David A.

David Ashcroft

David A. Editor (offline).

David has been editing for over 15 years. Cutting a large and varied selection of popular formats and subject matters across all major UK terrestrial and Satellite channels. He is a strong storyteller and has edit producer credits on US Network CBS. Namely “The Triumph Games” 4x 60mins Documentaries. He is quick, creative and always keen to take the lead on a project whist equally at home working in a larger team.

He produces, directs, and shoots training/promotional films for corporate clients and is very familiar with Go-pros.

When David is not working or chasing his daughter around he is a member of and competes for the Great Britain IPSC Pistol team. He is also a lifeguard, Padi rescue diver and a pilot having been trained by the RAF many moons ago.

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1 x 60’ Executive Producer: Nicola Hegarty, Director: Kevin Lane Handsome UK TV / BBC 1 (Offline Editor)

4 x 60’ Series Producer: James Donkin, Edit Producer: Rea Menzies Gogglebox - Fox - ITV

1 x 60’ PD: Paul O’Conner, Executive Producer: Ann Ross Renegade / BBC America (Offline Editor)

2 x 30’ Director: Anthony Barwell, Executive Producer: Mike Warner, Jess Wilkins Firecracker Films - Nat Geo (Offline Editor)

22 x 30’ Executive Producer: Steven Kemp, Series Producer: Richard Stansfield Wag TV - Discovery USA (Offline Editor)

Producer: Nicola Pointer Fresh One Productions - Channel 4 (Offline Editor)


3 x 45’ Edit Producer: Mandy Sherwood, Series Editor: Michelle Heeley Boundless Media - BBC 1 (Offline Editor)

2 x 60’ Edit Producer: Jenny Freilich Reef TV - Channel 4 (Offline Editor)

3 x 60’ Series Producer: Jon Stephens, Executive Producer: Martin Durkin Wag TV - Discovery UK (Offline Editor)

6 x 60’ Series Producer: John Widdup, Executive Producer: Matt Gorden Flame TV - Discovery UK (Senior Editor)

2 x 60’ Series Producer: Rachel Pratt, Executive Producer: Tom Garland Reef TV - Channel 4 (Offline Editor)

6 x 60’ Exec Producer: Matt Young, Series Director: Colin Lennox

Spungold TV / Channel 5. (Finishing Editor / Offline Editor)

2x1hour Doc/Drama. Talos Films/Disovery ID

Arrow Media/Discovery ID

5 x 60’ Executive Producer: Matt Gorden Flame TV - BBC TV (Offline Editor)

6 x 60’ Executive Producer: Fenton Bailey, Series Producer: Margaret Meenaghan, Director: Bob Mersden World of Wonder - Discovery UK (Senior Editor)

2 x 60’ Executive Producer: Sarah Caplin, Series Producer: Kate Jackson ITV Productions Living TV (Offline Editor)

4 x 60’ Sports obs doc following ten military veterans as they battle their way through ten challenges at The West Point Military Academy for a 50,000 dollar prize and the title of 2016 Triumph Games Champion.

ITN / CBS (Edit Producer / Editor)

3 x 60’ Executive Producer: Steve Warr, Series Producer: John Everett. Raw Cut TV / Channel 5 (Offline Editor)

Comedy Series, Director: James Bobin Talkback Productions - HBO (Junior Editor)

2x1hour Doc/Drama Arrow Media/ Discovery ID

4 x 1hour Doc/Drama Editor/Producer

3x 1hour Doc/Drama Arrow Media/Discovery ID

Arrow Media/ History Ch

Director: Sebastian Smith, Producer: Simon Mills Raw TV - History Channel (Offline Editor)

2 x 60’ Series Producer: Sue Learoyd Pioneer TV - BBC (Offline Editor)

1 x 60’ Series Producer: Director: Mark Bridge Pioneer TV - Channel 4 (Offline Editor)

1 x 60’ Producer/Director: Chris Len Wall To Wall - Discovery US (Offline Editor)

Motion Picture - Executive Producer: Sebastien Smith Menam Films - Liongate (Film Editor)

22’ promo (Producer - Director)

6’ promo (Producer / Director)

Offline editor Minnow Films/CH4

3 x 30’ Travelling across the globe this programme takes in the sights of some of the most complicated demolition projects from all over the world.

Insider TV / Middlechild Productions (Offline Editor)

1 x 60’ Executive Producer: Cate Hall, Edit Executive: Dan Gold. Wall To Wall / Channel 4 (Offline Editor)

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David is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

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