Alexander C.

Alexander C. Editor (Offline / Online), Colourist, Creative Editing, Director, Motion Graphic Designer, Animator.

Alex is an experienced offline editor with an Emmy nomination and multiple awards spanning multiple formats. Having started his career directing and editing music videos for renowned labels like Mute & Sony he brings with him a comprehensive technical and creative skillset (which includes credits for grading and animation) and a depth of experience, and a love for editing.

He has an instinctive understanding of pace, story, and rhythm and an impressive client list that spans some of the world’s biggest brands and international agencies. Alex is friendly, patient, and collaborative and can tease out the heart of a story from any material. Having been awarded a Masters (Distinction) in film from Raindance, he also received ‘foundation’ certificates in both Screen writing and Documentary Filmmaking to enhance his craft.

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France ‘Lombardia Capsules’. Dir. Sam Robinson TBWA London.

30” TVC UK. Dir Dan Humphreys. Curious? Prods

Rainforest 1x30” TVC Global Online. Dir Stuart Parr. Fresh Film Prods

LUTON EXPRESS 1x30” TVC UK. Dir Fredrik Bäckar. McCann

1 x 30” TVC UK & Eire. Dir Gar O’Rourke, Prodigious Worldwide

UK 6 x 10” Discovery idents. Slider Creative

3 x 20” Sponsorship Bumper. ‘On Set with MINI Connected’. Dir. Bipolar Studio UNIT9

UAE 1 x 30” Cinema Spot #IAmAgent23. UNIT9 Dir. Alex de Rakoff

UK 1 x 30” Trailer for 2019 Season. Fall Off The Wall (Prem/AFX) Offline/VFX

3 x 20” TVCs ‘More of What Matters’. Slider (Prem/AFX) Offline

1 x 30” TVC ‘Warm Cookie Awaits’. Slider Creative (Prem) Offline

1 x 30” TVC ‘Small is beautiful’. Mcgarrybowen (Prem) Offline

20” TVC ‘Rise & Shine’ with MIND. Fresh Film Prods. (Prem/AFX) Offline, GFX

UK 20’ TVC ‘Wonderluxe’. Dir. James Barnfield Spring Studios

USA 2 x 15” TVCs ‘At home styling’. Fresh Film Prods

USA 2 x 30” TVCs ‘In an Instant’. Fresh Film Prods

‘Bouillon Bag’ Mullenlowe/Curious? Dir. Sean de Sparing

‘For Everyday’ Iris/Curious? Dir. Dan Humphreys

3 x ‘Dani Dyer’ Adam & Eve/Fresh Film Prods Dir. Emily Freda Sharp

‘Doppleganger’ Adam & Eve/Fresh Film Prods Dir. Laura Borgio

‘Listen Up’ DMS UK

‘City of London Academy’ DMS UK

16 x 60” Content & 22 x 20” Socials ‘Servito Con Stile’. Troublemaker (Prem/AFX)

3 x 10’-30’, 1 x DOOH ‘Lombardia Capsules’. TBWA London. (Prem/AFX)

1 x 6”20’ part of the ‘GQ State of Man’ Series. CONDE NAST (Prem) Offline

9 x 10” Socials. JN Production. (Prem/AFX) Offline/Motion

23 x 10” Socials, 5 x 60” films, ‘SS19’. JN Production (Prem) Offline, Grade SAMSUNG/RSC - 5 x 1’20”, 2 x 30’ trailer, 1 x 2”30’ ‘What would Shakespeare do’. Cheil. (Prem/AFX) Off/Online

1 x 1”35, 3 x 30” ‘Waste to Waves’. Foxtrot Papa (Prem/AFX) Off/Online, GFX, Grade

1 x 60” UGC Film #IAmAgent23. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Offline,VFX

3 x 2’ ‘Trying too hard’. ITN PRODS (Avid/Symphony) Off/Online, Grade

4 x 6”, 2 x 15”, 6 x 6”, 4 x 2” ‘Icy-Lock Pearls’. Spring Studios. (Prem/AFX) Offline

O2 - 5 x 10" - 60” Partnership with English RFU and Star Wars. VCCP (Prem/AFX) Offline

1 x 3’30” VR Promo for TV Show ‘Quantico’ on ABC. UNIT9 Dir. Jonathan Pearson

2 x 30” VR Teaser Films. ‘MINI Connected’ USA. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Offline/VFX

1 x 2’ thanking Keyworkers. Wizzard (Prem/AFX/Resolve) Offline, Sound, Colour

‘Triathlon Squad’. Multiple DOOH. Spring Studios Dir. James Barnfield

5 x 3’15” Celebrating 200 Yrs. Rufus Leonard. (Prem) Offline

1 x 2’ Case Study for Clio Awards. Spring Studios. (Prem) Offline

2 x 60” Launch film for Redi-Go. TBWA London (Prem/AFX) Offline

1 2’30” AMP Shoes Case Study. Langland (Prem/AFX) Off/Online

2 x Sizzle Reels to present to new owners. AMV BBDO (Prem/AFX)

Global hype reel for re-brand of Chivas Regal (Prem/AFX)

House reel (Prem/AFX)

House reel (Prem/AFX)

Various house reels (Prem/AFX)

EOY Sizzle reel. UNILEVER (Prem/AFX)

Various pitches/mood/case study films (Avid/Prem/AFX)

Dettol mood film(Avid)

Futurenet for Discovery ID- High octane stories with life and death stakes solved by CCTV (AVID)

Futurenet for Discovery ID - High octane stories with life and death stakes solved by CCTV (AVID)

About a professional forager. VICE UK/AMUSE (Colour Grade in RESOLVE)

Investigation into the future of sexual politics. VICE UK (Colour Grade in RESOLVE)

5 x 5”30’ ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Presented by Tom Scott exploring the Uffizi, Louvre and Natural History Museums. 1st Ave Machine (PREMrem/AFX)

Artist Juan Delgado investigates displacement and belonging. Outgrain Prods (PREM)

A snapshot of neuro-diverse teenager into Cosplay (PREM) Winner Best Film UNICEF Innocenti Film Festival

Paramount Global, BET Networks - Jabari Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) examines Nelson Mandela’s staggering legacy (AVID) EMMY Nomination

Beezr Studios & Spark North for C4 - Giving communities across Britain tools and skills to tackle DIY challenges - properly! (AVID)

BBC Factual - How the BBC is tackling diversity and inclusion.

Spun Gold TV - exposé of The Pearl Qatar ahead of the Fifa World Cup (AVID)

Freemantle for TLC - A DNA detective digs into the past to find a young woman’s real father (AVID)

Futurenet (Barcroft) - 2 x EPS, 4 high octane stories with life and death stakes solved by CCTV (AVID)

1 x 60" Off-Line editor for Sky TV documentary (PP) Ep 1,2,4,6,8 & 10 (60 mins longform)

WIP Investigating displacement and belonging. Outgrain Prods (Prem) Offline, sound

Portrait of Ray Jones and Portobello Rd. (FCP7)

An immersive’ portrait of DIY skate park in S London from photographer Phil Fisk. (PREM/RESOLVE) London Short Film Festival, Liverpool Underground

1 x 20’ Investigation of the Hajj pilgrimage. VICE UK/ID (Resolve) Grade

Prod. Documentree Films Dist. Magnolia Films Amazon, iTunes, CinemaNow - A creative journey exploring the best restaurant in the world and it’s chef Réne Redzepi.(AVID Assistant Editor/Online) Dir. Pierre Duschamps

Prod. 19 Entertainment Dist. Deep Blue Ltd - Woodstock Film Festival, YoiuTube, Films of Action 118’ Feature, 12 x 25’ TV Series, 9 x DVD Chapters. "1 Giant Leap" explore the universal complexities of human nature. (Avid Assistant Editor/Re-cut, re-master) WINNER Best Documentary Feature Red Rock Film Festival Dir. Duncan Bridgeman

Alexander C.'s Software Skills

Highly skilled PP editor.

Mid Level.

Mid Level.

Mid Level.

Mid Level AFX.

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