Adam B.

Adam B. Editor (Offline / Online).

Adam is an experienced offline editor who has worked in the UK broadcast industry for 14 years. He has worked with all major channels and streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. He edits with Avid Media Composer and/ or Premiere Pro.

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1 x 60’ - one off doc charting the UK election of 2019

Oxford Films for ARTE

Finishing Editor. Documentary series. Death row inmates in the USA, convicted of capital murder give a firsthand account of their crimes.

ZNAT UK for Netflix. Avid

1 x 30 min Presenter led investigation into counterfeit drugs & clothing.
TI Media for BBC. Avid

Betty TV for Discovery (4 x 45’)

Factual entertainment long running series. Two presenters restore heritage cars and attempt to sell them for a profit.

Southshore for Channel 4. (1 x 60’)

Returning prime time show. Presenter led consumer focussed - examining the spending habits of people in the UK.

Boom for Channel 5, (1 x 46’)

Multicam hot head rig format. Factual entertainment observational doc series following life in the operating room of a cosmetic skin clinic.

Rumpus Media for Channel 5 (2 x 45’)

Factual Entertainment Travelogue. Presenter led Christmas specials around Lapland and Copenhagen.

VT’s for BBC Studios & Boom 3 x 6

Short topical Films.

Southshore for Channel 4. 1 x 30’New prime time show. Series 1. Presenter led consumer show - examining the spending habits of people in the UK.

Topical TV for BBC (2021) 2 x 30’

Presenter led daytime recreation/ blue lights.

(2020) Expectation for BBC - 3 x 60 Mins

Finishing Editor & international edits

Series Finale ’(2021 TX)

1 x 47mins - Entertainment show about competitive woodwork, presented by Mel Giedroyc with expert judges in the same style of ‘British Bake Off’

Plimsoll Prod for Channel 4.

1 x 45 min. Factual entertainment show charting the life and discoveries of broadcaster/ gardener Alan Titchmarsh’

Spun Gold TV for ITV. Avid

8 x 24min each series Sky Sports. Premiere Pro

7 x 44min Sky Sports. Premiere Pro

5 x 46min Competitive fishing show - two celebrities join two professional anglers to earn ultimate bragging rights.
Korda Developments for ITV. Premiere Pro

5 x 30min Two friends travel across the UK and France, completing a series of angling challenges to push their skills to the limit.
Tackle Guru for ITV. Premiere Pro

Online Editor. 90mins Martial Arts Drama. Intense Productions. FCP 7 Online

Online Editor. 90mins Independent horror film. Reverb Productions. FCP 7 Online

Online Editor. 90mins Documentary about the erosion of civil rights.
S2S Productions. FCP 7 Online

Online Editor. 90mins Music documentary. Warp Films. FCP 7 Online

1 x 5 Mins. Charity film about helping children in developing countries.

The Moment for GSK Pharmaceuticals. Avid & Premiere Pro

1 x 5 Min. Fun, short drama about two drivers racing to get to the Goodwood Ball.

Irresistible Films for Red Bull TV. Avid

1 x 6mins. Promo video of music festival.

Flathead for Done & Dusted. FCP 7

5 x 3mins. Lingerie promo videos. Flathead for Curvy Kate. Premiere Pro

3 x 3mins. Short documentary films.

Flathead for Precor. Premiere Pro

5 x 4mins ONIT Media for Virgin Media. FCP 7

5 x 5mins Pulse Films. FCP 7

5 x 5mins Pulse Films. FCP 7

30sec promo Neon Films. FCP 7

Online Editor. 90mins Interviews & performances.

EMI Records. FCP 7

2 x 8mins. Keynote speeches & interviews

Flathead for STH Live/ Team GB. Premiere Pro

3 x 3mins Social media video campaign to promote

Agency - Drivetribe. Premiere Pro

4 x 1min Web campaign to highlight the use of plastic in our environment

Flathead for BBC. Premiere Pro, VR, AFX

1 x 2mins Product launch promo of a manufacturing robot driven by AI

Green screen studio shoot Flathead. Premiere Pro, VR, AFX

‘The Museum of Us’ Uplands TV for Channel 4. (1 x 45’)

Observational documentary series about communities coming together to discover and celebrate the history of the street they live on.

The Tonight Show: Election 2019 (2019) ITN/ ITV-

2 x 30 Mins

Current affairs. Party leader profile films.

Observational Documentary. Proof of concept/ story of an elite team of police officers who are combatting organised crime.

ITN Productions for Dave. Avid

1 x 20 min A couple are set exciting challenges to create amazing floral statement pieces at a prestigious event.
TI Media for Discovery/ Netflix. Avid

(2021) Press Start for BBC - 10 x 2 mins

Series Director/ editor of animated series for BBC

Outside Broadcast Onsite editor. Editing PTC & Music performances

Editor. 12mins Short black & white drama. Annetta Laufer. FCP 7

Adam B.'s Software Skills

Adam is an experienced user of Avid.

Adam is an experienced user of PP.

Adam is an experienced user of FCP7

Adam is an experienced user of Photoshop..

Adam is an experienced user of Illustrator

Adam is an intermediate user of AFX.

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