Edmund B.

Edmund B. Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, Compositor, 3D Generalist, 3D Animator, Designer.

Ed is a motion graphics designer and 3D generalist geek working in the realm of broadcast, digital online, advertising and music. His preferred choice of applications would have to be Cinema 4D & After Effects, although his endless curiosity and diverse technical prowess have seen him add Maya and zBrush to his arsenal, both of which allow him to design assets for rigging, texturing and animation.

His real passion lies in animation and all of the technological advances that come with it including 3D: sculpting, painting, Substance Designer, Unity. Where others may be daunted at the challenge of learning something new, Ed relishes pushing his professional and creative boundaries.

Having lived in Berlin for a while he also speaks basic German and in his spare time he is developing his skills as a writer and story-teller. He would love nothing more than to bring together his animation with relatable, aesthetic and timeless stories.

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TVC - Quiet Storm - 3D Generalist/VFX

TVC - McCoy Meyer - 3D Generalist

TVC – Grey London - 3D Generalist & TD

TVCs x4 - Evidently/Unilever - Premiere Pro, AFX, Audition (Editor & Compositor)

Various TVCs - Superhero/Vivid Imaginations - Cinema 4D, AFX Effects (Motion Designer)

TVC - Digital and Direct – AFX (Compositor)

TVC - Ministry of Sound - Cinema 4D, AFX, Realflow (Motion Designer)

2 x TVCs - Th1ng – AFX (Compositor)

Athletics Weekly sponsorship sting - Filmnova – AFX (Motion Designer)

On-Air graphics - BT Sport – AFX (Graphics Operator)

Flora & Fauna Visions - Cinema 4D, AFX (Motion Designer)

RUN Creative – AFX (Graphics Operator)

Various product launch videos - Parlourwood - Maya, Power Translators, Cinema 4D (3D Generalist)

AFX / Premiere Pro (Graphics & Editor)

Havas Media - Maya, Power Translators, Cinema 4D (Motion Designer)

Interstitial graphics - Shroom Studio/BBC3 – AFX (Animator)

Pilot for BBC Bristol - Blender 3D (Animation Director)

Shroom Studio/Raw TV/More4 – AFX (Animator)

Skaramoosh/Endemol UK – AFX (Graphics Operator)

BBC Bristol - Animation Director

Skaramoosh/Endemol UK – Motion Designer

Shroom Studio/Raw TV/More4 – Animator

(Deutschland's Children in Need) Show Package - Flora & Fauna Visions - Cinema 4D & AFX (Motion Designer)

RUN Creative – AFX (Motion Designer)

AFX & Premiere (Motion Designer)

Outdoor Advertising Cinema 4D (3D Generalist)

Maya, Cinema 4D

Dishonoured Online Teaser - AFX (Motion Graphics)

Art Director, Designer & Animator

Cinema 4D, Octane, X-Particles, After Effects (3D Generalist)

Music video - Rokkit/Stink – AFX (VFX Artist)

Tomek Sadurski - Cinema 4D, AFX (Motion Designer)

Shroom Studio – AFX (Motion Designer)

BigBalls/SonyBMG - Final Cut Pro (Editor)

Music promo - Shroom Studio/Island Records – PS& AFX (Compositor)

GHA Group/CNN – AFX (3D Generalist & Motion Designer)

Together TV Channel - Motion Designer/Support

Eurosport - Cinema 4D, ZBrush, AFX

Eurosport – AFX (Motion Designer)

Es Devlin/American Express - Art Basel Miami 2017 - 3D Generalist

Cecile B. Evans/Nowness - Blender 3D, Cinema 4D, zBrush & AFX (3D Generalist)

Flora & Fauna Visions - 3D Generalist

Flora & Fauna Visions - TD/Motion Designer

Outdoor Projection - Tundra* - AFX (Animator)

Superhero teaser - Cinema 4D, AFX (3D Artist)

UK Theatrical Trailer - Picture Production Co. – AFX (Compositor)

Euro Territories theatrical subtitles - Fugitive/Time Warner - AFX (Compositor)


Edmund B.'s Software Skills

Ed is an advanced user, he can also use plugs in: XParticles & V-ray along with Cinema 4D.

Ed is an advanced After Effects user experienced in Design, Compositing & Animation.

Ed uses Photoshop at an advanced level

Ed uses Premiere Pro for offline editing

Ed is an experienced V-ray user.

Ed uses Maya for generalist work at intermediate level.

Ed is an experienced Zbrush user.

Ed uses Illustrator at an advanced level

Ed is an intermediate Houdini FX user.

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