Antonin B.

Antonin B. Editor (offline), Editor (Offline / Online), Editor (online), Creative Editing.

Antonin is a bilingual Freelance Senior Video Editor based in London. He has been editing videos since his teens. Enthusiastic and highly motivated, he moved to London to make his passion his career; and its worked out pretty well.

He has worked for small and medium creative agencies, renowned advertising companies, independent editing studios and as an in-house video editor. Both as a permanent employee and as a freelancer.

Antonin is passionate about his work and has great people skills. His experience covers editing of high end projects alongside well known fashion brands and established artists. He is able to work to tight deadlines and on multiple projects ensuring that quality is always the best.

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Luka Sabbat: 34", One of the many videos showcasing artists sponsored by Champion. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro / Edit)

Levi's Open Letters to Queer Britain: 3'20" and 15", Short viral video in partnership with PrideUK and RoyalMail. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro & After Effects / Edit & titles)

Glacier Bar 60", Introducing the first bar located on a glacier in Iceland. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro / Edit & grade)

KX Marcelino Sambé: Connected Christmas Ballet: 2'04", Ballet performance with virtual audience. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro / Edit)

"Never have time": 30", Instagram, Facebook and TikTok ads from influencers content. Popsa (Premiere Pro & After Effects / Edit, titles & grade)

Synchro Skin: 60", TVC & Instore. Cadence (Second Editor) (Premiere Pro / Cut down edits & titles)

Keanu Reeves: 24", TVC & Instore. David Sims (Second Editor) (Premiere Pro / Cut down edits)

Good Girl: 30", TVC & Instore. Cadence (Second Editor) (Premiere Pro / Cut down edits)

#IntoThePink: 56", TVC & Instore. Iconoclast (Second Editor) (Premiere Pro / Cut down edits)

"12000 Photos" Commercial: 54", TVC. Popsa (Premiere Pro & After Effects / Edit, titles & grade)

Simone Biles RTW: 1'59", Interview celebrating collaboration between Simone Biles and Lego. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro / Edit)

Monthly Promo: 6", Monthly short videos promoting photobooks. Popsa (After Effects)

“Fukk Sleep” trailer (ft. A$AP Rocky): 60", Music video teaser trailer. Object&Animal (Premiere Pro / Edit)

KX Meet the Game Changers: 3'33", Viral video to introduce young eGamers. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro & After Effects / Edit & titles)

5'10", Short documentary on Westley Agius, flat track athlete. Youth Club (Premiere Pro / Edit)

City of Joy: 3'21", Short documentary on Congo's women international day for the elimination of violence against women. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro / Edit & sound design)

KX How to get fit and get cooking Rachel Ama and Adam Gemili: 4'25", Samsung talk about nutrition and fitness. ExposureUK (Premiere Pro & After Effects / Edit & titles)

Summer 19: 1'17", Showcase of the summer 19 collection. Rosco (Premiere Pro / Edit & sound design)

Cats: 30", 10 year anniversary. RAW (Premiere Pro / Edit)

Wanting: 3'54", Music video. Object&Animal (Premiere Pro / Edit)

1.5: 4'09", Music video. Greatcoat Films (Premiere Pro / Edit)

“Fukk Sleep” trailer (ft. A$AP Rocky): 60", Music video trailer. Object&Animal (Premiere Pro / Edit)

Tantrella: 5'03", Music video. Matt Nee (Premiere Pro / E

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