Francis B.

Francis B. Editor (offline).

Francis is an experienced offline editor specialising in high profile, peak-time factual television; over the years he has built up an impressive portfolio of clients including: BBC, C4, Discovery and Sky 1, which is a testimony to his talents and skills.

Aside from having a gracious personality, Francis maintains an exceptional level of professionalism and diligence when editing, and it is because of his attention to detail that clients feel they are able to trust him implicitly.

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Steph McGovern explores how crafts and manufacturing have shaped the country’s towns and cities with the help of four amateur craftspeople. Includes Sheffield and steel, and Stoke and pottery.

Architectural and antiques salvage dealer Drew Pritchard scours the country seeking to replenish his busy shop.

Filmed throughout 2020, the series provides a unique behind-the-scenes insight into how the great historic estate coped with the challenges of Covid whilst maintaining its hectic annual calendar told through the eyes of the people who live and work there.

A 44 tonner plunges into a Fen dyke in freezing fog. A grocery lorry crashes on the M25 spewing its contents across the motorway. This obdoc series follows the recovery crews as they struggle to bring order to chaos.

Did you know royal offspring are traditionally baptised using water taken from the River Jordan?

The CEO of Rita’s Ices hits the shopfloor to find out from her workforce how to modernise her business

Bedeck the banqueting halls with baubles and glitter as the poshos make over their stately piles for yuletide tourists

Join the paramedics as they attend to car crashes, drunks and heart attacks.

A 90’ special telling the story of how Britain froze solid for 2 months before thawing into the pop culture explosion of the 1960’s.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and co. use their imaginations to makeover rooms where anything is possible.

Special reliving the famous long hot drought of 1976, before aircon and ice machines were invented

A forensic examination of the psychology of the Metropolitan policeman who murdered Sarah Everard

Groundbreaking series offering bespoke fashion solutions to the disabled and others excluded from the mainstream high street offering.

New design/history series in which amateur designers compete to fulfil homeowners’ briefs in a range of architectural contexts: from Georgian almshouses to Brutalist tower blocks. Guardian writer Tom Dyckhoff runs the show. Producer: Alannah Richardson - Studio Lambert - BBC2

New series following people who want to jazz up their appearance with tattoos, flesh tunnels, breast implants etc. But can they be dissuaded by folk who’ve already done it and now regret it? Producer: Harriet Scott - Remarkable Television - Channel 4

A fascinating look behind the scenes of a Hindu, a Jewish and a Greek wedding, following the traditions and rituals, the planning and the celebrations. Producer: Heenan Bhatti - Rize USA - BBC2

A crack squad of specialist midwives attempt to persuade pregnant mums-to-be to bin the fags, cut out the booze or address their obesity in the hope of delivering a healthy baby. Producer: Sophie Leonard - Prospect Pictures - BBC3

A fascinating look behind the scenes of a Hindu, a Jewish and a Greek wedding, following the traditions and rituals, the planning and the celebrations. Producer: Heenan Bhatti - Rize USA - BBC2

Restaurant critic Giles Coren and comedian Sue Perkins munch their way through a week’s worth of 17th century and Roman meals while exploring the social history of food via orgies and incipient bladder stones - Silver River - Channel 4

Are video games making your teenager violent? Your 6-year old won’t sleep in her own bed? A 3-year old who eats nothing but sweets and ice creams? Straight-talking Jo “Supernanny” Frost sorts it out in a new series for distraught parents. Producer: Stephen O’Reilly - Outline - Channel 4

A group of modern-day shopkeepers are whirled back 140 years to see if they can hack it in the Victorian high street. Can they make the modern punter fall back in love with their local shops? Producer: Jay Taylor - Wall To Wall - BBC1

Six young athletes zoom round the world engaging in rufty-tufty tribal sports with the ethnics. Which one will come out on top when it comes to Indian kushti wrestling or Indonesian water-buffalo racing? Producer: Dick Taylor - BBC2

Series 3, 4 and 5 of the docusoap set among the expatriate and tourist community of Majorca. Producer: Paul Wooding - Lion Television - BBC1

30 teenagers take part in a recreation of a 1950’s boarding school for the summer: how will they cope with the discipline, awful food, austere living conditions, and how will old-fashioned O-Levels compare with modern GCSE’s? Producer: Claudia Milne - Twenty Twenty Television - Channel 4

Giles Coren and Sue Perkins stage an irreverent romp through the history, protocols and cuisine of Royal weddings. Producer: Mathew Whiteman - Silver River - BBC2

Wealthy hairdressing entrepreneur Jennifer Cheyne descends on an impoverished Welsh ex-mining village hoping to bring about real improvements to people’s lives. Producer: Alicia Arce -RDF - Channel 4

A group of old age pensioners record their version of “My Generation” to help draw attention to the plight of the elderly. One smash hit later, and they’re on their way to LA. Producer: Kate Townsend - BBC2

Hunter Davies slags off the club’s over-commercialisation. Director: Ian Macmillan - Fulmar TV for “Without Walls” - C4

Dope is legalised, and Adam Faith plays an entrepreneur looking for a slice of the market. Director: Ian Potts - Barraclough-Carey - C4

International Emmy award-winning series in which out-of-control teenagers are sent by their despairing parents to a wilderness rehabilitation centre in the middle of the Utah desert. Will months of hiking, sleeping out in sub-zero temperatures, awful food and campfire counselling turn them into recognizable humans. Producers: Claudia Milne and Jamie Isaacs - Twenty Twenty Television - Channel 4

Third series of the critically acclaimed cinema

Programme introduced by Howard Schumann. Producers: Paul Kerr and Saskia Barron - Barraclough-Carey for BBC 2

The average GP appointment lasts less than 10’, but could having the attention of a doctor for a whole month make a real difference to an unhealthy family’s lives? Dr Rangan Chattergee sorts out heavy smoking, terrible diet and chronic back pain. Producer: Alannah Richardson

Numerous films for the well-known nightly arts programme.

Producer: Janice Hadlow - BBC 2

Compelling account of one of the bloodiest engagements of the Afghan War of 2001, using footage from a German news crew trapped in the mayhem. Producer: Johanna Harris

Explorer Tim Jarvis recreates Ernest Shackleton’s audacious rescue voyage of 1916, sailing without charts across the Southern Ocean before traversing the treacherous South Georgia mountains - Discovery

Architect George Clarke delves into the world of small builds, meeting the folks who transform tiny, unpromising spaces into lovely places to live, work and play. Producer: Will Daws - Plum Pictures - Channel 4

A surprise hit for Sky, this ambitious doc series explores behind the scenes as a new owner takes over the world’s largest single runway airport. What happens when blizzards leave passengers stranded for days on end; and how to sweat the airport’s main asset: the runway itself. Producers: Chris Mitchell and Hilary Rosen - Silver River - Sky 1

Wildly ambitious series in which six experts in various fields (economist, psychologist, therapist etc.) attempt to find out if the newly emerging science of happiness actually works by applying it to a whole town. Producers: Nicola Moody and Gabe Solomon - Optomen Television - BBC2

This award-winning series is watched by over 30 million viewers in 40 different countries and is the most popular travel series in the world. Programmes include the South Atlantic, Ukraine, an Art Trail in Provence, the Mid-Atlantic States of America and Antarctica. Fabulous photography, great soundtracks: armchair backpacking has never been better!
Producer: Ian Cross - Pilot Productions - PBS/Discovery/ABC Australia etc

Adam Hart-Davis discovers the crucial inventions that ancient civilizations bequeathed us, from paper to chocolate and fire to wheelbarrows. Producers: Martin Mortimore and Ian Potts - BBC2

Francis has been asked back four times to edit this popular archaeology programme, now drawing 4.5 million viewers. Each programme focuses on a burial, and using forensic science pieces together how our ancestors looked and lived. Series Producer: Ian Potts - BBC 2

The baldie ex-Eastender dodges tear gas and flying bricks as he attempts to infiltrate the dodgy world of Polish neo-Nazi football hooliganism as part of this BAFTA-award winning series. Producer: Ewan Thomson - Tiger Aspect - Sky 1

A survey of how some of the world’s most precious destinations are being ruined by tourism and pollution. Producer: Jenny Dames - Pilot Productions - Nat. Geographic/PBS/Discovery

Award-winning documentary which investigates the hidden costs and the animal cruelty behind the increasing demand for supermarket produce: you’ll never eat supermarket chicken again! - Twenty Twenty Television - Channel 4

The forgotten history of slavery in New York is rediscovered using powerful drama reconstructions. Director: Ian Potts - BBC 2

A programme about the English Civil War in Simon Schama’s landmark History series. Producer: Martin Davidson - BBC 2

Series about recent breakthroughs in surgery, including deep brain stimulation for MS sufferers, and pancreas transplants for diabetics. Series Producer: Hilary Rosen - Lion Television - Discovery

As part of BBC3’s Criminal Britain series, this doc explores the impact of imprisonment on the rest of the family. Producer: Rachel Harvie - Fresh One - BBC3

How newspapers have covered family issues over the last 40 years. Director: Amanda Rubin - Wall to Wall TV for BBC 2’s The Late Show

A documentary charting the career of Doctor Who, with excerpts, reminiscences, special action sequences and unique archive. Directors: John Bush and Kevin Davies - BBC 1

Documentary following rehearsals and performance of Theatre de Complicité’s classic adaptation of Bruno Schulz’s novel. Director: Sharon Maguire - BBC 2’s The Late Show

The Money Programme finds out how people are using their imaginations to survive through the recession. Producer: Ben Steele - BBC2

A group of artists are commissioned to produce works for display on large poster sites. Art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon follows their stories and gives a critical evaluation. Director: Sheree Folkson - BBC 2

90’ legacy documentary going behind the scenes and tracing the development of the famous period drama over six series. Producer: John Moulson

Three authored half-hour docs as part of an initiative for first-time disabled film-makers. One is a disturbing testimony about stabbing, in another a disillusioned Labour supporter enters the strange world of the Young Conservatives, while Nancy Willis’ film elegy to her ageing invalid car has been a prize-winner on the international festival circuit. Producer: Jim Sayer

Fly-on-the-wall series following the lives of policewomen trying to uphold law and order in one of Manchester’s toughest neighbourhoods. Producers: Cesca Eaton and Belinda Cherrington - Films of Record for BBC1

Series 4, 5 and 6 of the seminal London-based docusoap. Executive Producer: Bridget Sneyd - Lion Television - BBC 1

A delightful slice of British life” according to The Independent about this ob-doc series. Eight families are filmed cooking, eating and talking round the heart of the home – the dining table. Producer Ros Ponder

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford lead an ob-doc social experiment that explores the impact of immigration on the UK, taking in the effect on education, the health service, employment, housing and communities. Producer: Alannah Richardson

Jamie Oliver’s latest challenge is to teach basic cooking to complete non-cooks, whose families currently endure a diet of ready meals and takeaway doners and chips. He’s based in Rotherham, where mums were last seen passing junk food through school railings in response to his school dinner’s campaign. Producer: Emily Jones - Fresh One for Channel 4

Britain’s top chefs battle it out for the honour of cooking for the Queen’s 80th birthday, and in the second series, a feast for the British ambassador in Paris. Producer: Nicola Moody - Optomen Television for BBC2

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall acts as a fly-on-the-wall in the continuing series in which amateur cooks prepare their own dinner parties. Producer: Nick Powell - Ricochet Films for Channel 4

Docudrama following film critic Joe Queenan’s attempt to adopt Rourke’s personality for a day of debauchery in New York. Director: Gary Johnstone - Rebus Films for “Without Walls” - C4.

Valery Gergiev leads a performance of Rachmaninov’s Vespers to commemorate the infamous car bombing of Omagh. Silver Screen award winner at the Chicago Film Festival.

Producer: Derek Bailey - Landseer for BBC/RTE

Valery Gergiev leads a performance of Rachmaninov’s Vespers to commemorate the infamous car bombing of Omagh. Silver Screen award winner at the Chicago Film Festival.

Producer: Derek Bailey - Landseer for BBC/RTE

First series in which Jimmy Nail plays a tough Geordie cop going back to his roots. Director: Mary McMurray - Dubbing editor - BBC 1

Halloween, and Michael Parkinson hosts a live broadcast from Britain’s most haunted house. What starts as a seemingly innocent hoax soon begins to go horribly wrong. Director: Lesley Manning - Assistant editor - BBC 1

Children’s series adapted from the well-loved John Meade Falkner novel about a young Dorset lad who inadvertently falls in with a gang of smugglers. Director: Colin Cant - Assistant editor- BBC1

Two black sisters refuse to speak to the world, and invent their own language at the same time as pursuing a career in arson. Director: Jon Amiel - Dubbing editor - BBC 1

A 90’ Christmas special following the amusing adventures of James as he is demobbed and reunited with his vetinary chums Siegfried and Tristram and his old Yorkshire practise. Director: Terence Dudle - Assistant Editor - BBC1

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