Content Studio Manager - ref: SET420

Content Studio Manager - ref: SET420

Vacancy Description

Role: Content Studio Manager

Our Client is a Pilates Studio.

With significant investment they are now bringing together the best Pilates instructors with media, marketing and strategy experts to grow their organisation quickly. Their vision is a world where this kind of exercise is a norm rather than an exception, delivered as a technology enabled experience that leads to a new way of life rather than just simply a new way to exercise.

About This Role

All of their studio machines and home instruction classes rely on high quality content, captured and edited on site at their purpose-built production studio in Windsor.

They seek an ambitious and driven video content production and post-production hybrid person to lead media production, supporting our growth and playing a central part in how our brand comes to life for customers. This is a hands-on role for someone who likes to be involved in all stages of content creation – planning, production, post-production and asset management.

You will work directly with the founders – a highly experienced team of business entrepreneurs and Pilates experts – to pick up the running of the new content studio, meeting our immediate requirements and using your expertise and ideas to drive it forward.

Alongside the content created to feed our innovative new Pilates machines, they also want their Content Manager to drive the creation of Social Media and wider marketing assets. This will see the creation of content in-house (at their Windsor production studio and across our Pilates studios) and managing / working alongside their external creative & design partners for larger productions.

You should be ready to join a fast paced, energetic team that is passionate about health & fitness and in particular Pilates. You don’t need any experience in Pilates, but certainly to be ready to learn and embrace it as a form of exercise.

Specific Responsibilities

As Content Manager, you will be asked to lead on:

1. Production scheduling, shoot planning, talent selection & booking.

2. Overseeing the production studio & audio booth (kit, processes, projects). This is a dedicated production space with an established camera, lighting and audio recording set up around the Pilates machines.

3. Taking the content unit forward, pushing innovation in what and how they capture, striving to achieve the most engaging content at all times.

4. Hands-on delivering productions and directing talent in the capture process; working with the studio teams and external talent to deliver high quality image and sound.

5. Hands-on audio recording, both in the live studio and as voice-over in the on-site audio booth.

6. Hands-on editing and basic motion graphics (see specific software and application experience requirements below) of core content – with external supplier support for complex or larger projects.

7. Final file preparations, exporting & mastering to specific specs.

8. Uploading & testing of content into the cloud applications that they use to feed their machines across our studio network and to feed home classes.

9. Ownership of asset management, file organisation and naming conventions to ensure easy handling of files, smooth backup and future re-use / international versioning of content.

10. Developing and building-out the media production part of our organisation by:

a. Scoping new activity – what else can we do with our studios & kit?

b. Bringing innovation – they want to be pushed!

c. Working with management to build the team out over time

d. Identifying, evaluating & working with external supplier partners

Skills and Experience

They seek a confident, well-trained individual who is ready to bring all of their talents, contacts and experience to lead and develop a powerful content creation unit.

You will be relied upon to deliver across the content creation process and so should come with the following skills / experience / background:

• Production Planning – You should have well-developed production planning knowledge and be ready to apply your preferred planning schemas, schedules and check-lists.

• Talent booking & scheduling – you should be ready to engage with talent booking agents and voice over agencies to source and schedule talent (note, there is no requirement beyond basic understanding to negotiate talent rights.

• Production – you must be a well-trained video production practitioner, familiar with industry-standard digital camera technology and be ready to apply video and photographic capture knowledge, lighting and live audio recording expertise.

• Post-production – you should have good experience using Adobe Creative Suite, with particular knowledge of Premiere and ideally some After Effects experience with a view to creating titles and basic motion graphics.

It would be helpful to have basic Photoshop & Illustrator knowledge in order to feed into edit projects as and when.

• Audio - they will provide training on how to use the on-site VO recording booth, but a solid understanding of the principles of audio recording and audio post is required.

• Asset Management / file organisation & naming – you should be used to keeping all projects in fastidiously well-ordered state and bring good understanding of how to apply naming conventions, version control, edit bin structures etc.

Personal Attributes

You will be joining a fast-paced team on a growth curve. They have taken significant investment with an ambition to challenge major fit-tech businesses such as Peloton & Strava. As such they seek someone with the ambition and drive to help them get there.

You should demonstrate the following attributes:

• Self-starter – you should want to take the content part of our business by the scruff of the neck and move it forward.

• Team player – you have to be a good, positive, kind and contributive player.

• Confident (but never arrogant) – you will be in charge of a key part of our business and work clients and colleagues. You should be confident to lead but equally to pause, reflect and compromise.

• High EQ – they value emotional intelligence and the ability to understand others’ point of view.

• Organised – you should be fastidious in your approach to all elements of your work. They have a lot of content to create at the highest standards and you must be efficient in how you operate to achieve this.

• Clarity – you should be able to explain and share information clearly and simply, ensuring that everyone involved in a process or production is clear on needs, expectations and deliverables.

• Fun – Just as important as everything else noted here, they want their professionalism to be matched with a sense of fun, positivity and a readiness to engage with clients / team mates to build a great place to work.

• An interest in a healthy lifestyle and ideally sport or fitness.


The Client is also keen to note that they will ensure a full and detailed set of trainings will be provided to cover:

• Their business, the sector and our ambitions.

• Their operational processes, teams and different studios across the South East.

• Their media production & post facilities.

• Their directorial & creative approach to content (an external partner is already in place who you will work with)

They seek to provide every support to make the successful candidate as comfortable, engaged and ready to excel in their new role as possible.

Places of Work

Their production studios are located at Windsor, Berks and this will be the main site you will be based at.

They are expanding their studio network across the South East UK and you may be required to work from other sites regularly to meet team members and to produce content.

You will also be enabled to work from home when not needing to be at the studio, as part of a desire to empower our teams and facilitate work-life balance.

Remuneration & Benefits

Holiday: 25 days

Benefits: Pension, work from home and in the studio, equipment provided by the Client.

Vacancy Type

Full Time



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