Carmen A.

Carmen A. Promo Producer, Editor (Offline / Online).

With 15+ years in Broadcast Television across UK, US, and Spanish networks, Carmen is a versatile professional. From pre-production planning to final delivery, she has excelled in roles such as camera operator, editor, producer, and production coordinator/manager.

Carmen possesses a strong technical background with expertise in NLE systems like Premiere/After Effects. Thriving under pressure, she blends organisational and creative skills to edit diverse stories, serving as a Story Editor or Offline/Online Editor.

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6 X 10 sec viral for iPhone 11 Pro & Hermitage Museum. Be Grizzlee (Premiere


7 x 5 sec different campaigns for summer, Christmas. Hogarth

(Premiere Pro / AFX)

Multiples videos for internal and external use, interviews, show case

studies, promotion, multiples length. BlackRock (Premiere Pro / AFX).

TVC, Cinema & Online. 15sec, 30 sec, 60sec, 180sec. Hogarth (Premiere &


TVC, Cinema & Online. 15sec, 30 sec, 60sec, 180sec. Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

TVC, Cinema & Online. 15sec & 30 sec. Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

TVC, Cinema & Online. 15sec, 30 sec, 60sec. Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

TVC & Online. 30 sec, 60sec. Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

TVC & Online. 15 & 30 sec. Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

TVC, Cinema & Online. 30 sec, 60sec, 180sec. Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

30 sec. - TV and Cinema. Be Grizzlee. (Premiere / AFX)

TVC & Digital panels & screen advertising. – Hogarth (Premiere & AFX)

Hermitage campaign with iPhone 11 – 1 take – Be Grizzlee. (Premiere Pro)

Monsters – US Show – Double Act (Premiere Pro)

4 X 15min Approach of disease eradication in the world: Polio,

onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis and malaria. CLOUD9MEDIA (Premiere Pro off/online &


QC and fixing Editor on the following Disney shows. DELUXE / DISNEY (Premiere Pro &

After Effects) - Soy Luna, Violetta, Stuck in the middle, Lizzie McGuire, Andi Mack, The Suite

Life, Once, KC Undercover, that's so raven, Hannah Montana

- Miraculous, Vampirina, Sadie Sparks, Big Hero, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake

and the Never Land Pirates, Puppy Dog Pals, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First.

Ep 1. Cars show EEUU, BARCROFT. (Premiere Pro)

Regional newscast – 8TV (Premiere Pro & After Effects)

1 x 6 min The Ike Wai project is a 5

year research, education and capacity building project funded by the National Science

Foundation EPSCoR program (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

WEBSEDGE (Premiere Pro & After Effects)

Multiscale Machine Learning In Coupled Earth System Modeling - 1 x 6 min

M²LInES is a large international collaborative project with the goal of improving climate

projections, using scientific and interpretable Machine Learning to capture unaccounted

physical processes at the air-sea-ice interface. - WEBSEDGE (Premiere Pro & After Effects)

1 x 6

min Paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer patients with hemaotological malignancies

requiring hematopoietic stem cell transplants (HSCT). – WEBSEDGE (Premiere Pro & After

Effects) – Producer & Video Editor.

16 x 15min Online documentary course for people who has fear of

flying. EASYJET (Final Cut Pro & AFX)

Carmen A.'s Software Skills

Advanced PP editor.

Mid Level - Advanced Motion Op.

Advanced FCPX editor.

Advanced Avid editor.

Mid Level.

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