Sophie S.

Sophie Stacey

Sophie S. Post Producer, Producer, Production Manager.

Sophie is a freelance Post Producer and Producer, working on branded, social and short fiction content; her clients include Lionsgate, Canon and Cancer Research UK. With a background and experience in social media content, she can be both creative and logical with her approach to production. A dynamic team leader, Sophie uses her excellent organisational skills to deliver strong, successful content.

The below are selected credits - please email us for full credit list.

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(Post Producer)

3 min Endless Social Data (Producer)

8x 3 min 2018 Campaign (Assistant Producer)

3 min Chris & Kem Blindfold Baking Challenge (Assistant Producer)

3 min Robin Hood Archery Tag Mini Doc (Producer)

3 min 2018 Membership Campaign (Producer)

3 min 4DX Influencer Campaign (Producer)

3 min Hellboy Smash Room Experience (Production Manager)

5 min Neptune Steps Promotional Reel (Producer / Post Producer)

PARAMOUNT PICTURES / THE HOOK GROUP - 3 min Pet Sematary Influencer Prank (Production Manager)

2x 3 min Age Awareness Campaign (Production Manager)

3x 3 min Mini Doc: Get into Teaching Campaign (Production Manager)

Signature Dish with Big Heath (Producer / Production Manager)

2x Spiderman Visiting London (Producer)

Canon Sustainability Influencer Campaign (Producer)

Anna Fitness Mini Doc (Producer)

Annabelle Antiques Roadshow Sketch (Producer)

Live Social Media Event (Producer)

3 min David’s Story Mini Doc (Producer / Post Producer)

4x 5 min Fight or Flight Mini Docs (Producer)

Euro 2020 Campaign (Producer)

FulFil your Bucket List Campaign (Producer)

Break the Ice Campaign (Producer)

Potato Campaign (Producer)

The Power of Particles (Producer)

After Life Masterclass with Ricky Gervais (Production Manager)

Spiderman Far From Home Junket (Producer)

Angel Has Fallen: Tea Time with Nan & Gerard Butler (Producer)

Brassic S1: Tea Time with Nan & Michelle Keegan (Producer)

Brassic S1: Tea Time with Nan & Joe Gilgun (Producer)

Downton Abbey: Tea Time with Nan & Allen Leech (Producer)

Playing with Fire: Tea Time with Nan & John Cena (Producer)

Cats: Jason Derulo with Kittens (Producer)

Black & Blue Naomie Harris Junket (Producer)

Dir. BEN MALLABY 2015 (First Assistant Director)

Dir. BEN MALLABY 2015 (Production Manager)

Dir. LUKE SHELLEY 2015 (Producer)

Dir. BEN MALLABY 2015 (Producer)

Dir. LUKE SHELLEY 2016 (Producer)

Dir. LUKE SHELLEY 2018 (Producer)

Dir. BERTIE GILBERT 2021 (Co-Producer)

SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Producer)

SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Producer)

THE SWEET SHOP - Music Video (Producer)

SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Co-Producer)

SLICK FILMS - Music Video (Co-Producer)

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