Alex B.

Alex B. Animator, Compositor, Designer, 3D Generalist, Motion Graphic Designer, 3D Animator.

Quirky & stylish graphic design has formed the foundation of Alex’s unique visual style and composition in animation; beginning his career designing animated sequences for award shows, he then progressed into broadcast promotions and identity before falling head over heels with character design and animation. Recently, he has enjoyed working for kids’ channels such as Cbeebies, CBBC, Nickelodeon and Disney on some of their latest campaigns.

Having learnt about 3D from the folks at Pixar and Dreamworks through Anim School, he has been able to develop an incredibly versatile technical ability which also enhances his 2D illustrative work. To top it all off, Alex is fluent in both Italian and French.

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Promo for fight, Sky Sports (Design & Layout)

various, TV1000 (2D / 3D Design, Animator)

BBC Productions (Producer, Script Development, Storyboards, Animator)

various music promos (Storyboards, Animator)

rolling freelance contract working for clients including; B Sky B, Channel Five, Audi, 2020 Cricket World Cup, FX Channel. (Senior Designer / Animator)

BBC Productions (Producer, Script Development, Storyboards, Animator)

BBC Productions (Producer, Script Development, Storyboards, Animator)

various promos, North One TV

BBC Productions (Producer, Script Development, Storyboards, Animator)

30” Fold7 (3D Animator, Maya, Realflow)

30” TVC, McCann Erickson

TVC and online promotions, BBC Productions (Concept, script, storyboard, animation)

Alex B. - European Week of Sport from Soho Editors on Vimeo.

TVC. Atticus Finch (Animation)

Emerging Markets Consulting. Logotype design and branding

5” brand idents, NorthOne TV

Idents, SixFootSix / Mike Parry

Incredibull Ideas

Annabel Dundas, (Tilt design, 2D logo animations).

Corporate presentation, creation and mock branding on various 3D landscapes. Oliver agency / Francesca Newmann.

remaking of hands animation, Fold7.

3D presentation of entire range of 2011 handsets, Fold7.

Hive elephant character animation & billboards, CHI & Partners.

Interface graphics for installation at the 02 Greenwich, Momoco.

Web portfolio design and production

Director identity and web portfolio

Client based web and print solutions. Graphic designer

Online series explaining Honda technology in funny engaging ways (Graphics, Animation)

CBBC, Redbee Media (Animator),

Interactive Promos, Redbee Media (Animator).

Yellow bug character animation, Red Bee Media (Character Animator),

graphics and cartoons, BBC

Cartoons and Program Graphics (Lion Television).

Morse code animation, BBC2 (Animator)

Egyptian Channel Launch. Animator

Music Video visual effects, Client: Nicolas Bentley.

Logo animations, Tilt Design (Animator)

Complete TV graphics package. Ingredient.

Events and programs. Design and animation. NorthOne TV

Fun, technical explanation series. Producer: Megan Price, BeTheFox (Motion Graphics).

Event film, Atticus Finch (2D Character Animation).

Momoco / Universal Studios, storyboards

various titles (Concept design and animation)

titles, BBC 3 / Red Bee Media. (Visual effects and animation)

Visual Effects and Modelling, Red Bee Media

New concept live event, Dan Rees of King (2D Character Animator).

Maverick Media, end boards and graphics for various titles

Alex B.'s Software Skills

Alex is a master with After Effects, equally happy designing, animating and compositing.

Maya is Alex's tool of choice when it comes to animating and compositing, and a master of both.

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