Clive P.

Clive P. Editor (Offline / Online).

Clive is a highly competent, reliable and experienced editor and creative designer. He uses cutting-edge technology to produce top quality film using creative flair, as well as technical skills, to meet not only the customer’s brief but also exceed their expectations, on budget and on time.

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Various Product Promos, Blogs, Training & Idents. (PP/Ae) Offline/Online

Various Fitness Promos, Training & Idents. (PP/Ae)


Various Blogs – Firehouse – (PP) Offline/Online

2 Min Landrover/Kpmg UK Promo – (FCP) Offline/Online – Karki Films

Various In-House Vt’s – Orchard Communications – (Avid) Offline/Online

Various Internal Training - Orchard Communications – (Avid) Offline/Online

Various In-House Vt’s – (Avid) Offline/Online Orchard Communications

2 Min International Promo – Firehouse – (PP) Offline

4 Min Media Freedom Conference Opener – CTN Group (PP/Ae) Online/AE

In-House Various Vt’s – Orchard Communications (Avid) Online

1 Min Worldwide Promo– Firehouse – (PP) Online

30 Sec Cinematic - (Avid) Offline – Tlmh

30 Second TVC (Get Up Games) – Maverick Media - (FCP) Offline

30 Sec TVC (European Release) - (FCP) Offline/Online – Maverick Media

(Colours) – 30 Sec TVC - (FCP) Offline/Online – Maverick Media

30 Sec Cinematic - (Avid) Offline – Orchard Communications

(Odyssey To The West) – 30 Sec TVC - (FCP) Offline/Online – Maverick Media

3 Minute Conference Opener – Maverick Media – (Fcp) Offline/Online

One Half Min Music Promo - Warner Music Group – (Pr) Online

1 Min UK (Plb) Promo – Dark Horses – (Pr, Ae) Online/Afx

Game Opener – Buf - (Fcp) Offline

75 Minutes – How We Can All Become Fitter and Healthier Nes Health – (Pr/Ae) Offline/Online/Afx

80 Minutes - How Every Action We Do has Concequences – Nes Health – (Pr/Ae) Offline/Online/Afx

90 Minutes (Men Of The Ins Dakar Submarine) – Tlmh – (Fcp) Offline/Online

75 Minutes –Intense Scary – Dark Brood Pictures – (Pr/Ae) Offline/Online/Afx

20 Minutes –A Look Though A Young Girls Eyes – Steve Nesbit Production – (Fcp) Offline

Clive P.'s Software Skills

Clive is a highly skilled Premiere Pro editor.

Clive is an intermediate user of AFX.

Clive is a highly skilled user of Final Cut Pro 7.

Clive is an advanced user of Photoshop.

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