Claes N.

Claes N. Editor (Offline / Online), Director, Sound Editor.

Claes is a Filmmaker based in London with an extensive track record of delivering highly successful films that have been key content pieces for brands and agencies like Adidas, Matador Records, Our Legacy, Asics, BBH, AAEDDB, Rough Trade Records, Warner Brothers, Universal, Dolce & Gabbana, Mccann and many others. His narrative work has screened at several Oscar and BAFTA qualifying festivals and most recently on global video channel NOWNESS. Other accolades include 2 Vimeo Staff Picks, ‘Best videos of the month’ in several global music publications such as CLASH & Rolling Stone. He is well versed in writing, pitching, producing, directing & editing high quality content always collaborating closely with production companies, agencies and clients. Claes has an inexhaustible appetite for film, music and fashion subcultures and is constantly evolving his knowledge and understanding of the heritage and future progression of each.

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2 x 30 second Adverts - Orphans (Offline & Online Editor) (Premiere Pro)

Mette Towley & Denise Schindler 2min video promoting the new Adidas Varsity Jacket. Clubhouse (Offline & Online Editor) (Premiere Pro)

James Harden - 30 sec video promoting the new Adidas Varsity Jacket. Clubhouse (Offline & Online Editor) (Premiere Pro)

2 min content film - Launch of the Glideride at a spectacular event on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Edelman (Editor, Online) (Premiere Pro).

15 second Ident promoting Nissan as sponsor of the World Cup. Dark Horses (Online Editor) (Premiere Pro)

Branded film featuring 3 stylists who incorporate Piagets jewellery line. HEARST (Director, Editor - Online & Offline) (Premiere Pro)

Internal film, 2 min promoting the new Play New campaign among internal Nike depts. Untold Fable (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Internal film about the World Cup in Saudi Arabia. Prodigious (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Poppy Appeal TVC 2020. Commercial promoting Poppys.

(Online & Offline Editor) (Premiere Pro)

In-store advert - featured in Time Square NYC, D&G via Mariano Vivanco. (Director, Editor) (Premiere Pro).

Lets Pray - Music video, (Producer, Director, Editor) Transgressive Records (Premiere Pro Online)

I will be the world - Music video, (Producer, Director, Editor) Transgressive Records (Premiere Pro Online)

Horizon Music video, (Producer, Director, Editor) French Kiss Records (Premiere Pro Online)

The Day I Die - Music video (Producer, Director, Editor) French Kiss Records (Premiere Pro Online)

Martyr - Music video (Producer, Director, Editor) Universal Music, Fiction Records (Premiere Pro Online)

Freebird II - Music video (Director, Editor) Rough Trade Records, (Premiere Pro Online)

Berlin Got Blurry - Music video (Producer, Director, Editor) Rough Trade Records, (Premiere Pro Online)

Application Apparatus - Music video (Producer, Director) Rough Trade Records.

Sympathy For Life (Producer, Director, Editor) Rough Trade Records, (Premiere Pro Online)

Ancient Jules (Producer, Director, Editor) Matador Records, (Premiere Pro Online)

V-POWER International campaign - Pitch film. Edelman (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Pitch fim 1 min Adam&EveDDB USA (Editor, Motion) (Premiere Pro, AFX)

Pitch film. 1 min BBH (Editor) (Premiere Pro)

Pitch film - 1 min MCCANN (Editor) (Premiere Pro)

Pitch film - 1 min JWT (Editor) (Premiere Pro)

Internal film 1 min, JWT (Editor) (Premiere Pro)

AMEX - Pitch film, 2 min, McGarry Bowen (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Trailer for season 2 of the popular Adidas Tango League. We Are Social. (Premiere Offline & Online).

Trailer. 1 minute (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Trailer 30 Seconds (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Trailer 30 seconds (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Trailer, 1 minute (Editor, Premiere Pro)

Trailer, 2 minutes (Editor, Motion Graphics) (Premiere Pro, AFX)

10 minute documentary celebrating 10 years of the prolific Shoreditch venue. Village underground. (Producer, Director, Editor (Premiere Pro)

2min fashion film about Saudi designer Daneh Buahmad

The making of ID 1 x 5 min Documentary about German Artist MPK. Universal Music (Director, Editor) (Premiere Pro Online)

14min Mystery/Thriller Short, 2020 official selection @ several OSCAR & BAFTA qualifying festivals. (Writer, Director, Editor) (Premiere Pro, AFX)

15 min - Branded content documentary for Adidas about a football team made up of the best young players from across the world. We are social. (Editor Offline & Online) (Premiere)

Claes N.'s Software Skills

Claes is a highly skilled Premiere Pro editor.

Claes uses AFX to enhance his work.

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