Adam M.

Adam Marangos

Adam M. Editor (Offline / Online).

Adam is a well rounded dynamic and creative editor with over 25 years experience who thrives in most areas of post. Strong at the on-line stage utilizing his skills with graphics and Effects, whilst able to effectively project manage and deliver on time. Still retaining a bedrock however in the offline environment, covering a wide range of post production over a 25 year period. Having worked in the UK, Los Angeles, Australia and Spain, he is adaptable to different situations and editing environments. Adam also worked for Avid (UK), training people, technically & creatively, so he knows the systems inside and out.

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Hungry Bear Productions – ITV Fact/En

MTV – Light/Ent – 6ep’s offline

ITV – Fact/Ent

Channel 4 reality game show - (1ep offline)

Crakit Productions - Channel 4 reality fitness show - (1ep offline)

Bucaneer TV - Sky one constructed reality show - (1ep offline)

Objective Productions - Channel 4 reality game show - (1ep offline)

Prank crime show using hidden cameras to catch criminals. (Offline Editor)
Monkey Kingdom / Channel 5

1 x 1hr Reality / light entertainment show about a group of young people living together in Newcastle. (Offline Editor)
Lime Pictures / MTV

Two Four Productions - Channel 4 reality show - (2ep's offline)

1 x 1hr. Series following two teams of young people stranded on desert islands. Reality gameshow. (Offline Editor)
RDF / Channel 4

New reality series following young wannabe models competing for a modelling contract. (Offline Editor)
Tiger Aspect / Channel 5

Entertainment show featuring animated dolls and the voice of Donna Air interviewing various famous guests. (Offline and title sequence)
Airhead and Money Productions / UK Play

Thames TV - ITV music show – x3 seasons (main show VT packages offline)

Episodes 1 & 3 of celebrity reality wrestling show. (Offline Editor)

Series 2, 25 x 30 minutes. Reality Child & Parent Psychology show. (Offline and Online Editor)
Outline Productions / BBC

3 x 1 hr of this new six-part series, following David Hasselhoff and his daughters as they spend the summer in the UK.
Summer Films / UK Living

Reality show in which contestants sing and perform for public votes. Editing the live performances for this popular second series. (Offline Editor)
Endemol / BBC 1 and BBC 3

Part reality series about who is in charge at home. (Online Editor)
Ricochet / ITV2.

T4 Pilot a reality show based on a team making over a deserving kids bedroom.
(Offline, online and mix) At It Productions / Channel 4

Reality TV Show based in a hairdressing salon. (Offline and Online Editor)
Endemol / E4 and Channel 4

Following 4 lads as they visit the UK festivals. (Offline & Online Editor)
Done and Dusted / Channel 4

(UK) Reality TV Show, (Offline and Online Editor)
Endemol / Channel 4

Opening game movie, film edit with George A. Romero. (Offline Editor)
Sony Playstation

Live Poker Tournaments

Clip show featuring celebrity talking heads discussing their first TV memories.
(Offline, Online, keying and graphics) Prospect Pictures / UKTV

Series 1 Travel reality series. (Offline Editor)
12 Yard / ITV1

6 part reality series, about life in the foreign legion. (Online Editor)
Diverse Productions / Channel 4.

VT inserts and stories for the popular, long-running studio-based car show, Series 8/9. (Offline Editor)

Sizzle Reel, Channel 4 (Offline Editor)

Channel 5 – 3 eps’s offline

BBC3 – Fact/Ent – pilot offline

Spun Gold Productions – ITV Fact/Ent (offline)

Channel 5 – 1ep offline

1 hour pilot show for channel 4 which followed ambulances through a 24 hour period. Mox Productions (offline)

1 x 60 min political comedy documentary. (Offline Editor)

Comedy series 1. A sketch show poking fun at the TV world. (Offline, online and mix)
FX Channel

Leigh Francis as Keith Lemon Comedy series 1. (Offline, online and mix)
Bellyache Productions / ITV2

Bo’ selecta comedy series set in the USA. (Offline Editor)
Bellyache Productions / Channel 4

Topical comedy show. (Offline and Online Editor)
Bellyache Productions / Channel 4

Topical comedy show. (Offline and Online Editor)
Bellyache Productions / E4

Topical comedy show. (Offline and Online Editor)
Bellyache Productions / Channel 4

1 x 60 min political comedy documentary. (Offline Editor) BBC2

Oktober films - channel 4 web clip review show - (1ep offline)

Flicker Productions - Channel 4 Ob doc (offline)

Series following the lives of eight fathers-to-be, watching them right through their journey into fatherhood (Offline and Online Editor)
Hat-Trick for BBC3

1 x 1hr Ob Doc about Life at Greggs Bakeries. Offline
Mentorn films for Sky One

6 x 1hr Ob Doc. a gallery show about people on their 1st dates
Twenty Twenty for Channel 4

Episodes 4, 6, 9 of 13 x 1 hr ob documentary series that follows the lives of teachers, pupils and staff at the studios. They attend auditions, rehearsals and performances in a unique setting, where dreams are made, parts are won and lost and fabulous is a heartfelt emotion.
Pulse Films / Sky One HD

Two Four Productions - Channel 4 Ob doc - (2ep's offline)

1 x 1hr Ob Doc about young people’s issues with sex

Transparent Television - Channel 5 Ob Doc - (offline)

A behind the scenes look at one of the UK’s largest children’s talent agencies. Two Four Productions - Channel 4 Ob doc - (offline)

6 x 1hr Children’s magazine show.

Series 2. 2 x 20 min of this popular children's cartoon featuring crocodiles.
Energy Productions / Channel 9 Australia

12 x 20 minutes cartoon / animations.
Various promos for Nickelodeon/Cartoon network.

Disney channel children's football comedy show - (6ep's offline)

Children’s animated feature film.

1 x 1hr documentary for Virgin one looking into the reasons why men watch porn. (Offline Editor)
Crack It / Virgin 1

4 x 30 min documentaries about bizarre things happening to animals and various stories within a vet surgery. (Offline Editor)
Maverick / BBC3

1 x 60 min. Documentary about the life and times of David Soul.
(Offline Editor) Monkey Kingdom / Channel 4

1 hour documentary about au-pairs. (Offline Editor)
Tiger Aspect / ITV1

1 x 60 min documentary on the Formula 1 racing car driver in his winning year. (Offline and Online Editor)
Fuji TV for video sell-through.

1 x 60 min documentary about Prince William for LWT. (Online Editor)

1 x 60 min documentary on the life of a 70 year-old teacher and his students. (Offline Editor)
TVU / SBS Australia

1 x 45 min documentary on Planet Ark's views on saving the earth. (Offline Editor)
TVU / SBS Australia

1 x 60 min documentary on the cast and crew of 'Lost in Space' and where they are now. (Offline Editor)
SBS Australia

Two Four Productions - Channel 4 documentary series - (3ep's offline)

Short film for Channel 4 News,
Formula 1 motor racing highlights, Golf Tour highlights and various sporting promos.

Music Awards show. (Offline and Online Editor)
Remedy / Channel 4

Offline & Online Editor

Band documentary. DVD Extras. (Online Editor)

Preshow, live event and 2 x I hr highlight shows based on the concert in Hyde park. (Offline and Online Editor)
Done and Dusted / Channel 5

Series 1. 30 min music show. (Offline Editor)
Monkey Kingdom / Channel 5

Performance cutting and show vt's (offline)

Blur in Concert, Bjork in Concert, Bluetones in Concert, Reading Festival, Phoenix Festival, Kylie Minogue, Prodigy, No Doubt, Puddle of Mud, Jamiroquai, Primal Scream, The Doves, Will Young, Madonna, Aqualung, Usher, Westlife, Alisha Keys, Destiny’s Child, The Appletons, Busta Rhymes, Blur, Moloko, The Donnas, The AudioBullys, Babyshambles, Feeder, Groove Armada, Athlete, Elbow, The Editors, El Presidente, The Kinks, Anastasia, Polyphonic Spree, Robbie Williams, Rod Stewart, Craig David

Live Music Performance show. (Offline, online and mix)
Done and Dusted / Channel 4

2hr Music Awards show

Mat Horne takes a trip around Britain to explore the musical tastes of the nation.
A musical celebration of the day Arthur Guinness signed the lease for the world famous brewery in Dublin

Music Festival on the Isle Of Wight.

Music Chart Show

Offline & Online Editor

Offline & Online Editor

2 x 60 min music shows of live performances. Babyshambles, Elbow, the Dove and super furry animals etc. (Offline, online and mix)
Freedom TV / Channel 4

Teaser show for T4 on the Beach. (Offline, online and mix)
Done and Dusted / Channel 4

Live Music Sessions

Biohazard II

Australia Commercial

Album release

30 seconds

Many Megans

30 seconds

BBC, ITV, SKY BSB, MTV, Ch7 and Ch9 Australia, Fox TV, Gulf TV, CTV, Nickelodeon

RDF - Channel 4 fashion features show - (3eps offline)

Adam M.'s Software Skills

Adam is a highly experienced Avid offline and online editor.

Adam is a highly experienced Final Cut Pro offline and online editor.

Adam uses After Effects at an intermediate level to enhance his own work.

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