Alex M.

Alex M. Editor (offline).

Alex is highly experienced and resourceful Editor & filmmaker with an enquiring mind and a well-developed sense of editorial judgement. Specialising in long-form projects, his skillset also includes: directing, producing and post production supervision which gives him that edge when working closely with clients.

He enjoys working with Directors to help develop the narrative and loves being involved from the beginning so that he can add to the creative process. More importantly, he is a reliable team member who instils confidence in his clients and consistency throughout his work.

Alex is proficient in Avid & FCP 7 and can also use Adobe Premiere.

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1 x 30 min. BBC World/News 24 (Avid)

60 min x 2. Current Affairs. BBC (Avid)

60 min x 2. Science. BBC (FCP 7)

45 min. True Stories. C4 (Avid)

30 min. True Stories (Avid)

30 min. Amnesty International (FCP 7)

60 min. Well-Being of Women. Axworks (FCP 7)

30 min. Amnesty International (FCP 7)

60 min. ARD/True Stories. ARTE (FCP 7)

30 min. 2 Van Daag (Avid)

15 min. Axworks (FCP 7)

15 min. Amnesty International (FCP 7)

30 min. National Geographic (Avid)

10 min. Amnesty International (FCP 7)

20 min. Amnesty International (FCP 7)

3 x 60 min. A+E TV (Avid)

20 min. True Stories (Avid)

30 min. True Stories (Avid)

1 x 100 mins Raindance Film Festival 2016/US film distribution Psychological suspense/horror (Avid)

1 - 90 mins Film about international students sharing a house together in a London suburb. Kaybee Productions (Avid)

UK produced Bollywood-style extravaganza. 150 minutes of hindi song and dance/love story. Starring Raj Ghatak, Sofia Hayat and Jake Canuso. Aviary Film Partnership (FCP 7)

Comedy feature with Alistair McGowan and Kulvinder Ghir. Aviary Film Partnership. Cinema Distribution (FCP 7)

1 x 90 mins Bromantic comedy starring Meera Syal and Rez Kempton. Mombai Film Festival with UK cinema distribution. (FCP 7)

1 x 90 mins Independent horror starring Poppy Drayton and Morgan Polanski. Aviary Film Partnership, Post Production Supervisor (Avid)

1 x 30 mins A Step by Step Guide - BBC (Avid)

1 x 30 mins TV pilot, Magazine style programme about connecting the Indian Diaspora around the world. Quiddity Productions (FCP)

Eric Parry Architects (Director, Editor)

Eric Parry Architects (Director, Editor)

4 x 15 min web films. TED (FCP 7)

2 x 20 min. RTS Winner 2002. BBC (Avid)

3 x 15 min. BAFTA Nomination 2003. BBC (FCP 7)

A series of 6 short films on the cutting edge of design and technology for MIT’s Director’s Fellows Programme (FCP 7)

20 min. BAFTA Nomination 2002, RTS Nomination 2003, Runner-up, Basel Education award 2002. BBC (Avid)

6 part online series about the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami with TED’s Jason Wishnow (FCP 7)

20 min. ETMA Winner 2002. RTS Nomination 2001, ETMA Winner 2002. BBC (Avid)

30 min x 2. RTS Winner 1999, Basel Education Award Winner 1998. BBC (Avid)

2 x 15 min. BAFTA Nomination 2004. BBC (Avid)

8 x short films for learning website. BBC (FCP 7)

20 min x 4. RTS Nomination 2008, Runner-up, Basel Education award 2007 (FCP 7)

4 x 20 min. BAFTA Winner 2003, RTS Nomination 2004. BBC (Avid)

35mm comedy short. Cinema release. HLA/BBC Radio 1 (Avid)

35mm comedy short. Cinema release. Electric Pictures/Levi's Short Film Foundation (Avid)

16mm comedy short. TomTom Productions (Avid)

35mm German comedy. Bayern 3 (Avid)

16mm short comedy. NSFTV/YTV (Avid)

35mm German comedy. ARTE (Avid)

16mm short comedy. Dexter Films (Avid)

16mm comedy animation. LCP (Avid)

1 x 30 min Amnesty International

30 min corporate (FCP 7)

30 min corporate (FCP 7, Director/ Editor)

10 min corporate. (FCP 7, Director/ Editor)

20 min corporate (FCP 7)

3 x 10 min corporate. Producer/Editor (FCP 7)

Lifestyle pitch for Sugar Films (Avid)

Lifestyle pitch for Spark Media (Avid)

CBBC TV pitch for Big Deal Films (FCP 7)

Documentary pitch for Spark Media (Avid)

Mother London (Avid)

Blue Source (Avid)

Stimshop (Avid)

Crazy Horse (Avid)

Stimshop (Avid)

TV pitch about the celebrated Sikh magician for Tern TV (Avid)

Documentary pitch for Spark Media (Avid)

Lifestyle pitch for Spark Media (Avid)

BBH (Avid)

Lifestyle pitch for Spark Media (Avid)

Documentary pitch for Spark Media (Avid)

2x30 sec. HLA/AMV (Avid)

4x30 sec. BDDH (Avid)

8x30 sec. HLA/St Luke's (Avid)

60 sec. The Blue Cross (FCP 7)

30 sec. Pesticides Action Network (FCP 7)

1 x 30 mins BBC Arts (FCP 7)

2 x 15 min contemporary dance pieces - Nylon Films (FCP 7)

Festival short exploring the issue of child brides. Director: Emma Lindley, Directors UK. (Avid)

16mm YTV. CRE Race in the Media Award Nomination (FCP 7)

Full on Films/ BBC (FCP 7)

16mm short drama. YTV (FCP 7)

Full on Films / BBC (FCP 7)

16mm short drama. Indica Films/C4 (Avid)

35mm short drama. Loudmouse Films (Avid)

1 x 20’ Child to Child Trust (FCP 7)

1 x 20’ Croydon Education (FCP 7)

2 x 20’ Talkback Self Advocacy (FCP 7)

5 x 20’ United Nations (Avid)

1 x 10’ Ford Foundation (FCP 7)

1 x 10’ Blue Cross (FCP 7)

1 x 20’ Friends of the Earth (Avid)

1 x 60 min. C5 Productions (Avid)

1 x 120 min. C5 Productions (Avid)

1 x 60 min. C5 Productions (Avid)

5 x 3’ interviews – Foruli (FCP 7)

1 x 60’ of Whitney Houston’s music for C5 - C5 Productions 2015 (Avid)

Alex M.'s Software Skills

Adam is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro offline editor.

Alex is a highly experienced Avid offline editor.

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