Chris L.

Chris L. Animator, Art Director, Designer, Director, Motion Graphic Designer.

Chris is a highly motivated, confident and passionate addition to any team. He is comfortable taking on multiple roles; managing a team, working as part of a team or working on his own.

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3x40 sec launch films & 570 social adaptations for Indie Play Festival ‘22, Wazzo (illustrator, AFX)

2min explainer video using Christmas themes. Rubrik (illustrator, AFX)

2 min explainer video about robot helper. OneDotZero/Dentsu (illustrator, AFX)

Numerous social media stings used during Super Bowl 50 build up and event (illustrator, AFX)

60 sec social media viral film about 2017 Ballon D’Or winner. Bleacher Report (illustrator, AFX)

90 sec viral film about footballs January Transfer deadline day, The Guardian (illustrator, AFX)

90 sec viral film about Wimbledon, The Guardian (illustrator, AFX)

Card game and animated promo for B2B, Rubrik (Illustrator, AFX)

30 sec TVC and bumpers to launch new product. Vamanos (Illustrator, AFX)

30 sec TVC. Vamanos (Illustrator, AFX)

4x 30 sec animated stings for new product. Grey (Illustrator, AFX)

Finger flinging mobile Game. Trailers, game animations and design. Loju (Illustrator, AFX, Spine, Unity)

Learn the World education platform. Branding, illustration, art direction, game design and digital content, Earth Cubs (illustrator, After Effects)

Interactive children’s game experience concepts, Immersive Gamebox (illustrator)

7x 20-60 sec stings for short comedy series adding animated characters to real world objects. Matt Keen for BBC (AFX)

Logo sting - Brand identity and animation guidelines for TV production, GBH London (AFX)

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