Amy D.

Amy D. Editor (Offline / Online).

Amy brings with her experience in commercials, music videos, documentary, corporate, & assisting on feature films.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Amy packed her bags and moved to London to pursue her editing dream. She quickly settled in within the London postproduction industry.

She has excellent rhythm, helpful in both the edit suite when cutting to music and on the dance-floor. Loving the challenge of problem solving and puzzles means that she is thorough and intuitive, and won’t settle for anything less than the best!

Everybody loves Amy! Sweet, out-going, and great fun to have around; she is on every client’s favourite list.

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Destination Films for “Shanghai” “Chicago” “Melbourne”– Vice

Online Christmas campaign consisting of 4 short videos, VCCP, Editor

Comedians Solve World Problems” of “Overpopulation Racism” & “Middle East” - Work Editorial & Rumpus Media


2 x 1min videos, Adjust Your Set, Editor

Fast Track Creative Agency, Editor

Smoke & Mirrors, Editor

Adjust Your Set, Editor

Archer’s Mark, Assistant Editor

Four23, Assistant Editor

Mike Lee Thomas, Kode Media, UK

Porteus Xandau, Golden Planes

Porteus Xandau, Mannequin Films

Porteus Xandau, Mannequin Films

AMV BBDO/Ruth Swewll

AMV BBDO/David Stoddard

Editor, adapted for the Netherlands, for AMV BBDO


TVC (South Africa), Jupiter Drawing Room, Golden Planes South Africa

TVC (Africa), Publicis, Golden Planes South Africa

TVC (Africa), Leo Burnett, Golden Planes South Africa

TVC (South Africa), Direct August

TVC (Africa), Grey Beirut, Golden Planes South Africa

TVC (International), Publicis, Golden Planes South Africa

TVC (Russia), Leo Burnett, Golden Planes South Africa

TVC (South Africa), Direct, Mannequin Films

Online commercial, Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa

Spec-commercial, Getty Images, Nomad Productions

Lisa Gornick's third feature film about the erotic conversations and sparring friendship of Saul Bernard (Allan Corduner) an English Philip Roth and Gabrielle Young (Lisa Gornick), a young woman writing an erotic graphic novel/guidebook. The two debate the idea of narrative, the complexities of sex and the Jewish need to write. Director: Lisa Gornick, Producer: Alex Thiele. Offline Editor

Tells the story of Francois van Heerden, a mid 40’s, white, Afrikaans-speaking family man living in Bloemfontein, who has become devoid of any care or concern for his own happiness that he is wholly unprepared when a chance encounter unravels his clean, controlled life. Director: Oliver Hermanus, Production Company: Moonlighting Film Services, Swift Productions. Assistant Editor.

A documentary about 5 ballet mums from around the world and how they tackle the balancing act between the two worlds. Writer + Director: Eliza Schroeder, Indigo Entertainment

South Africa’s first original reality-based television series hosted by Bush-Cook Guru and Justin Bonello. Director: Wesley Volschenk, Cooked in Africa

Discover what it took to shape a country on horseback and whether modern man and horse can match the strengths and endurance of this remarkable historic man of action. Director: Corne Van Rooven, Production Company: Cooked in Africa

Short documentary: Waking up in the Red Cross children’s hospital after being electrocuted at the top of an electricity pylon in search of a birds nest, William finds that both his arms have been amputated. DRIVING WILLIAM is a testament of one brave boys will to triumph over tragedy. Joanna Higgs/Go Trolley, Assistant camera & editor.

a short Documentary about the children of Redelinghuys, a small rural town up the West Coast of Cape Town, South Africa, where every spring “The Festival of Light” commences. A week-long arts and performance workshop facilitated by the Magnet Theatre group, who provide community intervention programs to communities. Director, camera, editor

Yazmin Lacey on a night out in London. Director : Kevin Morosky, We Are POCC

A young couple attends a house viewing for an affordable dream London home, but the house is haunted! Would you live with a vengeful spirit to live in your dream home? Writer : Alex McCarthy. Director : Lauren Blackwell

Tired of always getting beaten by his older brother, Thabo decides it’s no more mister nice robot. Writer + Director : Porteus Xandau

TV Series with Desmond Tutu, Ronette van der Walt/Fathom, Assistant editor

Craig Matthew/DOXA, Assistant editor

South Africa’s first original reality-based television series hosted by Bush-Cook Guru and Justin Bonello. Director: Wesley Volschenk, Production Company: Cooked in Africa

Aurora Media

Create Advertising

Create Advertising

Kameleon, Editor

Citizen Films, Editor

Kameleon, Editor

Fast Track Creative Agency, Editor

Connected Pictures, Editor

Publicis, Editor

Armoury London, Editor

Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Editor

Crown Business Communication, Editor

VCCP, Editor

Kameleon, Editor

Connected Pictures, Editor

HMX Media, Editor

AMV BBDO, Editor

Nomad Productions, Camera & Editor

Exposure Films, Editor

Assistant Editor

VCCP, Editor

Ogilvy/Hogarth, Editor

AMV BBDO, Editor

AMV BBDO, Editor

BBD Perfect Storm

VCCP, Editor

Pinch of Love / Casanova, Editor

VCCP, Editor

VCCP, Editor

Vice, Editor

pitch, VCCP

CHI & Partners

Ogilvy/Hogarth, Editor

Showreel Piece, Dougal Paterson

AMV BBDO, Editor

Amy D.'s Software Skills

Amy is a highly experienced Premiere Pro Offline Editor.

Amy is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro Offline Editor.

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