Christian P.

Christian P. Editor (Offline / Online), Creative Editing.

Chris is an experienced video editor specialising in Premiere Pro. He is driven by creativity and narratives, big or small. He’s very passionate about telling a story in tailored and unique ways, while also not sacrificing any quality or creativity during that process. A cinematic flare, a keen eye for storytelling and stringent and organised editing workflow are some of the things he will bring to your project. He has worked with Google, Disney, LUSH, Superdrug, Blackmagic Design etc. primarily on digitally distributed videos and advertisements, and most recently as a Quality Control editor for Disney plus. With a glass-half-full mentality, Chris will rarely turn down work as he sees it as another opportunity to learn something new and grow further as a professional in his editing career.

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2 x 3 min 40 sec documentary about the women who make shea butter in Ghana. (Premiere Offline/Online)

3x7 min Halloween make-up tutorials. (Premiere Online)

60 sec autumn promo video for social media campaign across Facebook and Instagram. (Premiere Offline/Online)

60 sec promo video for social media campaign focusing on four reasons to visit North Wales. (Premiere Offline/Online)

3 min event promotion video about a Victorian Christmas festival. (Premiere Offline/Online)

2 min 30 sec brand ambassador video talking about the life of a SUP instructor. (Premiere Offline/Online)

6x 5-10min Facebook videos of various YouTube influencers. Original video from YT was condensed down and appropriated for FB audiences with captioning and branding. (Premiere online/offline)

Opening Video for the UNCTAD 15 Conference

10 min multicam event highlights video for internal use. (Premiere Offline/Online)

European Tour highlights video for internal use. (Premiere Offline)

20 x 1 min product showcase and tutorial with captioning for different regions. (Premiere Online)

5 min event showcase highlights video for internal use. (Premiere Offline/Online)

90 sec video containing various clips sourced from Youtube and other video sharing sites to produce a visual concept for a future project. (Premiere online/ offline)

2min video showcasing stunts and acting parts from TV and feature films. (Premiere online/ offline)

1 min Instagram looping video of FPV drone footage. (Premiere online/ offline)

2 min video showcasing stunts and acting scenes in TV and feature film productions. (Premiere online/ offline)

12 min silent drama noir about an introverted painter trying to find a connection with a woman while battling addiction. (Final Cut X offline/ online/ grade)

Christian P.'s Software Skills

Chris is an advanced Premiere Pro editor.

Chris is a mid level user of FCPX.

Chris is a mid level grader.

Chris can use AFX to a basic level.

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