Andy N.

Andy N. Editor (offline).

Andy has been editing comedy projects for the BBC and Channel 4 for 15 years. Having created, animated, voice and edited his own mini series for BBC Three Online. Since becoming freelance last year, he has worked for clients such as Lad-bible, M&Ms, Boots, Red Bull, Avon, KP Nuts and Greenpeace. His background in writing comedy means he has excellent storytelling skills, no matter what the medium.

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Storyboards and animatics for an advertisement of Amazon’s Alexa glasses. Lucky Generals. (Adobe Premier Pro)

A short comedy film, featuring Tamer Hassan (Football Factory, The Business) as himself, recruited by The Reem Academy, a mysterious Willy Wonka-type organisation, aiming to take over the world with their unusual brand of cleaning products. MPH Films. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects)

A music video for Last Tourist, a shoegaze and dark wave band from Leeds. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve)

A series of short films explaining Shell’s new hydrogen electrolyser at their Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland, in Germany. Starstruck. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects)

A 10-minute compilation, celebrating 10 million subscribers to BBC Earth’s YouTube channel, composed of choice moments from BBC Earth’s award-winning nature programmes. BBC (Adobe Premier Pro, Da Vince Resolve)

A series of videos promoting ‘Against All Odds’, a sports documentary series produced by ITV and funded by Coral, featuring personalities from the sporting world, such as Champion jockey Hollie Doyle and FA Cup-winning goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel. DRUM (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects)

Projections for a 12,000 x 1080 screen for the launch of a new sparkling wine. Cutlass Communications. (Adobe After Effects)

A series of short films promoting DIY Alive - a festival of live music, talks and workshops at multiple venues across East London. Campus Group, Oval Space. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects)

Animated music video for Swedish Solo Artist RolePlay. (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro, Davinci Resolve)

A short film for the NHS, starring actor and musician Martin Kemp, encouraging the public to receive their booster jabs as protection against coronavirus, that aired on Lorraine Kelly’s breakfast television show and the BBC News. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects)

4 minute video of Youtuber Eman going on an NCS weekend and learns how to rock climb, canoe and how to perform CPR.

A short video highlighting the morality in business practices of a select group of corporations i.e Nestle, Total etc. Don’t Panic. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop)

Short video urging the multinational conglomerate Samsung to stop the use of fossil fuels in the production of their products. Don’t Panic. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop)

An interview with famous footballer Neymar Jr, in conjunction with Red Bull, asking him about his charity 5-a-side football tournament in Brazil. LADBible (Adobe Premier Pro)

With Mabel & Jax Jones - a 3.38 minute video in the Head To Head series, with artist Mabel and Producer Jax Jones asking each other a series of light hearted pre prepared questions. LADBible (Adobe Premier Pro)

A 2.43 minute video of the makeup routine of an intensive care nurse. Pretty 52 (Adobe Premier Pro)

Remi Malek Interview - A 2.30 minute video interview with actor Remi Malek, promoting his then upcoming role in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. LADBible (Adobe Premier Pro)

A 60 second video for M&Ms social media platforms, humorous video with a couple arguing over what movie to watch on television. LADBible (Adobe Premier Pro)

Series of 5 x 15 sec Instagram Stories for Avon Distillery promo event, editing on site. Verso Films (Adobe Premier Pro)

Series of 3 x 15 sec Instagram Stories promoting the new Kp Nuts Beer. LADBible (Adobe Premier Pro)

A short video on the Minitab conference in Johannesburg, and the new features of Minitab the statistics package software. (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects)

A 2-minute promo, documenting the Billion Views Club live show after party. (Adobe Premier Pro)

5 x 3 minute mini series, broadcast on Channel 4, 4oD and Channel 4 social media platforms. The comedy series used a combination of live footage and stop frame animation in a mockumentary style following the life of a stunt maggot called Evil Kweevil and his corrupt manager Toby. (Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop)

3 x 7 minute mini series, broadcast on Channel 4, 4oD and Channel 4 social media platforms. The comedy series followed the lives of two struggling Foley Artists as they tried to revive their dwindling career. (Co-edited using Avid)


4 x 6-7 minute episodes, on the Wild seed Comedy Youtube channel, 2nd series 5 x 5 minute episodes on BBCTHREE ONLINE platform. Animated series / Wild seed Comedy/BBCTHREE Online (Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro) (Skills - editing, animation, drawing, design, voice acting, writing, managing team etc)

A 1110 minute multi-cam edit of The Billion Views Club stage show, a live performance celebrating online culture and featuring various you tubers, influencers and performers.

Andy N.'s Software Skills

Andy is a highly skilled Premiere Pro offline editor.

Andy is a mid level After Effects operator.

Andy is an advanced Photoshop editor.

Andy is an advanced user of Final Cut Pro X.

Andy is an intermediate user of Illustrator.

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