Alexander C.

Alexander C. Editor (Offline / Online), Colourist, Creative Editing, Director, Motion Graphic Designer, Animator.

Alex C is a London native and experienced creative editor. He received a BA (Hons) in Theatre Studies from the University of Leeds and holds both a PG Diploma (Distinction) in Experimental Film Production and a Masters (Distinction) in Film Production. Having started his career as a music video director (working with labels like Sony, Independiente, and Mute Records) and award-winning experimental filmmaker, Alex now works full-time as an editor on film and commercial projects and has worked with some of the biggest Creative Agencies in the UK. Alex has recently worked with BAFTA Award-winning director Nic Holt on an observational documentary film for Gilead Sciences and Writer/Director Tania Emery on her short film starring multi-award-winning actor Henry Goodman. In 2021 Alex was included as part of the prestigious BAFTA Crew x BFI Network.

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For Discovery (Avid Offline)

1 x 60" Off-Line editor for Sky TV documentary (PP) Ep 1,2,4,6,8 & 10 (60 mins longform)

100’ Feature about the best restaurant in the world. Documentree Films (Avid Assistant Editor/Online)

1 x 118’ Feature, 12 x 25’ TV Series, 9 x DVD Chapters. "1 Giant Leap" explore the universal complexities of human nature. (Avid Assistant Editor/QC)

1 x 23’ Investigation into the future of sexual politics. VICE UK (Resolve) Grad

1 x 4’30” Short about professional forager. VICE UK/AMUSE (Resolve/Grade)

5 x 5”30’ ‘Behind Closed Doors’ exploring the Uffizi, Louvre and Natural History Museums. 1st Ave Machine (Prem/AFX) Offline, Grade

WIP Investigating displacement and belonging. Outgrain Prods (Prem) Offline, sound

48” Portrait of Ray Jones and Portobello Rd. (FCP7) Off/Online

15” ‘Immersive’ portrait of DIY skate park in S London. (Prem/Resolve) Offline/Grade

1 x 20’ Investigation of the Hajj pilgrimage. VICE UK/ID (Resolve) Grade

16 x 60” Content & 22 x 20” Socials ‘Servito Con Stile’. Troublemaker (Prem/AFX)

3 x 10’-30’, 1 x DOOH ‘Lombardia Capsules’. TBWA London. (Prem/AFX)

1 x 6”20’ part of the ‘GQ State of Man’ Series. CONDE NAST (Prem) Offline

9 x 10” Socials. JN Production. (Prem/AFX) Offline/Motion

23 x 10” Socials, 5 x 60” films, ‘SS19’. JN Production (Prem) Offline, Grade SAMSUNG/RSC - 5 x 1’20”, 2 x 30’ trailer, 1 x 2”30’ ‘What would Shakespeare do’. Cheil. (Prem/AFX) Off/Online

1 x 1”35, 3 x 30” ‘Waste to Waves’. Foxtrot Papa (Prem/AFX) Off/Online, GFX, Grade

1 x 60” UGC Film #IAmAgent23. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Offline,VFX

3 x 2’ ‘Trying too hard’. ITN PRODS (Avid/Symphony) Off/Online, Grade

4 x 6”, 2 x 15”, 6 x 6”, 4 x 2” ‘Icy-Lock Pearls’. Spring Studios. (Prem/AFX) Offline

O2 - 5 x 10" - 60” Partnership with English RFU and Star Wars. VCCP (Prem/AFX) Offline

1 x 30” Cinema Spot #IAmAgent23. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Offline/VFX

1 x 30” Trailer for 2019 Season. Fall Off The Wall (Prem/AFX) Offline/VFX

3 x 20” TVCs ‘More of What Matters’. Slider (Prem/AFX) Offline

1 x 30” TVC ‘Warm Cookie Awaits’. Slider Creative (Prem) Offline

1 x 30” TVC ‘Small is beautiful’. Mcgarrybowen (Prem) Offline

20” TVC ‘Rise & Shine’ with MIND. Fresh Film Prods. (Prem/AFX) Offline, GFX

1 x 20’ TVCs 4 x 15’ Socials ‘Wonderluxe’. Spring Studios (Prem/AFX)

2 x 15” TVCs ‘At home styling’. Fresh Film Prods (Prem/AFX) Offline

2 x 30” TVCs ‘In an Instant’. Fresh Film Prods (Prem/AFX) Offline/VFX

4 x 20” Sponsorship Bumpers. ‘On Set with MINI Connected’. UNIT9 (AFX) VFX

2 x 30” VR Teaser Films. ‘MINI Connected’ USA. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Offline/VFX

6 x 10” Discovery idents. Slider (Prem/AFX) Offline, Sound

1 x 2’ thanking Keyworkers. Wizzard (Prem/AFX/Resolve) Offline, Sound, Colour

‘Squads’. Multiple DOOH. Spring Studios (Prem/AFX)

5 x 3’15” Celebrating 200 Yrs. Rufus Leonard. (Prem) Offline

1 x 2’ Case Study for Clio Awards. Spring Studios. (Prem) Offline

2 x 60” Launch film for Redi-Go. TBWA London (Prem/AFX) Offline

1 2’30” AMP Shoes Case Study. Langland (Prem/AFX) Off/Online

2 x Sizzle Reels to present to new owners. AMV BBDO (Prem/AFX)

Global hype reel for re-brand of Chivas Regal (Prem/AFX)

House reel (Prem/AFX)

House reel (Prem/AFX)

Various house reels (Prem/AFX)

EOY Sizzle reel. UNILEVER (Prem/AFX)

Various pitches/mood/case study films (Avid/Prem/AFX)

Dettol mood film(Avid)

1 x 3’30” VR Film Promo for TV Show ‘Quantico’ on ABC. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Off/Online, Sound,

2 x 30” Trailers for 2 VR Films. UNIT9 (Prem/AFX) Offline

Alexander C.'s Software Skills

Highly skilled PP editor.

Mid Level.

Mid Level.

Mid Level.

Mid Level AFX.

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