Daren T.

Daren Tiley

Daren T. Editor (Offline / Online).

Daren is a skilled narrative offline editor, who can also online and grade. Chatty, easy-going and cheerful are three qualities about Daren that have continued to put a smile on everyone’s face after more than 20 years working in television. His expertise working within broadcast makes him perfect for long form programming or for the all-important finishing touches a project needs. When he’s not working on documentaries or entertainment shows, he is known to grace the edit suites of many leading advertising agencies and corporate companies with his infectious presence. You will never find him twiddling his thumbs as he just loves to work!

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1x 60 mins (Avid Offline) Brinkworth Channel 5

1x 60 mins (Avid Offline) More4 Captive Minds

2x 60 mins (Avid Offline 4x 60 mins Online) More4 Big Circus

1x 90 mins Viacom CBS Ch5 (Avid Offline)

1x 60 mins Viacom CBS Ch5 (Avid Offline

5 x 5mins BBC Studios (Avid Offline)

1x 60 mins October Films Ch5 (Avid Offline)

1x 60 mins Reef TV Ch5 (Avid Offline)

1x 60mins Rare TV BBC4 (Avid Offline)

2x 60mins Blink Films Smithsonian Channel UK (Avid Offline)

1x 60mins DSP BBC2 (Avid Offline)

1x 60mins Mentorn Ch5 (Avid Offline)

1x 60mins Elephant House Ch5 (Avid Offline)

1x 60mins Elephant House Ch5 (Avid Offline)

1x 30mins Shine BBC1 (Avid Offline)

1x 60’ ITN Productions ITV1 (Avid Offline)

8 x 60’ WAG TV Discovery Science (Stitch Edit)

2 x 60’ Emporium Productions CBS Reality (Avid Offline)

1x 60’ Studio Lambert Channel 4 (Avid Offline)

1 x 60’ Wiseold Foxnight Productions Ch5 (Avid Offline)

4 x 3’ VT inserts, Arrow Media/Channel 4 (Avid Offline)

1x 60’ Channel 4/Dragonfly (Avid Offline)

4x 6’ Red Button (FCP offline)

3 x 60’ Lion Television/BBC2 (Avid Offline)

2 x 60’ Lion Television/BBC2 (Avid Offline)

20 x 30’ September Films BBC 1/CBBC (Avid Offline) *BAFTA NOMINATION

10 x 7’ BBC1 (FCP Off/Online)

1x 60’ Ricochet/Sky One(Avid Offline)

6 x 60’ Series 5, BBC 2 (Avid Offline)

1x 60’ Lion TV/ BBC 2 (Avid Offline)

4x 30’ BBC 2 (FCP Offline/Online)

Union/Channel 4 (Online)

1x 30’, Studio Lambert Channel 4 (Avid offline)

1x 60’ BBC 1(FCP Offline)

8 x 60’ Reality/Make over show, RDF Media/ITV1

4x 30’ Reality Fashion show BBC 2 (Avid Offline)

1 x 60’ Outline Productions/BBC 3 (Avid Offline)

5 x 40’ Reality dating show, Wall to Wall/Channel 4 (Symphony Online) 5 Things I

6 x 30’ Reality relationship show Wall to Wall/BBC2 (Symphony Online)

15 x 10BBC 2 (FCP Off/Online)

1 x 60 Outline Productions BBC2 (Avid Offline)

Picasso 1 x 30 BBC2 (FCP Offline)

Baz Luhrmann1 x 30 BBC2 (FCP Offline)

2 x 5 Cactus TV Channel 4 (FCP Off/Online/Symphony Online)

5x30 & 1x 60 Optomen Productions, BBC2 (Avid Offline)


1 x 30 BBC 2 (Avid Offline)

2 x 30 Pacific TV, BBC2 (Avid Offline)

1*60mins Coming up Roses Ch5 Star

1*60mins (Avid Offline) Ch5 Mentorn Media

1x 60 min Renowned Films Paramount Plus (Avid Offline)

1x 60 mins Brook Lapping Nat Geo (Avid Offline)

With Lenny Henry 1x 90mins Douglas Road BBC2 (Avid Off/Online)

1 x 60mins Douglas Road BBC4 (Avid Off/Online)

1x60mins Endemol/Shine BBC4 (Avid Offline)

2x 60 Reef Television BBC2(Avid Offline)

1 x 60 ITV Shiver / Channel 5 (Adobe Premiere Pro)

1 x 90 Leopard Films BBC2

2 x 60World Media Rights / Discovery Channel (Avid Offline)

1 x 60’ World Media Rights / History Channel (Avid Offline)

1 x 60’ Science Doc, Nutopia, BBC2 /PBS (Avid Offline)

1 x 60’ Music Doc, BBC 4 (Avid Offline)

1 x 60’ BBC2 (FCP Offline)

3 x 60’Nat Geo Wild Lion Television (Avid Offline)

3 x 60’ Lion Television (Avid Offline)

“A Year at No 10”- 1 x 60’ BrookLapping C4 (Avid Offline)

3 x 60’ BBC 2 WW (FCP Off/Online)

1 x 60’BBC 4 (FCP Off/Online)

1 x 60’Steven Gerrard, Sky One (Avid Offline)

1 x 60 Positive TV for Sky Arts (FCP Off/Online)

1 x 60 Atlantic Productions (Symphony Online)

1 x 30 Pilot,ITV Shiver for BBC1

1 x 60Emporium Productions / C5 (Avid Offline)

Lion TV Ob Doc BBC 4 (Avid Offline)

September Films/ITV1 (Online)

1 x 60 Midnight Oil Productions Discovery (Avid Offline)

1 x 60Drama Recon, Nat Geo US /Darlow Smithson Productions (Avid Offline)

6 x 30 Comedy Sketches BBC3(Avid Offline)

3 x 8BBC 1 (Avid Offline)

2 x 30 BBC 1 (FCP Offline)

1 x 60 BBC 1(FCP Offline)

2 x 30 BBC1 (FCP Off/online)

1 x 30 BBC 2 (FCP Off/Online)

Daren T.'s Software Skills

Senior Avid editor.

Advanced FC user.

Advanced / senior PP editor.

Senior Avid editor.

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