Daniel B.

Daniel B. Editor (Offline / Online).

An enthusiastic, creative and versatile editor with over 15 years experience. Daniel prides himself in forming great working relationships with clients and enjoy the creativity involved in all stages of the editing process. He has a vast amount of experience in Food & Drink, Travel and Factual Entertainment programmes. As a freelancer Daniel has worked with a large number of clients editing promos, commercials, sizzle reels, charity films, brand films and children’s shows. Daniel also feels completely at home with compliance editing and re-versioning. A career highlight was editing Milkshake Monkey for CH5 which was nominated for a BAFTA in the Best Children’s Short Form Category 2014. From June 2017 to December 2019 he was the offline editor on James Martin’s Saturday Morning for ITV – a show that gave him great experience working with quick turnarounds and the challenge of always meeting an incredibly tight deadline.

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4 x 3’00, a series of films about a new skincare product. Unilever. (FCP, Offline and Online.)

Culture Carriers - 5 x 4’00, series of internal films about the work culture at JP Morgan. JP Morgan. (AVID, Offline and Online).

1’40, online charity film promoting Mother’s Day around the world. Sentebale. (FCP, Offline and Online)

It all starts with you - 1’30 online film for Oxfam (FCP, Offline and Online)

2’00, promotional film showcasing what LGC can offer clients. LGC. (FCP, Offline and Online

20’’ TVC, an advert for the paperback release of Jeffery Deaver’s Roadside Crosses. Hodder and Stoughton. (FCP, Offline and Online)

20’’ TVC, a commercial for the paperback release of Mark Billingham’s Death Message. Hodder and Stoughton. (FCP, Offline and Online).

20’’ TVC, a TV advert for the paperback release of Mark Billingham’s Buried. Hodder and Stoughton. (FCP, Offline and Online).

7 x 3’00, a series of short VTs and recipes featuring chef Jeremy Pang. Food Network. AVID

10 x 1’30, a series of VTs featuring viewers talking about their love of food. Food Network. (AVID)

5 x 10’’, bumpers that aired around TV coverage of the V Festival. Channel 4. (Premiere Pro/FCP, Offline and Online).

40’’ and 10’’, a competition spot for a film making contest featuring LMFAO. Channel 4 (AVID/FCP, Offline and Online)

1 x 48’40, a tribute show to the late chef Gary Rhodes. Rock Oyster Media, ITV. (AVID offline)

1 x 47’00, history documentary/travel show about locations from the American Civil War. Travel Channel. (FCP Online).

21 x 4’00 episodes, the further adventures of Milkshake Monkey as he travels around the country. Match Cut Ltd, Ch5. (AVID, Offline and Online)

20 x 4’00 episodes, the adventures of Milkshake Monkey as he meets children across the UK. Match Cut Ltd, Ch5. (AVID, Offline and Online)

1 x 46’40, seasonal edition of Good Mood Food which aired Christmas Day 2021. Rock Oyster Media, ITV (AVID, Offline)

10 x 46’40, a cookery show celebrating Raymond Blanc at his hotel Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. Rock Oyster Media, ITV. (Avid, Offline)

2 x 21’30, a popular food show featuring Ree Drummond. Pacific, Food Network & Discovery + (AVID Offline).

20 x 46’40’, food and show featuring one of TV’s best loved chefs. Rock Oyster Media, ITV. (AVID, Offline).

1 x 46’40’, Christmas edition of Ainsley Harriott’s much loved cookery show that aired Christmas Day 2020. Rock Oyster Media, ITV. (AVID Offline

2 x 46’40’, a food show following Ainsley on his travels around the Med. Rock Oyster Media, ITV. (AVID, Offline).

99 x 98’00, James Martin’s hugely successful chat and cookery show. Blue Marlin, ITV. (AVID, Offline)

1 x 46’30, a festive special featuring guests and great food. Blue Marlin, Food Network. (AVID, Offline).

10 x 23’30, a compilation show featuring clips from Food Network’s best loved shows and viewer’s reactions. Food Network, Scripps. (AVID, Offline).

1 x 23’30, pilot cookery show showcasing Indian cuisine. Food Network. (AVID, Offline and Online).

2 x 46’40, food and travel show following James Martin as he visits his favourite food spots around the UK. Blue Marlin, ITV. (AVID, Offline).

20 x 46’40, we follow James Martin as he travels and cooks his way across the USA. Blue Marlin, ITV. (AVID, additional Offline editing)

7 x 46’40, James explores the food and famous locations across France. Blue Marlin, ITV. (AVID, Offline)

1 x 47’30, a travel show that explored one of the greatest rivers in the world. Travel Channel. (FCP, Online).

1 x 47’40, Cheryl Baker visits some of the most interesting destinations in Asia. Travel Channel. (FCP, Online).

1 x 46’30, a food and travel show that unearthed the culinary treasures of a rarely seen destination. Travel Channel. (FCP, Online).

24 x 23’30, a travel show that explored some of the best cities on the planet. Travel Channel. (AVID/FCPOffline and Online)

6 x 23’30, a show demonstrating how easy it is to holiday in an environmentally friendly way. (AVID, Offline and Online).

Series 1: South Africa, Series 2: Spain and Portugal, Series 3: Australia & Series 4: Budapest to the Black Sea - 16 x 23’30, a wine programme showcasing some of the best wines from around the globe. Travel Channel. (AVID/FCP, Offline and Online).

1 x 90’, Micro budget feature film about the day people started disappearing from the planet! Lemon Wedge Films. Online. (FCP Offline and Online).

12 x 23’30, a magazine review show about holidaying on cruise ships. Travel Channel. (AVID, Offline and Online).

36 x 23’30, a magazine show featuring stories about cultural events from around the world. Travel Channel (Avid, Offline and Online).

15’00, a story about a man who can cause electrical surges. Lemon Wedge Films. Festivals. (FCP, Online Editor)

13’00, a woman uses social media to get revenge on a former boyfriend. Alexander Roberts. Festivals. (FCP, Offline Editor).

30’00, when a man’s life spirals out of control he approaches the mysterious Ascension Agency for a way out. Closed Circuit Films. Festivals. (AVID, FCP)

3’20, a modern retelling of a famous urban myth…13th Hour Films. Festivals and TVC. (AVID, Offline).

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