Andrew C.

Andrew C. Editor (Offline / Online).

Andrew is a versatile, creative and attentive editor and colourist with the ability to work quickly and happily under pressure. From editing award winning comedy shows, to hard-hitting drama, and award winning entertainment and commercials, he displays a great awareness to any given genre - being conversant with both FCP and Avid platforms as well as proficient in Da Vinci and After Effects. He is experienced in editing multi-cam sequences, NTSC American standard, and in all digital formats, and is happy to work from his own edit suite, and also has extensive overseas editing experience.

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Technology program for BBC news channel 2 x 5 mins

CMP for Bloomberg, 3x 15 mins
CNN for CNN, 2x 20 mins
Cantos for Bloomberg, 1x 25 mins
Presenter led program following the yearly Wakestock, wakeboarding extreme sports festival - Avid/ FCP Offline, ESF for C4, 1x 25 mins
Teaser – C4 - Avid.
In-store Chelsea football promotions video’ – Avid
Documentary following Ndubz on tour while discussing and encouraging the youth to vote in the UK election - FCP offline & Color, MTV for MTV, 1x 12 min
A magazine-style show hosted by Jameela Jamil including features on makeovers, style guides, challenges and fashion-insider interviews - Twenty TV for Bebo, 2x 4 mins - FCP.
Following on from Bill's success with his BBC series 'Bills Food', he travels the UK in search for the perfect local produce and meeting the local farmers, fishermen, locals, while staying in various Landmark Trust buildings dotted around the country. Avid offline, Optomen for UKTV, 3 x 40 min

Ex fifteen's trainee and Jamie Oliver’s protégée, Aaron Craze has found his own style and is cooking up cracking international street food across London for urban, underground events for his own show - FCP offline, Fresh One for The Good Food Channel, 2 x 26 min

TV drama penned by Noel Clarke - Kidulthood, Doctor Who - set on a housing estate in West London the intertwining stories follow the lives, loves, ambitions and dreams of a group of young teenagers - FCP online, Kudos for BBC3, 1x 45 min

Aired as part of the ‘BBC Comedy – Thursdays are Funny’ series - Sketches from the zany actor/ writer, the voice artist for Star Wars - The Phantom Menace’s Darth Maul, and actor in Spaced, Black Books, How Do You Want Me, Look Around You and Shaun of the Dead - Taking a look at the best, and worst, of today's TV -FCP offline/ online, Evolutions for BBC2, 1x 30 min

MTV music concert and program featuring Ellie Goulding, Kalvin Harris & Kendrick Lamar, featuring a 10 multi-camera concert and interviews - FCP online, CC Lab for MTV, 1x 40 min
Sports Commercials - FCP

Europe Music Awards - FCP

Tongue N Cheek Album - Avid.

Featuring Angelina Jolie & Shock G’ - Extreme Sports Channel - Avid.

CNN - FCP/ Color


Free International roaming – UKTV - Avid.

Gumball rally sponsored by Tabasco Sauce’ - 7 minutes - Avid.
Exploring the hidden history and mythology of Britain, and its historical places including Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tower, and Salisbury Hill - Avid offline, Hardy Pictures for C4 - 1x35 min

Feature length documentary detailing the story of snowboarding - FCP online & Davinci, Burn Productions for cinema - 1 x 90 min

The need for energy resource looks to grow by 40% by the year 2030; this program looks at the oil industries quest to look at new areas namely the challenging Arctic Greenland in search for fossil fuels - Avid offline, CNN for CNN, 1x 25 min

Bringing to life a blend of historical pictures and diaries from the American civil war, and tracing the footsteps of key people, on the war and home front, told through the eyes of their descendants - Wide Eye Productions for National Geographic and BBC 2x 40 min.

Charting the delights and downfalls of life on the ultimate hedonism hotspot that is once again the destination regaled by party-seekers and media alike as the place to be - Young or old, famous or just frivolous, the beautiful Balearic isle has regained its crown as the island of choice for thrill seekers seeking chic island adventures - FCP offline, Original Productions for Living/ Sky, 4x 40 min

Narrator led series detailing some of the world’s unique heritage sights from Italy, China, and Korea, India, and the Caribbean - Looking at art forms that have been preserved, detailing them and their history, and a look into how the trade routes have influenced these cultures - Avid/ FCP offline/ online, Kerry Media for BBC2, 5x 30 min

Mission to fly a powered paraglide higher than Everest - Observational documentary that follows Bear, his close friend Gilo Cardozo, and their team as they attempt their dangerous feat follows the team during their meticulous preparations, recording their personal thoughts about motivation, hopes and fears that arise just before and during the flight, and the drama of the flight itself - FCP offline, Diverse for C4, 1x 86 min
The world of Courvoisier - 10-minute promotional video - Avid.

Back-story and two promo’s cut for series two, following the England striker as he scours the streets for talented young footballers - The winner will be sent on an all-expenses-paid trip to South Africa’s world cup final - Avid offline, Plum for Sky1 and YouTube 2x1 min and 1x5 min

Teaser – ITV - FCP.

Film/ games teaser – ITV - FCP.

A number of football training videos shot on Red Cam - 2 mins x 30 - FCP / Colour

Film/ games teaser – ITV - FCP.

Various news, marketing, training, and promo’s - 15 videos to date - Avid/ FCP.
Link and clip music shows for 4 Music & the Magic Chart Show, featuring montages over voice over, and fun interviews with music artists - Avid online, Box TV, 2x 25 min

Jack Osborne is back for another series of round the world adrenaline fueled adventures but this time he’s taking five young recruits along with him to experience a life-changing odyssey of blood, sweat, terror and tears - FCP offline, Ginger TV for C4, 1x 40 mins

MTV’s hit American Jersey Shore show is recreated in the UK, eight Newcastle guys and girls live in a house for the summer, doing various jobs and hanging out with the locals - FCP offline, Lime Pictures for MTV, 1x 40 min
From the makers of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’, program presented by one of the lead actors Andrew- Lee Potts of the ‘Primeval’ series - Taking a look at the actors, set, CGI animation, props, costume, stunts, and generally everything that goes into making the production happen, with zany presenter led introductions - cut in an MTV/ Punk’d style format - FCP offline, Impossible Pictures for ITV, 1x 46 min

The multi BAFTA- award winning music competition to find new singing talent - VT’s and promo cut for the UK and American show - Avid offline, The Farm/SyCo for ITV, 1x 10 min

The search is now on for the UK's top young talent in an ambitious new television program which celebrates the millions of young British workers whose skills aren't the kind to win them a million pound recording contract, part of a new series celebrating young trade talent across the country - The series, which also features Chefs, Butchers, and Hairdresser, has been dubbed ‘Chop Idol’ and it will celebrate our country’s young unsung heroes - FCP offline, BBC for BBC3, 1x 46 min
Next Top Model comes to the dog world for Top Dog Model, in search of the finest dog talent to feature in commercials and photoshoots - Hosted by Stacey Solomon - FCP offline, 12 Yard for ITV - 2x 25 min
Channel 4 and Myspace drop Vincent Frank aka ‘Frankmusik’ off in a field in Inverness with £20 with instructions to sort out his own tour, with shelter, transport across the country, and gigs set up by his avid fan basem - Pulse Films for MySpace 12 x 4 mins - FCP.

Paradise Hotel follows a group of single men and women who are given the opportunity of a lifetime - to live together in the most exclusive resort ever created - But paradise doesn't last forever - each week one hotel guest will be eliminated to make room for a new guest - FCP Online/ Color - 4x 45 min Mentorn for Fox USA - two versions of each episode, 8 programs.

Engine Partners - Santandar - Avid

Hyundai - FCP

Unilever - FCP

Pringles - FCP

Cadbury’s Crème Egg & Cadbury’s Flake - FCP.

First Magazine - Grazia Group - FCP

Stella Artois - FCP
Heinz pitch - FCP

Nike Live - FCP

Conference opener – 5 minutes - Avid

Selling techniques - 5x 7 minute training videos - Avid

UK head office conference video - FCP

Free International roaming - 5 minutes promo - Avid

Series of financial planning videos - FCP

Food Festival with Jamie Oliver - internal marketing - 8 minutes - FCP

Super Heroes - animation - 5 minutes - Avid

World Wrestling Federation, gaming commercial, making of - FCP & Color

Magazine style program of the short listed artists - FCP/ Color

Central Office of Information online videos - FCP

Online film - Cheil - FCP off & online/Color

Twenty-Five contestants from around the world compete to become free run champion, in association with Barclaycard - Dare Digital for YouTube, 24x 1 mins - FCP

Online car launch - FCP/Color

Andrew C.'s Software Skills

Andrew is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Edit

Andrew is a highly experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor.

Andrew is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Edit

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