Jess R.

Jess R. Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Animator, 3D Modeller.

Jess is a full-time freelance Motion Graphics Designer based in East London. She graduated in 2014 with BA (Hons) First Class degree in Animation and has since had a variety of experience working both freelance and in-house on projects ranging from start-up explainer videos to branded ads for broadcast. The majority of her work is created using AFX, as well as 3D apps such as C4D and Maya.

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How to Save the Planet - 120 second explainer animation (Photoshop, AFX)

Syringe driver explainer animation - 120 second explainer animation (Illustrator, AFX)

Messenger explainer animation - 120 second explainer animation (Illustrator, AFX)

Sales Superstar teaser - 60 second tease animation (Illustrator, Photoshop, AFX)

What is Banking - Series of 6 60 second animations (Illustrator, AFX)

Series of 2-minute internal animated marketing videos (Illustrator/AFX)

02:30 internal explainer animation

Pub company reel

3-minute promotional reel (AFX/Premiere)

Explainer animations

1-minute promotional animations x2 (Illustrator/AFX)

Smart Habitat WIRED 1-minute insert graphics on live-action (AFX)

Explainer animations - series 1-minute online explainer animations (Illustrator/AFX)

30 second advert (AFX)

30 second Christmas advert (AFX)

20 sec viral for new range of sun lotions. XYZ Productions (FCP Online /AFX)

6 X 45min natural history series following the evolution of dinosaurs to their extinction. XYZ Productions for ITV (Avid off/online & grade)

Jess R.'s Software Skills

Jess is a mid level Cinema 4D operator.

Jess is an advanced user of Photoshop.

Jess uses Illustrator to an intermediate level.

Jess is an advanced AFX op.

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