Dan R.

Dan Raymond

Dan R. Editor (offline).

After gaining a degree in Physics the world of science just wasn’t enticing enough for Dan, so when a tape op position came up on Des Lynham’s “How Do They Do That?” it seemed like the ideal first job. It appears he made the right choice as Dan has since then he has become a vastly experienced offline and online editor. Working in television from the off and being constantly in demand, Dan has racked up some brilliant credits within documentary, entertainment, reality and cookery.

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Avalon Prodns for Sky – Series 4 Ep 10 – the chilling story of teenager Kayleigh Haywood’s disappearance.

1 X 50’ Barcroft Productions for C5

1 x 60’ British transport police reveal the full extent of Metal theft in the UK - Prospect Pictures for BBC 1

1 x 30’ ‘Injection Vortices’ - Outline Productions/Discovery for Channel 5

Real-life accidents are deconstructed to reveal how victims were able to survive the seemingly unsurvivable - Objective Productions for BBC 3

1 x 60’ An intelligent look at the history of celebrity ads -

At It Productions for Channel 5

2 x 60’ Ellie Harrison presents wildlife programme hoping to revive British wildlife - Outline Productions for BBC 2

1 x 60’ - Mentorn for Channel 4

1 x 45’ Featuring the legendary Robin Knox-Johnson’s return to circumnavigate the world and Alex Thomson’s miraculous rescue in the Southern Ocean - APP Broadcast CH4 and Sky

1 x 60’ Documentary on how evil Big Brother was in 2004 - Endemol for E4

2 x 90’ Series of documentaries following six international sailing events sponsored by Role x - TWI for BBC and International Sale

1 x 50’ A vivid potrayal of the history of the Velux Round the World Race told by the sailors themselves - APP Broadcast for CH4 and Sky

1 x 60’ An in depth look at the antics of plane crews to back up Sky’s drama ‘Mile High’ - LWT Production for Sky One

1 x 10’ Stylish and comical look by black journalist Paul MacKenzie at Beckham’s black credentials. ‘It’s a witty, innovative half hour that’ll spoil you for all those clone shows about selling your house. So sit your bad self down and watch’ – Guardian Guide - Channel 4

Voltage TV for E4 – 1 x 47’, EP01 Sicily Danny and Danni Dyer deconstruct the traditional travelogue with comedic styleVolt

CTVC for Quest – 5 x 60 mins, Story and finishing editor of series following the lives of three farmers and their different farms.

1 x 45’ - Raw for Discovery US

4 x 45’ Series 2 & 3 for Watch for Brown Bob Productions

1 x 44’ Ob doc series that explores the day-to-day concerns of the extremely rich and the people who they pay to make their lives easier - Thinking Violets for Sky Living

1 x 45’ Ob doc series following Brits in the resort of Andorra for the skier with an eye for cheap booze - Renegade Films

1 x 45 Ep 1 of brand new series where two young chefs interview for a job with Jason Atherton. However they don’t know they are being interviewed - Two Four for Channel 5

4 x 24’ Series following chocolatiers and their bonkers designs - Two Four for the GoodFood Channel

8 x 45’ Return of the hit series this time each show centering on a big celebrity. TV Quick came third in Food shows only sat/cable channel there Nominated for 2014 Banff Rocky Awards and Real Screen Awards 2014 - Two Four for the GoodFood Channel

3 x 47’ Ob doc/constructed reality show following the lives of some young farmers in Herefordshire - Monkey Kingdom for CH4

3 x 30’ 5 British students adjust to university life in Houston Texas - Princess Production for UK Living

2 x 60’ Sky One’s Series following young Brits on holiday in the Greek Islands - September Films for Sky One

2 x 30’ Series following families swapping lives within Europe - Granada for BBC2

4 x 30’ fly-on-the-wall programmes - LWT for Sky Television

1 x 30’ EP 6: The Mother-in-law comes to stay - Mentorn for ITV 1

1 x 60’ Ayia Napa – Ireland. Two Families take each other on their favourite holidays - RDF Television for ITV 1

Viacom for Ch5 - 3 x 67’ Musical rundown of Top 30 tracks of each year

Viacom for Ch5 - 3 x 67’ Musical rundown of Top 30 tracks of each year

Viacom for Ch5 - 3 x 67’ Musical rundown of Top 30 tracks of each year

Viacom for Ch5 - 3 x 94mins for CH5 Musical rundown of Top 30 videos of each year

Luti Productions for E4 – ground-breaking You Tube series exploring the different issues facing black and mixed race couples transferred to terrestrial TV

1983, 1986 & 1989 Viacom for Ch5 - 3 x 67mins Musicial rundown of Top 30 tracks of each year

1 x 60’ description needed.

Love Productions for BBC 2

1 x 60’ Series of factual shows revealing the dodgy garage trade - Granada Television for ITV

1 x 60’ Cosmetic surgery makeover show - Silver River Productions for BBC 3

2 x 60’ - September Films for Discovery USA

10 x 30’ series of programmes on inventors - Positive Film and Television for Discovery

Offline & Online Editor - 10 x 50’ discussion programmes presented by Melvin Bragg - LWT Arts for ITV

Series Editor - 20 x 60’ Dr Tanya Byron reforms children and their parents - Outline for BBC3

1 x 45’ Ruth Badger from the apprentice uses her sales skills to turn round struggling businesses - Diverse Productions for Sky One

8 x 30’ programmes - Bazal Productions for Channel 4

3 x 30’ programmes and various inserts - Darlow Smithson for Channel 4

Series 3 & 4 8 x 30’ Top celeb chefs attempt to revive different British produce - Outline Productions for BBC2

1 x 45’ Ep 2: Cineworld. Heston uses his culinary magic to turnaround cinema food for ever - Renegade for Channel 4

4 x 60’ Cookery series starring James Martin, guest stars and three contestants vie to be the day’s best cook. Shine for BBC1

2 x 30’ SW & N Finals, top chefs compete to cook the Queen her 80th birthday meal - Optomen for BBC 2

3 x 45’ Granada for ITV 1

4 x 24’ US Food Network / Korean TV

2 x 45' including the Grand Finale. UK Series based on the prime-time Aussie classic. 7 Wonder for Channel 4.

1 x 45’. Renegade for E4

1 x 45' Can the guests guess which celebrity is cooking for them?

ITV Studios for ITV

7 x 45’ Come dine with me with dating. Three hopefuls try to woo a mate with their best three course meal - Hattrick for ITV1

Episode 2 - T4 & Channel 4

1 x 30’ Ben Fogle takes adventurers to four exotic locations - Ricochet for BBC 2

1 x 30’ Alex Zane from Balls of Steel has his own show - Objective Productions for BBC

Series & Finishing Editor - 17 x 60’ - The Farm for BBC 3

Highly acclaimed series recreating 1950’s national service with a more tongue in cheek version of events - Twenty-Twenty Television for ITV2

15 x comedy inserts - Granada Production for ITV 2.

1 x 45’ Ep 2 Quiz show shot in the wilds of Suffolk. Guest staring Sherrie Hewson and Joe Pasquale - Sky One

Series & Finishing Editor - 15 x 40’ Celebs adjust to farm life - Endemol for Channel 5

3 x 30’ Quiz show featuring Gryff Rhys Jones set in museums all-round the UK. Modern TV for BBC4

1 x 30’ Lauren Platt guides eight teen singers through the highs and lows of the music industry.

Rize USA for CBBC

2 x 30’ A junior version of Animal Park set in two Zoos in Kent - Endemol for BBC 1

1 x 30’ Ep 3, 6 teenagers compete for a job at a top premiership football agent. Zigzag Productions for BBC2

8 x 30’ celebrity gossip 'magazine' style shows - Carlton Television for ITV

1 x 60’ Docu-soap - LWT for Sky Television

7 x 4’ Series of short films on Times Square NYC - Zig Zag Productions for Times Discovery Channel US

Short film entered for the London Film Festival

35mm short film

15 minute short Film - For Mal Malloy Productions

Dan R.'s Software Skills

Dan is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro Offline Editor.

Dan is a highly experienced Avid Offline Editor.

Dan is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor.
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