Andrew C.

Andrew C. Editor (Offline / Online).

Andrew is a versatile, creative and attentive editor and colourist with the ability to work quickly and happily under pressure. From editing award winning comedy shows, to hard-hitting drama, and award winning entertainment and commercials, he displays a great awareness to any given genre - being conversant with both FCP and Avid platforms as well as proficient in Da Vinci and After Effects. He is experienced in editing multi-cam sequences, NTSC American standard, and in all digital formats, and is happy to work from his own edit suite, and also has extensive overseas editing experience.

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Content for the Reuters video hub (Premiere / DaVinci/ AE)

Content for the Reuters video hub (Premiere / DaVinci)

Online campaign (Premiere / DaVinci)

Turner for CNN and online (Premiere/ DaVinci)

branded factual for London live (Premiere / DaVinci)

branded factual for London live (Premiere / DaVinci)

Content produced for the Reuters video hub (Premiere / DaVinci)

branded factual for London live (Premiere / DaVinci)

Conference opener – 5 minutes - Avid

Selling techniques - 5x 7 minute training videos - Avid

UK head office conference video - FCP

Free International roaming - 5 minutes promo - Avid

Series of financial planning videos - FCP

Food Festival with Jamie Oliver - internal marketing - 8 minutes - FCP

Super Heroes - animation - 5 minutes - Avid

World Wrestling Federation, gaming commercial, making of - FCP & Color

Magazine style program of the short listed artists - FCP/ Color

ITV (Premiere / AE/ DaVinci)

MTV (Premiere / AE/ DaVinci)

Sports Commercials - FCP

Europe Music Awards - FCP

Tongue N Cheek Album - Avid.

Featuring Angelina Jolie & Shock G’ - Extreme Sports Channel - Avid.


Free International roaming – UKTV - Avid.

Gumball rally sponsored by Tabasco Sauce’ - 7 minutes - Avid.

Link and clip music shows for 4 Music & the Magic Chart Show.

Avid online, Box TV, 2x 25 min

Jack Osborne’s adrenaline fuelled adventures, joined by special guests.

FCP offline, Ginger TV for C4, 1x 40 mins

MTV’s Jersey Shore show is recreated in Newcastle, the UK channel’s most successful show.

FCP offline, Lime Pictures for MTV, 1x 40 min

The making of BTS of hit science fiction show, led by all the actors and production crew.

FCP offline, Impossible Pictures for ITV, 1x 46 min

The multi BAFTA- award winning music competition to find new singing talent - VT’s and promo cut for the UK and American show - Avid offline, The Farm/SyCo for ITV, 1x 10 min

The series also features chefs, butchers, and hairdressers, celebrating the country’s unsung heroes.

FCP offline, BBC for BBC3, 1x 46 min

In search of the finest dog talent for commercials and photoshoots, hosted by Stacey Solomon.

FCP offline, 12 Yard for ITV. 2x 25 min

Road trip tour facilitated by fans - setting up gigs, homes, and travel across the UK.

FCP, Pulse Films for C4 & Youtube 12 x 4 min

Popular hedonistic reality show, and the successful pre-runner to Love Island.

FCP Online/ Color. 4x 45 min Mentorn for Fox USA (two versions of each episode, 8 programs).

Exploring newfound oil in the arctic, the environmental people, and Inuit fishermen.

Avid offline, CNN for CNN, 1x 25 min

Feature length documentary detailing the story of snowboarding - FCP online & Davinci, Burn Productions for cinema - 1 x 90 min

Hard hitting documentary presented by the descendants on either side of the war.

FCP offline/online/Motion/ AE, Wide Eye Productions for Nat Geo and BBC 2x 40 min.

Technology program for BBC news channel 2 x 5 mins

CMP for Bloomberg, 3x 15 mins
CNN for CNN, 2x 20 mins

Cinema advert (Premiere)

Teaser – C4 - Avid.
In-store Chelsea football promotions video’ – Avid

TV Trailer - LondonLive (Premiere/ DaVinci)

The world of Courvoisier - 10-minute promotional video - Avid.

TV Trailer - ITV (Avid)

Teaser – ITV - FCP.

Film/ games teaser – ITV - FCP.

A number of football training videos shot on Red Cam - 2 mins x 30 - FCP / Colour

Film/ games teaser – ITV - FCP.

Various news, marketing, training, and promo’s - 15 videos to date - Avid/ FCP.

Observational documentary following Bear, his close friend Gilo Cardozo as they attempt their dangerous feat to break a world record and paraglide over mount Everest.

FCP offline, Diverse for C4, 1x 86 min

Documentary following Ndubz encouraging the youth to vote in the UK election.

FCP offline & Color, MTV for MTV, 1x 12 min

Magazine-style show hosted by Jameela Jamil.

Twenty TV for Bebo, 2x 4 mins. (FCP)

The TV series installation based on the hit movie Kidulthood.

FCP online, Kudos for BBC3, 1x 45 min

BBC’s Thursdays are Funny’ comedy drama series featuring zany sketches.

FCP offline/ online, Evolutions for BBC2, 1x 30 min

Link and clip music shows for 4 Music & the Magic Chart Show.

Avid online, Box TV, 2x 25 min

Magazine style program of the short-listed artists.

FCP & DaVinci, Dare Digital for ITV 1x 25 min

Road trip tour facilitated by fans - setting up gigs, homes, and travel across the UK.

FCP, Pulse Films for C4 & Youtube 12 x 4 min

MTV music program featuring Ellie Goulding, Kalvin Harris & Kendrick Lamar.

FCP online, CC Lab for MTV, 1x 40 min

VW (Premiere)

Nike / Ferrari (FCP / AE / Davinci)

Halifax (Premiere/AE)

Adidas, Pepsi (premiere/AE)

Nike Live (FCP)

Engine Partners - Santandar - Avid

Hyundai - FCP

Unilever - FCP

Pringles - FCP

Cadbury’s Crème Egg & Cadbury’s Flake - FCP.

First Magazine - Grazia Group - FCP

Stella Artois - FCP
Heinz pitch - FCP

Nike Live - FCP

Central Office of Information online videos - FCP

Twenty-Five contestants from around the world compete to become free run champion, in association with Barclaycard - Dare Digital for YouTube, 24x 1 mins - FCP

Online film - Cheil - FCP off & online/Color

Online car launch - FCP/Color

Andrew C.'s Software Skills

Andrew is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline and Online Edit

Andrew is a highly experienced Avid Offline and Online Editor.

Andrew is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro 7 Offline and Online Edit

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