Jake W.

Jake W. Editor (Offline / Online).

Jake has worked extensively as a creative editor and is also an accomplished filmmaker. He is very versatile with over 25 years of experience. He has cut Commercials, Film Trailers, Games Trailers, On Air TV Promos, Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, Pop Promos, Making-Ofs/Featurettes for DVD/BluRay Extras and Ripomatics/Sizzles. Jake is passionate about editing and brings a wealth of creative experience, ideas and focus to projects whatever the deadline, budget or challenges.

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20 Secs Notorious Films (FCP 7offline)

20 Secs Notorious Films (FCP 7 offline)

Maverick Media (Premiere Pro Offline/Online)

60/30/20/10 Sec Versions, Maverick Media (FCP 7 Offline/Online)

40 sec Notorious Films (FCP 7 offline)

60 sec Infinity Productions (FCP7 offline)

60 sec/40 Sec , Infinity Productions (FCP 7 Offline)

Maverick Media (Premiere Pro Offline)

Launch Promo, Zealot UK (Avid offline)

Film 4 on-air promo (Avid offline)

Numerous On-Air Introductions for the movie show. Film4 (Avid Offline)

Feature Film Ripomatic Trailer - Screen 1 Entertainment (FCPX)

Storyboard/Animatic Mood Trailer - Maverick Media (FCPX)

Opening title sequence for Bravo TV's cult movie show (FCP 7 offline/online/grade)

Feature Film Opening Title sequence (FCP 7 offline)

Feature Film Trailer - Sterling Pictures/Lionsgate (Premiere Pro)

Feature Film Trailer - Templeheart Films (FCPX)

Blu Ray Launch Trailer - Nucleus Films (FCPX)

Feature Film Trailer - Electric Cinema (Premiere Pro)

Feature Film Sales Trailer - Templeheart Films (FCPX)

Feature Sales Film Trailer - Atlantic Picture Company/Tall Man Films (FCPX)

Feature Film Trailer - Vertigo Films (FCP 7)

Spotlight Trailer - Maverick Media, (Premiere Pro)

Trailer & Cutdowns - Maverick Media, (Premiere Pro)

Trailer - Maverick Media (Premiere Pro)

Maverick Media (Premiere Pro)

Maverick Media (Premiere Pro)

Spotlight Trailer - Maverick Media (Premiere Pro)

Trailer - Maverick Media (Premiere Pro)

Trailer - Maverick Media (FCP 7)

An in depth feature length documentary of making of the feature film 'Borley Rectory' starring League of Gentleman's Reece Shearsmith. Re-leased as an Extra on the Nucleus Films Blu Ray of the movie. (FCPX off/online & grade)

UK director Alan Parker looks back in depth at making of his film 'Ange-la's Ashes' - Released as an extra on the Blu Ray of Angelas Ashes from Final Cut Enter-tainment (FCPX off/online & grade)

Feature Length Docu-mentary analysing the furore which so-called "Video nasties" caused in Britain during the 1980s. released on DVD by Nucleus Films (FCPX off/online & grade)

A feature documentary that looks at the creative 'Reverseperspective' processes of the unique 3D artist Patrick Hughes. Commisioned by Flowers Gallery and released

Music Journalist Chris Salewich reflects on the punk era and the making of the movie D.O.A Released on Blu Ray from Second Sight Films (FCPX off/online & grade)

An in depth retrospective Making of documentary of the cult film Xtro, released by Second Sight Films as an extra on the Blu Ray release. (FCPX off/online & grade)

An in depth look back at the classic Peter Cushing/Christopher Lee anthology Dr.Terrors House of Horrors. Released as an extra on the Blu Ray of the movie from Screenbound Entertainment (FCPX off/online & grade)

Feature Film. Editor. Starring Steve Gutenberg, Dani Dyer & Toyah Wilcox. Voo-doo Pictures (FCPX)

Feature Film. Editor. Horror/Comedy starring Stephen Graham, Noel Clarke & Danny Dyer. VERTIGO/SONY HOME ENTERTAINMENT (FCP 7)

Additional Editor on the comedy crime feature film starring Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Vinnie Jones, Gina Carano, Stan Lee, Dean Caine, Teri Hatcher and many more. Autumnwood Media (Premiere Pro)

Editor. Segment - 'S for Speed' (2012) - Drafthouse Films/Timpson Films (FCP X)

Editor of the vintage 'Mutoscope scenes'. Movie Mogul Films (FCP 7)

Editor. Cult horror Feature Film. Falcon Media Ltd/Universal Pictures (FCP 7)

Pop Promo for Artist Niico FCPX (offline/Online/Grade)

Pop Promo for Artist Don't Wake The Lion (FCPX offline/Online/Grade)

Drama/Romance 11 mins Comedy/Drama Winner of best film at the Portobello Film Festival from Liam Gavin director of the Feature Film "A Dark Song", First Foot Films (FCP 7)

13 mins Director Liam Gavin, First Foot Films (FCP 7)
WHACKED Crime/Drama Screened on Sky Shorts - 12 mins Director Jake West, Halyon Films (FCP 7)

Comedy 10 mins Director James Pilkington, Angry Donkey Productions (FCP 7)

Jake W.'s Software Skills

Jake is an experienced PP editor

Jake is a highly skilled FCP x editor.

Jake is a highly skilled Final Cut 7 editor.

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