nitris Grade and Online

Horror and Karate genre feature film - Grade - Reverb Productions & Intense Productions

Avid Symphony online - 20 x 10’ for CBeebies. Signed animations of classic poetry and prose

Short film about young people seek revenge after their friend was shot with a handgun. - DS Nitris Online & Grade - Best short film “Raindance Film Festival 2005”

Milka Bar mood films. Premiere offline

2 x 30’ for Al Jazeera. How Venezuela’s economy and freedoms have collapsed along with the oil price. Premiere grade and online.

Reversioning trailers for trailers and various film advertising. Premiere and After Effects

John M.'s Software Skills

John is an experienced After Effects Artist.

John is a highly experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor.

John is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Editor.

John is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Editor.

John is an experienced Symphony Editor and Colourist.

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