Eray H.

Eray H. Editor (Offline / Online).

Eray has 10 years experience working in Branded Content and Short/Mid length Documentary mainly for digital platforms. Working for clients such as Nikon, JLR, Huawei, Premier League, Guardian and CNBC, across a broad range of subjects and sectors. His passion lies in storytelling and has a strong editorial background. Also used to working on-site and at events, Eray's calmness and ability to self-produce means edits can be turned around quickly. He is fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite and expanding into Avid soon.

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5 x 3-5 min, Z - Series Launch, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

5 x 3-5 min, D850 Launch, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

1-5 min, Various Other Campaigns, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

30 min, Virtual Premiere Car Launch, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

3 min, 'Nose of Nissan’, Edelman (Premiere/AFX)

5 min, ‘Power to the Music’ Campaign, Brands to Life (Premiere/AFX)

2 min, ‘Be the Fastest’ Campaign, Brands to Life (Premiere/AFX)

6 x 1 min, Cooking with Tess Ward, Popcorn (Premiere/AFX)

3 x 1-3 min, Melomania Headphones, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

5 min, ‘I Phone Anonymous’, Dabornville (Premiere/AFX)

Various Film Sponsored Premieres, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

2 min, ‘Burghley Bloomer’ with James Martin, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

1 min, ‘How To Drink Bollinger Champagne’, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

3 min, George and Larry Lamb Family History, WC Comms (Premiere/AFX)

2 min, 'Magic of Mobile Tickets’ Campaign, Tin Man (Premiere/AFX)

2 min, ‘Manchester to Houston’ Campaign, FHF (Premiere/AFX)

5 min, Business Conference Event, Beyond Content (Premiere/AFX)

3 min, Johnnie Walker Experience Launch, Quite Frankly (Premiere/AFX)

5 min, Business Conference Event, Quite Frankly (Premiere/AFX)

3 min, Sustainability Film, Friend Studio (Premiere/AFX)

4 x 10 mins, Little Dot Studios for CNBC (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

4 x 10 mins, Guardian (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

1 x 10 min, Popla Media (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

1 x 10 min, Four Communications for Conde Naste (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

1 x 5 min, Premier League Productions (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

1 x 5 min, Premier League Productions (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

8 mins, Beyond Content for NIKON (Premiere/AFX, offline/online)

TVC (30s), Story Lab (Premiere, Offline)

Eray H.'s Software Skills

Advanced pp editor.

Mid level AFX op.

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