Filippo A.

Filippo A. Editor (Offline / Online), Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, Creative Editing, 3D Animator, Compositor.

Filippo is a video editor and motion graphics designer with a solid experience in video production and post-production, animation, visual effects and graphic design. Self-motivated, enthusiastic, extremely efficient, and reliable individual with strong communication and team-working skills.

He has worked with companies of various sizes in the past, and is used to both working independently and as part of a team to deliver outstanding, highly professional performances under all circumstances, always within the established deadlines and budget.

Filippo has a good autonomy level, full control over the video creation process, from the storyboard to the final video editing / animation.

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2 min, Women in Tech / PWC Award, GRAIN Media (PP Online), corporate

2 min, 70 years of the NHS, GRAIN Media (PP Online), corporate

2 min, Presentation event video in Dublin, SMYLE Creative, (AFX), corporate

5 x 1 min, batch event conference, SMYLE Creative, (PP Online/AFX), internal

Institution of Civil Engineers Exhibition, SMYLE Creative, (AFX), corporate

2 min, Hemophilia Day, KETCHUM (PP Online), internal

30 sec + 2 mins, open markets + insights, LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE Group (PP Offline), corporate/internal

5 x 2 min case studies, 7 STOREY MEDIA (PP Online), corporate

1.5 min, animation explainer, 7 STOREY MEDIA (AFX), product

1 min, launch of new cans design, HAYGARTH (AFX), campaign

1.5 min, Stepladder 110 Bishopsgate, CONTRA (PP Online), corporate

1.5 min, LEVEL x Award Competition, SUPERUNION (PP Offline/AFX), corporate

30 sec + 1.5 min, New Tech Achievement Awards, TILLING Creative (PP Online), internal

15/25 sec, seasonal offers, HAYGARTH (PP Offline/AFX), instore advert

7 sec loop, Easter catalogue offers, TBWA (PP Offline/AFX), instore advert

15 sec, seasonal offers, TBWA (PP Offline/AFX), instore advert

5 x 30 sec, ”save yourself from commissary”, KNOCK KNOCK HQ (PP Offline/AFX), TVC

2 min, architecture trend, KETCHUM (PP Online/AFX)

2 min recipes, 7 STOREY MEDIA (PP Online/AFX), YouTube channel

30 sec opening titles, BBC ONE (PP Offline)

Filippo A.'s Software Skills

Filippo is a highly experienced PP user.

Filippo is a highly experienced AFX user.

Filippo is an experienced PS user.

Filippo is an experienced AI user.

Filippo is an experienced DVR user.

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