Ana T.

Ana T. Editor (Offline / Online).

Ana, with over 10 years of experience editing feature films, documentaries, TV, and commercials, possesses a keen eye for detail, impressive storytelling range, and exceptional calm. Her unparalleled talent transforms any topic into a captivating narrative.

Ana has worked with renowned clients like Hyundai, Samsung, Uber, Virgin Media, Charlotte Tilbury, and Philip Morris, and has edited over twenty feature films and international TV shows.

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2 x 30 sec, (Premiere Offline)

Leap Makers Brought To You30sec Bloomberg, The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)


A Hydrogen-Powered Clean Future 30sec Bloomberg The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)


3x30sec This is Insomnia (PP Offline/Online)

Hold my light - 1x50/30/15 sec Online / Smoke-free with a little help from your friends / Agency: Trigger (Premiere: Online)

Agriculture sustainability - 1X2min, 1x4min / Marmalade/ Premiere: Offline/Online

Coaches profile / 2X1.5 min / Fin London/ Avid: Offline

2X3 min / Marmalade/ Premiere: Offline/Online

Veterans Portraits – 5X3 min / Marmalade/ Premiere: Offline/Online


Connecting with each other / Short Documentary – 1X3 min / Marmalade/ Premiere: Offline/Online

Company Promo – 1X1 min (Premiere: Offline/Online)


Anniversary Reel – 1X3 min / Next mobile economy / Publicis Sapient / (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Over to You, CaseStudy – 1X90 sec / M&C Saatchi / Avid Offline

Get there with Uber” Editor4X1: 30 min / Online/ First big above the line campaign in the UK / Production Company: This Is Insomnia (FCP7: Offline / Online)


Editor – 3X2min Videos about the technology of the future / Agency: Bloomberg, The Smalls (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Manifesto – 1X1 min Ogilvy, The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)

Editor – 2X45 sec Online Agency: Bloomberg, The Smalls (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Riders with Assistance Dogs” Editor1X3 min / Online/ Emily shares her experience about having a guide dog and riding with her dog and Uber / Production Company: This Is Insomnia (Premiere: Offline/Online)

UberACCESS” Editor1X45 sec / Online / This is a inspirational video created by Uber to promote their new UberACCESS service for wheelchair users / Production Company: This Is Insomnia (Premiere: Offline/Online)


1 min Given London (FCP Offline)

10X2/3/5 min (PP Offline/Online)

X NIKE: What It Feels Like To Be A Female Footballer Editor – 1X1:11/ Social Media/ Conde Nast Britain (Premiere: Offline/Online)


Big Surprise: Comedy School – 1X1 min TV /Online/ CamelotGroup / (Premiere: Offline)

Lego Museum – 1X5 min /Online/ ADVNCR / (Premiere: Offline)

5X3 min / Videos that promote the centre for adults with learning difficulties. Brookside believes that every individual should have the opportunity to maximise their potential and lead an independent life. (Avid Offline/Online)

Pitch – 1 X 1.30 min (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Documentary Pitch – 1X2 min (Premiere: Offline/Online)

One Day – 3x1:30, (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Show Reel – 1X1 min / Premiere: Offline

1X1min (PP Offline/Online)


4X2 min Some Dudes (PP Offline/Online)

Get Your Style On – Editor 1x1:30, (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Editor – 1X30sec Promotional for an online platform (Premiere: Offline/Online)

Wilde Life – 1X 7 min / Pilot/ (Premiere: Offline/Online)

3X45min (Avid Offline/FCP online)


3X25min (Avid Offline)

3X25min (Avid Offline)

6 seasons, Romania – 60x100 min under license from X Factor UK - Freemantle/Antena1 (FCP offline)

Editor/Post Production Supervisor S1, Romania 12X90 min, original Antena1, a beloved comedy TV Show in Romania (FCP offline)

Editor/ Post Production & Content Supervisor (S1, Romania)

TV series that follows celebrities as they try to master the art of diving.

S1 Romania 10X90 min, Endemol Shine International / Antena1 (FCP Offline)

Editor/Post Production Supervisor S1 Romania 12x 90min, Magical Elves Productions/Antena 1 (FCP Offline)

Senior Editor S1 Romania - 6x 90min a Shine Group original format, PROTV (Avid Offline)

Senior Editor 6 seasons, Romani 150X 45min One of the most prolific Romanian TV shows 'By the way' (ApropoTV) PROTV (Avid Offline/Online)

Company corporate reel (FCP Offline/Online/ AE Titles)

Editor - the vibe of Dalston with the purpose of selling outdoor advertising (FCP Offline/Online)


Editor (Premiere: Offline / Online)

85min feature film / Inspiring story about how people react when they are stuck together in a subway. Won the Best Film Editing Award at the Militello Independent Film Festival, Italy 2018 Director Tedy Necula (Avid Offline/Premiere Online)


120min drama feature film / The “Pitesti experiment” is qualified as the most inhuman political oppression against their opponents (Avid Offline)

96min comedy feature film. Additional Editor/Assistant Editor (Avid Offline)

75min drama feature film. Additional Editor/Online Editor (Avid Offline/PP Online)

Online Editor – 96min feature film. One man's journey around the world to discover the secret of comedy. Director Mark Murphy / Cast: James Buckley, Paul Kaye, Tim McInnerny, Omid Djalili, Gilbert Gottfried, Jimmy Car, MyAnna Buring.

90min drama feature film (FCP online)

A Global Community of Food Lovers & Travellers Editor – 20X 4min (PP Offline / Online)

3X1 30min helps you keep up with celebrity styles (FCP Online)

(FCP7 Offline/Online)

Samba in my bones (Avid Offline/FCP7 Online)

10X1: 30min Artists Armin Van Buuren, Fatboy Slim, Basement JAXX, Paul Van Dyk, Dj Tiesto (Avid Offline)

I HATE YA (Avid Offline)

Follows a group of war torn Templar Knights who are put to the test against a strange beast that stalks the lands of England (FCP Offline)

Editor - (FCP Online)

Southshore for Channel 4, Ep 2 (Avid Offline)

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Ana is an advanced user of Final Cut Pro 7.

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