Dragos T.

Dragos T. Editor (Offline / Online).

Meet Dragos, an experienced editor with a decade-long industry presence. From features to documentaries, his unique editing style and creative touch set projects apart.

He's also a skilled director, earning accolades for his feature documentary, '13 Shades of Romanian.' As a post-production supervisor, Dragos has led teams for feature films and TV shows, ensuring top-notch editing, VFX, and sound design.

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1x 47s TVC & Online / Agency: HMX (Premiere: Offline / Online)

2x 30s TVC & Online / Agency: MPC (Avid: Offline)

1x 30s TVC & Online / Agency: Publicis / Prodigious (Premiere: Offline / Online)

1x 3min Online Commercial / Agency: Tangerine (Premiere: Offline / Online)

1x 50s TVC & Online / Agency: Trigger (Premiere: Offline / Online)

1x 30s TVC & Online / Agency: Space City (Avid: Offline / Online)

1x 30s TVC & Online / Agency CSM (Premiere: Offline / Online)

1x TVC & Online / Agency: The Smalls (Premiere: Offline / Online)

1x 1:36s Online / Agency: HMX (Premiere: Offline)

Editor – 52s TVC & viral commercial (Avid Offline / Online)

Editor – 43s TVC / Online HARRODS (Avid Offline / Davinci online)

Editor – 45s TVC / Viral SHOPCADE (Director, Avid offline / Davinci online)

Director / Editor – TVC / CINEMA (Avid offline / Davinci online)

Editor – LG (Avid Offline / Davinci online)

Editor – TVC / Viral RADIO ZU (Avid Offline / Davinci online)

1x 1min / Agency: CSM (Premiere: Offline / Online)

Agency: CSM (Premiere: Offline / Online)

Agency: CSM (Premier: Offline / Online)

1x 20min / Agency Trough The I (Premiere: Offline / Online)

1x 1min / Agency: The Smalls (Premiere: Offline / Online)

Agency: The Smalls (Premiere: Offline / Online)

Editor – 3x 2min internal videos (Avid offline / AFX / FCP online)

Editor – 10x 3min videos awareness campaign (FCP Offline / online)

Editor – 2min viral commercial for Ikea.

(Avid Offline/ Davinci online)

Editor –2min viral commercial for Samsung (FCP Offline / Davinci online)

Editor – 30s branded internal corporate video. (FCP Offline)

Editor – 2min awareness campaign (Premiere offline/ online)

Editor – 3x 1min promotional videos indoor vet centers. (FCP offline)

Editor/Animation – 2x 2min videos internal corporate event

(FCP offline/ AE)

Editor/Animation – 1x 1min promotional Internal video (FCP offline / AFX)

Editor – 2min internal video, Saatchi & Saatchi (FCP offline)

Editor – 2x 1 min viral GUMTREE (FCP Offline, AFX)

BBC Storyville (Avid: Offline - Additional Editor)

This documentary explores the brutal regime of Colonel Gaddafi, the former dictator of Libya, and the actions that earned him the nickname "Mad Dog".

Director/ Editor – 3X 45min documentary film that portrays the stories of 13 Romanian people living in Britain. (Avid Offline/ FCP online)

Editor – 50min documentary about the Croatian businesses and the EU integration. (Avid offline/ FCP Online)

Editor – 3x 50min documentary about Ingrid Vlasov designer at Paris Fashion Week (Avid offline / Davinci online)

Editor – 45min documentary about Marin Mustata, a fencing world champion (FCP offline)

Editor – 60min documentary about a multi skill summer camp in Romania (FCP Offline)

Editor – 35min documentary about the top 10 creative agencies in Romania and their art directors. (FCP Offline–Online /AE Titles)

British reality show x4 Episodes / Agency: Monkey Kingdom / E! Entertainment (Avid: Offline)

The UK's first bisexual reality dating show, hosted by Courtney Act, follows a group of bisexual and questioning British singletons on an adventure to find love abroad in Barcelona.

Reality Show 1x ep 36min / Agency: Little Gem / Channel 4(Avid: Offline)

Reality Show 1x episode / Quest Red (Avid: Offline)

(2nd Season Romania) Senior Editor/ Post Supervisor – 16x 50min Most popular entertainment show in Romania, made under license from X Factor UK – Freemantle / Antena 1 (FCP offline / Davinci online / AFX)

Editor – (S1 Romania) 12x 50min, Cooking TV show, – Magical Elves Productions / Antena 1 (FCP Offline)

Senior Editor/ Post Supervisor – (S1 Romania) 6x 90min Cooking show, a Shine Group original format – PRO TV Romania. (Avid offline)

Senior Editor – (Season1 Romania) 14x 50min – An original Endemol UK Game show – Kanal D Romania. (FCP offline / AFX Animation)

Senior Editor –12x 120min Sunday show for Antena 1 Romania (FCP offline)

Senior Editor – 2x 5min episodes for Discovery Channel (FCP Offline / Online)

Editor – 16x 50min Reality TV show for Kanal D – Romania (Edius offline)

Film Editor - 115 min Comedy feature film. Directed by Cristina Iacob

(Avid: Offline)

Film Editor – 110 min. Comedy Feature Film. A fairy tale romance takes an unexpected turn when Mark discovers his beautiful bride-to-be, Connie, has actually been plotting against him. Starring Samantha Barks, Anna Chancellor, Robert Kazinsky, Ivan Kaye, Tony Way, Ed Speleers. Dir Mark Murphy

Avid (Offline)

Film Editor / Post–Production Supervisor – 75min drama feature film. Lucy and her Aspergic daughter Katy are under siege from a street gang. The gang leader Rabbit wants to make them feel as low as he has been made to feel; as he fights a war against himself and the world around him. Cast: Fraser Ayres, Jordan Pitt, Fiona Whitelaw, Elijah Baker, Elinor Machen–Fortune, Adele James

(Avid – offline / Davinci)

Film Editor – 85min horror feature film. Art meets horror in End of Term where history is repeating itself at the Ford Barrington Art School. A group of students are tormented by the lingering menace of Garth Stroman, an artist who had a disturbing vision fifty years prior. Cast: Ronald Pickup, Ben Lamb, Peter Davison, Nicola Posener, Ivan Kaye, Ryan Whittle.

(Avid – Offline)

Film Editor / Post–Production Supervisor – 74min drama feature film. Immigrant construction worker Mihai lives his life divided between the memories of his family that he left at home and his monotonous daily existence on the construction site. Cast: Cristinel Hogas, Alin Bascal, Andrei Costin, Fiona Whitelaw, Andreea Paduraru.

(Avid – offline)

Film Editor – 116min comedy/action feature film. Your best friends are also the friends who'll make you do the stupidest things. After parting hardcore, Roxi, Yasmine and Ana meet in a bet that will change their lives: Who gets married first in three days. Cast: Dorina Chriac, Razvan Vasilescu, Olimpia Melinte, Raluca Aprodu (Avid – offline)

Film Editor / Post–Production Supervisor – 96min feature film. One man's journey around the world to discover the secret of comedy. Cast: James Buckley, Paul Kaye, Tim McInnerny, Omid Djalili, Gilbert Gottfried, Jimmy Car, MyAnna Buring.

(Avid – offline)

Film Editor / Post–Production Supervisor – 95min drama thriller. Deep in the English moors, a sociopath preys on innocent people, until one day his secrets are finally revealed and an inevitable confrontation is at hand. Cast: Tony Curran, Diana Vickers, Rupert Hill, Peter Woodward. Charley Mcdougall, Adrian Bouchet.

(Avid – offline)

Film Editor – 70min horror feature film. The Church sends in a team to investigate the tragic deaths of a young group found in the crypt of a Convent. Cast: Peter Woodward, Natalie Stone, Mark Harris, Nicola Posener, Adrian Bouchet

(Avid – offline / Davinci / AFX)

Film Editor / Post–Production Supervisor – 90min drama feature film. The thin veneer of youth, money, good looks and love are shattered when David is diagnosed with HIV. With his pregnant fiancée kept in the dark, David confronts the realization that he may have infected them as well. Cast: Isaura Barbé–Brown, Lonyo Engele, Brigitte Millar, Yrsa Daley–Ward.

(FCP – offline / Davinci / AFX)

Editor – 360VR Music video for Sony Music and Sony PlayStation. (Premiere Offline)

Editor – (Avid Offline / Davinci Online)

Editor – (Director, Avid Offline / Davinci)

Editor (Avid Offline/ Davinci Online)

Editor – (Avid Offline / Davinci Online)

Editor – (Avid Offline/ Davinci Online)

Editor – (Avid Offline / Davinci Online)

Editor – (FCP Offline/ Davinci Online)

Film Editor – (FCP Offline)

Film Editor – (Director, Avid Offline / Davinci Online)

Film Editor – (Avid Offline/ Davinci Online)

Film Editor – (FCP Offline / Online)

Film Editor – (FCP Offline / Online)

Film Editor – (FCP Offline / Online)

Film Editor – (Avid Offline / Davinci Online)

trailer (Avid Offline)

2 min - trailer (Premiere Offline)

Editor – 2x 2min trailers (FCP Offline/Online/ AE Titles)

Editor – 2min trailer (Avid Offline/ AFX Titles)

Editor – 2min trailer (Avid Offline/ Davinci Online)

Online Promos / Agency: CSM (Premiere: Offline & Online)

Editor – 35s Viral promo – Universal (FCP Offline / Davinci Online)

Editor – 46s – (FCP Offline)

Editor – 1min22s – (Avid Offline/ AFX)

Editor – Game test ND (Premiere offline)

1x 1:20s Online / Agency: House of Fraser (Premiere: Offline & Online)

Editor (FCP offline/online)

4x Mood Pitch Reels / Agency: Vice (Premiere: Offline & Online)

Editor – 30s company reel (FCP Offline/Online/ AE Animation)

Offline Editor / AVID

5x episodes

Client: Chatterbox / BBC 3

Offline Editor: 3 Episodes

Client: Purple Productions / Channel 4

Dragos T.'s Software Skills

Dragos is an experienced Avid user.

Dragos is an experienced Premiere Pro user.

Dragos is a mid-level AFX user. (graphics and titles, motion graphics)

Dragos is an experienced FCP7 user.

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