Duwayne O.

Duwayne O. Editor (offline).

Duwayne is a creative video editor with a deep passion for content creation. His strong communication skills and ability to stay calm under pressure allows him to be an excellent addition in a collaborative environment.

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30 Sec, Instagram, Trainspotting 2 Wrap Party, Boiler Room (FCP)

2 Min 30 Sec, Sky Ride London, Bikeathon Campaign, Facebook, BSKYB (FCP)

2 Min 20 Sec, Latitude, Real Estate Video, Charles Church (FCP)

5 Min, Jonathan Vaughters interview, GCN (FCP)

30 Sec, Substate, Instagram spot, Instagram, Dojo (PP, AE)

5 Min, Lux Finding Fabulous Paris, YouTube Webisode, YouTube, Whitecoat (PP)

4 Min, Febreze Sleep Campaign, Product Campaign, Facebook, Whitecoat (PP, AE)

1 Min 30 Sec, Beefeater MIXLDN, Competition Roundup Video, YouTube, Whitecoat (PP)

1 Min, Nigella Lawson Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse, Recipe video, Facebook NewsUK (PP)

1 min, Nigella Lawson Turkish Eggs, Recipe video, Facebook NewsUK (PP)

3 Min, 40 Sec Trinna Carter Future Breakers, Live Performance YouTube, Global Radio (PP)

1 Min, 50 Sec Sarah Jossel Bobbi Brown Art Stick, Make Up Tutorial, Facebook, NewsUK (PP)

1 Min, Winter Fashion, Ecommerce, ShortList Media (PP)

2 Min, Carling Made Local, Instagram, Copa90 (PP)

2 Min 10 Sec, Micellar Water Brand Film, Whitecoat Singapore (PP, AE)

20 Sec, Flora Carrot & Parsnip Soup, Recipe Video, GH05T (PP)

1 Min 50 Sec, Isco Champions League Brand Film, WeAreSocial (PP)

1 Min, Firepit Showreel, Warner Music (PP)

5 Min, The Glenlivet IBP, End Of Term Video, Whitecoat (PP)

4 Min, Ford AMD 2015, End Of Year Achievement, Whitecoat (PP, AE)

2 Min, BIC Comfort, Whitecoat, Shaver Campaign, (PP, AE)

2 Min 2O Sec, CGI Penguin, Internal, 3D Character animation video CHI & Partners (PP)

40 Sec, Convenience, Toyota Experience Video, NewsUK (PP- Portuguese Subtitling)

1 Min 2O Sec, I’m With British Gas, Internal, Internal Q+A, CHI & Partners (PP)

35 Sec, BBQ Sauce Brand Film, Sauce Promo Video, CHI & Partners (PP- Grading)

1 Min 40 Sec, Consumer Brand Film, Warner Music (PP)

2 Min 20 Sec, Consumer Brand Film, Droga5 (PP)

1 Min, Social Reel, Boots, Hogarth (PP)

1 Min, Dan Ricciardo, Interview, Hogarth (PP)

30 Sec, Mobility Advocacy, Statistic Film, Hogarth (AE)

5 Min, Kitchens By DeVol, Brand Film, BettyTV (PP)

30 Sec, Champion Brand Film Korean, Chinese Subs, Exposure (PP)

2 Min, Benjamin Braun Q+A, Intenal, 208 Productions, (PP, AE)

1 Min, Partners Brand Film, Iris (PP)

60 Sec, TVC, The Secret Love Affair, Luxury Commercial, Whitecoat (PP)

30 Sec, TVC, Velvet Perfumer, Luxury Commercial Whitecoat (PP)

20 sec, Lipton, Instagram, Events Promos, Dojo (PP)

40 Sec, Bose Presents Wetsounds, Events Promo, Facebook, Dojo (PP)

20 Sec, Range & Choice, Car Promo, CHI & Partners (PP)

15 Sec, Not3s, Live Performance Promo, Renowned Films (PP, AE)

15 Sec, Raye, Live Performance Promo, Renowned Films (PP, AE)

35 Sec, Exotico, Club Promo, FragmaEvents (PP)

15 Sec, Office Capo, Betting, Instagram, GH05T (PP)

1 Min 30 Sec, Barbie, Episode Promo, MTV Shuga Naija (PP)

35 Sec, internal, M&C Saatchi (PP)

45 Sec, internal reel, Whitecoat (PP)

1 Min 20 Sec, End Of Year Reel, Whitecoat (PP, AE)

1 Min 15 Sec, Nemeziz 19, Boots Promo Video, Iris (PP, AE)

1 Min, Internal Reel, Droga5 (PP)

35 Sec, Smart Energy, Internal Reel, Hogarth (PP)

50 Sec, The Wembley Cup 2015, Competition Trailer, Hoi Polloi (PP, AE)

30 Sec, Spectre Teaser Trailer, Film Trailer, IFE (PP)

30 Sec, Dole The Series Trailer, Webisode Trailer, Hidden Art Films (PP)

30 Sec, FIFA 20 Moscow, Events Promo, BNGD (PP, AE)

6 Min 15 Sec, BBC Global Pulse, TV spot, Music Documentary, Whitecoat (PP

Duwayne O.'s Software Skills

Duwayne is an advanced PP editor

Duwayne is an advanced user of Photoshop.

Duwayne uses AFX to enhance his work.

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