Video Editor (with Podcast Experience) - ref: SET490

Video Editor (with Podcast Experience) - ref: SET490

Vacancy Description

Role: Video Editor (with Podcast Experience)


The Client is at the forefront of royal, celebrity and lifestyle news. As a weekly publication, they look to give their readers and viewers an experience that sets us apart. They’re a brand which is part of the movement for a kinder world. For the audience, the glass is not half full - it’s full and our content imparts that ethos in everything we produce. The Client knows everyone’s time is at a premium and they want time spent with them to feel like a moment of luxury you cannot find anywhere else.

Their digital department has seen great success over 2020 and is therefore expanding so they are looking for a versatile editor who has experience across all social media including snapchat, twitter, instagram, facebook and YouTube.

You’ll know first-hand how to craft a narrative which pulls on the right emotions, but you’ll also be adept at interpreting briefs into stand-out and shareable content across all of our platforms. Working directly with their head of channels, you’ll hit the ground running and be responsible for taking a brief and creating high production value content whilst equally helping us to craft stand-out campaigns for our advertisers. More importantly, you’ll know how to craft an amazing edit that is platform specific and how to draw people in with that golden first five seconds and you’ve ideally created great content across different social media platforms and knows instinctively what works on each.

Equally you’ll have adept skills with Adobe Creative Cloud and have a strong ability to craft and create motion graphics to accompany any edits we create. You’ll also be very reactive, capable and be able to switch your mindset at the drop of a hat for any breaking news.

For the right person the Client offers competitive salaries, great benefits plus the chance to be on the ground floor to help us shape a department with very high ambitions.

What you’ll be doing:

• Edit a wide range of videos and formats across our social platforms.

• Work with publishing editors to identify trends, stories and create original edits utilising stock and online imagery.

• Quickly assemble edits and implement notes from the head of channels.

• Proactively experiment with different versions of an edit, exploring multiple directions.

• Select music and editing sound beds.

• Stay organised and ensure all finalised video assets are stored correctly within our servers with the accompanying correct metadata.

• Get involved in the creative process, contribute ideas and creative solutions where relevant and be across industry trends.

• Keep up to date with editing workflow and innovations and ensure you are following the best procedure and workflow

• Be the go-to for the team’s snapchat video editing requirements

• Basic audio mixing capabilities, podcast editing experience desirable but not essential.

• Build edit and graphic templates for our recurring series.

• Working the odd weekend and evening when the need arises.

• Working on our daily podcast 2-3 times a week

What kind of person you are:

• You are an active listener and you love teamwork and collaboration.

• You’re not precious and can take feedback well even if an idea ends-up on the cutting room floor.

• You’re creative, you’re curious and you’re constantly learning and evolving. You’ll bring an idea to the table but know how to execute it.

• You know that the devil is in the detail and you’re a guardian of quality.

• You should have an amazing view of digital and social video as well as being adept at narrative creation.

• Tight deadlines don’t faze you and you’re organised. You know how to manage your time well.

• High production value within a narrative is part of your DNA.

• Changes in production plans and schedules don’t faze you.

• You work well independently and equally with a team.

• You have great communication skills and you’re able to give and receive feedback in a tight-knit team environment.

• You can hit the ground running and you are proactive in your approach.

• You’re adept at short form, but know how to create compelling longer form content.

• You are very social media savvy and keep up with what content is king across multiple networks.

• You’ve created successful content across YouTube which has brought in the views.

• You have experience with adobe audition and you have got your hands dirty editing a podcast.

Your experience:

• You have relevant experience working in a fast-paced professional environment.

• You’re adept using Adobe Creative Cloud apps but an expert in Premiere Pro, great with Photoshop and you have a solid grasp of After Effects and Audition.

• Knowledge of the latest digital workflows including digital media codecs, frame rates, image types and resolutions.

• Good working knowledge of all social media and digital video platforms.

• You follow workflow guidelines and naming conventions and can suggest better ways of using workflow.

• Understanding of usage and clearance requirements for music, images and footage.

• You have an understanding of color correction using Premiere Pro.

• You can create a solid sound-mix quickly.

• You understand the big picture as well as being happy to perform some of the more basic tasks such as screen grabbing.

• You've worked in a fast turnaround environment be that in a digital publisher or agency.

• You are well organised, you can manage your own time effectively and quote accurately how long a piece of work will take you.

• You’re a phenomenal communicator and you always keep stakeholders informed during your work’s progress.

Vacancy Type

Full Time



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