Ana T.

Ana T. Editor (Offline / Online).

Ana's got a sharp eye for detail, an impressive storytelling range and an exceptional calm that she brings to every production she's a part of. With over 10 years’ experience editing Ana brings to the table an unparalleled talent at turning any topic into a captivating narrative. She's sprinkled her magic for clients such as Hyundai, Samsung, Uber, Virgin Media and Charlotte Tilbury.

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3x30sec This is Insomnia (PP Offline/Online)

A Hydrogen-Powered Clean Future 30sec Bloomberg The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)

Leap Makers Brought To You30sec Bloomberg, The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)

10X2/3/5 min (PP Offline/Online)

1 min Given London (FCP Offline)

Manifesto – 1X1 min Ogilvy, The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)

3X2min Bloomberg, The Smalls (PP Offline/Online)

Get there with Uber - 4x30 min This Is Insomnia (FCP7 Offline/Online)

4X2 min Some Dudes (PP Offline/Online)

1X1min (PP Offline/Online)

3X25min (Avid Offline)

3X25min (Avid Offline)

3X45min (Avid Offline/FCP online)

Senior Editor 6 seasons, Romani 150X 45min One of the most prolific Romanian TV shows 'By the way' (ApropoTV) PROTV (Avid Offline/Online)

Senior Editor S1 Romania - 6x 90min a Shine Group original format, PROTV (Avid Offline)

Editor/Post Production Supervisor S1 Romania 12x 90min, Magical Elves Productions/Antena 1 (FCP Offline)

S1 Romania 10X90 min, Endemol Shine International / Antena1 (FCP Offline)

Editor/Post Production Supervisor S1, Romania 12X90 min, original Antena1, a beloved comedy TV Show in Romania (FCP offline)

6 seasons, Romania – 60x100 min under license from X Factor UK - Freemantle/Antena1 (FCP offline)

90min drama feature film (FCP online)

75min drama feature film. Additional Editor/Online Editor (Avid Offline/PP Online)

96min comedy feature film. Additional Editor/Assistant Editor (Avid Offline)

120min drama feature film / The “Pitesti experiment” is qualified as the most inhuman political oppression against their opponents (Avid Offline)

85min feature film / Inspiring story about how people react when they are stuck together in a subway. Won the Best Film Editing Award at the Militello Independent Film Festival, Italy 2018 Director Tedy Necula (Avid Offline/Premiere Online)

A Global Community of Food Lovers & Travellers Editor – 20X 4min (PP Offline / Online)

3X1 30min helps you keep up with celebrity styles (FCP Online)

I HATE YA (Avid Offline)

10X1: 30min Artists Armin Van Buuren, Fatboy Slim, Basement JAXX, Paul Van Dyk, Dj Tiesto (Avid Offline)

Samba in my bones (Avid Offline/FCP7 Online)

(FCP7 Offline/Online)

Follows a group of war torn Templar Knights who are put to the test against a strange beast that stalks the lands of England (FCP Offline)

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Ana is an advanced user of Avid.

Ana is an advanced user of Premiere.

Ana is a basic - intermediate user of AFX

Ana is an advanced user of Final Cut Pro 7.

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