Amy E.

Amy E. Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, 3D Generalist, 3D Animator, Designer, Creative Editing, Editor (offline), Compositor.

Throughout her time working as a motion graphics designer, Amy has worked across a broad range of content for some of the largest advertising, digital agencies, production companies and channels in London. Amy started her career fuelled by a passion for the creative possibilities that computer animation offered. Her skills have strengthened and diversified. Starting in rotoscoping she moved into compositing, then motion graphics, character animation, and Cinema4D, now very much an all rounder. She has always used passion projects as a means of building her skills, making music videos for established musicians and have gone on to direct commercial work along side her work as a motion designer.

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9 x 30 sec online films illustrating the various sectors of DHL and the needs they cater for. Also, a number of looping gifs from these films. Maverick Advertising (AFX, Cinema 4D)

1 min short film to launch the new polymer £20. I tracked, keyed and comped the various elements. Pukka Films (AFX)

3 x 30” viral films to launch the new iphone, as a spoof of the iPhone adverts. Animation & direction. DazzleShips (AFX)

30” Online tv advert. A tie-in with NSPCC to draw attention to online bullying. Working with an illustrator I animated the full advert. Character animation and dynamic transitions. VCCP (AFX)

Multiple lengths. Designing and motion graphics opener and closer Idents for CNBC to be re-used for updated content. (AFX & C4D)

Pitching various branding designs for Legos online social media. Designing an online content toolkit. A kit of parts to brand Lego social media videos. Media Zoo - (AFX)

5min online film. Designing and animating graphics elements to show the diverse approaches to financing and managing projects across the world. Internal film. Merchant Cantos (AFX & C4D)

Large scale graphics led film for projection and longer films with infographics content for online viewing. Firehouse productions. (C4D, AFX, PREMIERE)

1 x 1’45” explainer video. Creating style frames from script. Illustrating and animating the fun character led film. Agile Films (AFX, PREMIERE)

30” Public information in tube stations. Creating style frames from script I designed and animated an illustrative infographics piece, explaining about the issues faced with leaves on the lines. TFL (AFX, PREMIERE)

1 x 1’.30” Online. Creating style frames from script I animated this style led film to celebrate 50 years woman attending INSIAD business school. Kimano Films (AFX, PREMIERE)

1min. Online explainer. Working from an illustrators designs, I fully animated this spot focusing on dynamic transitions and morphs. Agile Films (AFX, PREMIERE)

Sponsors Aqua Man Justice League. Graphic overlays, transitions opener & closer for an online film documenting famous You tubers trip to the premiere of the Aquaman film. Turner broadcasting (AFX & C4D)

Graphics film to launch the world-wide conference. illustrating the success of the Walkers marketing campaigns over the previous year and various media strategies. Also, other films showing the media campaigns in other snacks products. 3min mcmcreative group (AFX, PREMIERE)

Big Flavour Wraps Campaign. Instore, and online. Creating stop motion style graphics. Leo Burnett (AFX)

updating the content to reflect monthly offers. The&Partnership. (AFX)

TVC. Modelling, animating graphics elements, Christmas lights. VCCP (C4D)

30” TVC. Supersize pay monthly SIM campaign. Modelling and animating 3D assets. VCCP (C4D)

Broadcast Advert. Compositing, keying and designing graphics elements. Karmarama (C4D, AFX)

Broadcast Advert. Animating rigged characters. (C4D)

2min online explainer video. Pitching, style frames, animation, directing. Luma London (C4D, AFX)

30” Broadcast TVC. Pitching, directing, compositing. Luma London (AFX, PREMIERE)

60” In store & online. Pitching, directing, compositing. (AFX, PREMIERE)

Series of 30” online for AR experience. Bringing to life photos, parallax. Across the Pond Productions. (C4D, AFX)

Halloween. - Various lengths. Designing and creating a halloween world in Nickelodeon branding and housing for their upcoming shows . (C4D)

Crafty Christmas - 1 min Short interstitial show. Creating graphics mimicking a stop frame style. (AFX, C4D)

Various lengths. Multiple sponsorship idents across Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito.. I designed and animated each sponsorship IDs in keeping with the channel branding (AFX)

Bumblebee - 15” promo. Comping animated CN characters into a cinema environment with Bumblebee character. (AFX)

40mins. Bringing to life photographs throughout various sections of the documentary. Azimuth Films (AFX)

3x30” animations. Working with an illustrator I created and directed these idents to be used as interstitials between shows to promote curiosity amongst pre-schoolers to food. (AFX, PREMIERE)

‘Rock Classics’. 4 min music video. Live action. VFX. I edited and shot the video. It was featured on MTV2 - Brille Records

‘Ceremony’ 4min music video. Directed. Camera & Edit. Tru Thoughts Records.

‘Monsoon’ 1 min music video. Directed. Camera & Edit. Tru Thoughts Records

'Trouble in Mind’ 3.5 min music video. Directed. Animation & Edit. Tru Thoughts Records.

‘WalthamForest Pool and Track’ Directed. Camera & Edit.

Amy E.'s Software Skills

Amy is an advanced AFX op.

Amy is an advanced C4D op.

Amy is an intermediate user of Redshift & Arnold.

Amy is a mid level Premiere Pro editor.

Amy uses Illustrator to an advanced level.

Amy uses photoshop to an advanced level.

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