Alex B.

Alex B. Editor (offline), Creative Editing, Promo Producer, Motion Graphic Designer.

Alex is a London-based Editor with over 8 years experience across the media industry, cutting for brands such as Activision, BMW, Pepsi, Ryobi, Virgin EMI and many of the leading production, branding and marketing agencies. Alex is well versed in short-form branded content, commercials, mood films, social media ads and viral videos.

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‘Why You Need A Lawyer’ 8 X 3 min films promoting a law firm for all age

groups. Emerald Colour (Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

1 min web commercial promoting new electronic pipe-cutting tool.

(Producing / Directing / Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

3 X 3 minute Vlogs of an employee’s day in the life. Emerald Colour (Premiere


30 sec animated advert of a travel app for app store & online promotion. Paradox

House (AFX)

4 minute branded content panel discussion about future careers.

Nemorin (Premiere Offline / AFX)

3 X 2 min corporate films to announce acquisition of new company to

various audiences. ICF NEXT (Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

5 min explainer video for web landing page. Paradox House (Premiere Offline / AFX

/ Grade)

4 X 2 min player profiles for broadcast at an esports event. BLAST Ltd

(Premiere Offline / AFX)

2 X 20 min documentary / comedy format featuring an esports team that gets up

to no good. (Premiere Offline)

1 X 5 min landing page explainer video for mental-health-friendly video

conferencing plugin. Paradox House (Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

3 X 2 min docu-films profiling employees at Williams Racing and their career

journeys. RD Content (Premiere Offline)

30 sec social media ad to promote a competition. (Premiere Offline /

footage research)

30 sec TVC for Accounting SaaS product. Paradox House (Data Wrangling /

Premiere Offline / AFX)

2 X 1 min TVC’s showing off the latest electronic garden tools. (Producing /

Directing / Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

5 X 30 sec TVC’s promoting mental-health-friendly video conferencing plugin.

Paradox House (Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

1 min mood film to promote new flavours to internal stakeholders. Agency

Space (AFX / footage research)

2 min awards entry to promote PR Agency’s client work. Agency Space

(Premiere Offline / AFX / footage research)

30 sec pitch film. Gravity Road (Premiere Offline / AFX / footage research)

1 minute mood film to help create advert for Hep C vaccine. RD Content (Premiere

Offline / footage research)

2 min sizzle trailer for film financiers. (Premiere Offline / AFX)

90 sec film trailer of the infamous serial killer Dennis Nielsen’s house.

Paradox House (Premiere Offline / AFX)

various viral comedy sketch videos, posted on social media. Amassed over 1

billion views organically over the space of 3 years. (Director / Producer / Editor)

10 min comedy pilot about a dysfunctional film crew.. Bridge

The Moon Productions (Premiere Offline)

1 X 15 min Pilot YouTube series commissioned by Polydor Universal (Producing /

Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

24 X 15 min gaming-focused web series featuring artists from

the UK grime, hip-hop, drill and pop music scene.

4 X 30 sec social media ads to promote menswear brands’ collaboration with Rugby Team. (Premiere Offline / AFX / Grade)

8 X 15 sec social media ads - conceptual olympic theme. (Premiere Offline / AFX /


Core Collection fashion film for social media. (Premiere Offline)

55 min multi-language origin story on Italy’s most popular Twitch gaming

streamer. FNATIC (Premiere Offline)

10 min story on an esports player’s history while he gets a

tattoo. FNATIC (Premiere Offline)

25 min LGBTQ+, inter-faith love story. Raisilience / Silverprince Pictures

(Premiere offline)

15 min drama about the 2011 London Riots. (Premiere offline)

12 min LGBTQ+ drama. Bridge The Moon Productions (Data Wrangling /

Premiere Offline)

5 minute drama for the London Sci-fi 48 hour film festival. (Premiere Offline).

5 minute drama about a forbidden relationship. (Premiere


Alex B.'s Software Skills

Alex is an advanced pp editor.

Alex is a mid level motion graphic op.

Alex is a mid level photoshop user.

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