Dele A.

Dele A. 3D Animator, 3D Modeller, Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Generalist, Designer, Compositor, Editor (offline).

Dele is an experienced animator, motion graphic artist and digital designer with a background in screen based media. An expert with After Effects and Cinema 4D, He always tries to push himself creatively by exploring new techniques to add to his repertoire.

While he would consider himself a 3D generalist, he has an affinity for 3D modeling and routinely models and animates various objects and characters in his free time. He loves to experiment with different render engines and settings, searching for that unique look.

Taking a technical approach to any project, Dele is proactive, working rapidly and efficiently with the ability to work well and liaise with others. He can offer creative advise on projects if needed, communicating ideas clearly.

Dele is also an avid film watcher and can speak conversational level French.

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Immediate Media 3D modelling, 3D Texturing, 3D animation (C4D)

1 x 30’ - Cinema - Texture @ Factory 3D modelling, 3D animation (C4D)

1 x 30’ - Cinema - Stink Studio Rotoscoping, motion graphics, compositing (Photoshop, AFX)

20Sec – Airport screens – Ogilvy & Mather

Adhering to brand guidelines, compositing, 2D motion graphics (Photoshop, AFX)

60sec – TVC

3D modeling, texturing, 3D & 2D Animation (C4D, AFX, Photoshop)

30Sec, 20Sec, 15Sec – TVC – Nucco Brain

2D Design, 2D animation, character animation, motion graphics, editing and touch up (AFX, Photoshop)

30Sec – cinema – The Corner

Animation direction, 2D animation, 2D character animation, motion graphics

Assets supplied (AFX)

10Sec, 15Sec, 20Sec, 30Sec - taxi screen – The Corner

Animation direction, 2D animation, 2D character animation, motion graphics,

Assets supplied (AFX)

tube – Saatchi & Saatchi

Composting, 2D character animation, 3D modelling, 3D animation, texturing,

Asset creation (AFX, C4D, Photoshop)

15Sec – TaxiScreen – The Corner

2D Animation, Supplied Assets (AFX)

10Sec – TVC – CHI & Partners

Compositing, 2D Animation and VFX (AFX, Photoshop)

in-store screen - TAG Europe

2D Motion Graphics, compositing (AFX, Photoshop)

Cookie Studio 3D modelling, 3D texturing, 3D animation (C4D)

Breakfast of Champions 3D modelling, 3D Animation, compositing, editing (C4D, AFX)

Moving Brands 3D modelling, 3D Animation, compositing, editing (C4D, AFX)

The Corner

Logo and 2D character animations (Illustrator, AFX)


Motion graphics and logo animation (Photoshop, Illustrator, AFX

The Corner

3D logo animation, 2D Motion graphics, adhering to guidelines (C4D, AFX, Photoshop)


2D & 3D Animation (C4D, Illustrator, AFX)

The Corner

Logo Animations (Illustrator, AFX)

Company Presentation – MullenLowe Profero

Compositing, Editing, 2D Motion Graphics (Photoshop, AFX)


3D modelling, texturing animating, 2D motion graphics (C4D, Photoshop, AFX)


Director, Art Direction, Design and Asset creation, 2D Motion Graphics, 2D Character animation, VFX (Illustrator, AFX)

M&C Saatchi

Adhering to style guidelines, 2D motion graphics with supplied assets (Photoshop, AFX)

The Corner

2D Animation and motion graphics from supplied assets, compositing,

Logo animation (Illustrator, AFX)


2D Animated Title sequence

Barx FX Gator – Ogilvy & Mather

2D Animation, 2D Character animation, Assets supplied (Illustrator, AFX)

Youtube prerolls - Anomaly

Compositing, editing, 2D motion Graphics, roto and VFX (Photoshop, AFX)

Football X Social Media Content - Splash

Compositing, editing, 2D motion Graphics and VFX (Photoshop, AFX)

Marvel, Star wars, The lodge - Deluxe Broadcast services 2D Animation, Rotoscoping, Keying (AFX)

Gold and Silver Release - 1 x 30’ - Sony Playstation 3D modelling, 3D texturing, 3D animation (C4D)

Promo Animation – The Corner

Supplied assets, compositing, 2D animation, motion graphics (Illustrator, AFX)

new kit promo – The Corner

3D modelling, texturing, rendering, animatio

Hairstyle range - 30Sec – MullenLowe Profero

Compositing, Editing, VFX (Photoshop AFX)

Pitch – The Corner

3D modelling, texturing, compositing, animation, 2D compositing, motion graphics, editing (AFX, C4D, Photoshop)

Short Film

2D Animated Title sequence, VFX (AFX, Photoshop)


Wrote & directed short, art direction, 2D Design, 2D animation, 3D Design, 3D animation, Motion Graphics, VFX (Illustrator, Photoshop, AFX, C4D)

Wrote & directed short, art direction, 2D Design, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX (Illustrator, AFX)

Music Video.

Wrote & directed video, 2D Design, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Editing, compositing, VFX (AFX)

Dele A.'s Software Skills

Dele is an expert in Mocha

Dele is an advanced level motion graphics artist & designer

Dele is an expert in Photoshop

Dele is an expert in Illustrator

Dele is an advanced level Cinema 4D artist

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