Stephen P.

Stephen P. Director.

Formerly from motion graphics giant MPC and once the protege of enigmatic Saam Farahmand, Stephen is an extraordinarily unique talent with a beautiful, bizarre and bold directing style.

His distinctive & quirky style is evident in all his work which also gives you an insight into his personality. He is full of energy and enthusiasm so if you are in need of a true professional with a joyful work ethic, look no further!

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1’20” online commercial.

Client: eGen Scooters.

Role: Director / Camera / Editor / Colourist.

Short film web series.

Role: Director / Colourist.

Music video.

Client: Yam Records.

Role: Director / Camera / Editor.

Music video.

Client: Andrew Reynolds

Role: Director / Camera / Editor / Colourist.

Music video.

Role: Director.

Cute music show where songs are reviewed by four year olds.

Client: Noisey.

Role: Director / Camera.

Branded gig with live animation.

Client: Vice.

Role: Director / Camera / Animator / Compositor.

3’ short weird comedy film.

Role: Director / DoP / Editor / Compositor / Colourist – PP / DVR.

4’ comedy film.

Client: You’re Welcome.

Role: Director / Camera / Editor / Colourist.

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