Andy G.

Andy G. Compositor, Editor (Offline / Online), 3D Generalist, Motion Graphic Designer, Colourist, VFX Supervisor.

With over 10 years experience in all areas of post-production Andy demonstrates an amazingly deep and varied skillset. Having worked for three years as a 2D animator he developed a solid foundation of technical and artistic knowledge to build on. Following this he moved on to become an Online Editor at a very busy production house where he also refined his skills as a Colourist, 3D Generalist and Offline Editor. Most recently Andy has been travelling the world working as a 3D generalist and compositor. Andy has worked across all forms of visual media from TVCs, Music Videos, Feature Films to Television. His friendly and relaxed demeanour coupled with a passion to create great work has allowed him to thrive with in the industry.

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10 Sec idents during La Vuelta. Chief (C4D, AE)

60 Sec Corporate with CGI Matress. Brickhouse

C4D, AE)

15 Sec TFI Friday ident with VFX transitions. Chief (Davinci, AE, Premiere)

10 Sec ident for Gogglebox with X Ray effect. TBWA (C4D, AE)

30 Sec Digital billboard for Piccadilly Circus featuring S10. Cheil (C4D, AE)

30 Sec TVC Raining CGI toilet rolls. Driven (C4D,AE)

30 Sec TVCs for 2 years from 2012-2014. TBWA

30 Sec TVCs 2 year campaign Neal the Sloth. Chief (C4D, AE, Davinci)

30 Sec TVC featuring Love Heart Particles. Chief (X-Particles, C4D, AE)

60 Sec TVC featuring CGI monsters. Clubhousefilms (Davinci)

30 Sec TVCs 2 year campaign with Barry Scott. (C4D, AE)

30 Sec TVC with stop motion office. Gratterpalm (AE)

15 Sec Viral for Women’s World Cup. Saatchi & Saatchi (Premiere, AE)

15 Sec Viral for new S10 and Note10. Cheil (C4D, AE)

3 Min Viral Labels Are Powerful competition. Chief (AE)

60 Sec Viral Behind the brands . Chief (AE, Premiere)

60 Sec Viral Magic touch football boot with seamless transitions. Chief (AE,FCP, Davinci)

2 x 30 Sec Viral with full CGI product and tiger animation. (C4D, AE,Premiere)

10 Sec Viral with liquid simulation. CREATV (Realflow, C4D, AE)

60 Sec Viral for SSD range. Cheil (C4D)

MV for Desire. Chief (AE)

MV foror Lose Control. Chief (AE)

MV for Something Soon. Chief (AE)

MV for It’s Gotta Be About Me. Chief (AE)

MV for I Don’t Really Care. Chief (AE)

MV for Nerve. Chief (C4D, AE)

MV for Breathe. Chief (Premiere, AE)

MV for Shiver. Chief (C4D, AE)

MV for Happiness, Chief (AE)

MV for Brand New Toy, Chief (AE)

MV for Boom Clap, Sony (Premiere, AE)

MV for Mother We Share. Chief (C4D, AE)

MV for Lies. Chief (C4D, AE)

MV for Under The Tide. Chief (C4D, AE)

MV for Children Of The Sun. Chief (AE)

6 x 25 min situation comedy about two young people in the early, fragile stages of a new relationship. Tiger Aspect (AE)

6 x 25 min situation comedy following Dane, approaching 30 and still living at home. Tiger Aspect (AE, C4D)

Andy G.'s Software Skills

Andy is a highly experienced Premiere Pro editor.

Andy is an intermediate user of DVR.

Andy is a highly expericned After Effects Operator.

Andy is an advanced user of Mocha.

Andy is advanced in C4D.

Andy is an advanced user of XParticles.

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