Laylla M.

Laylla Mustafa

Laylla M. Post Producer, Producer, Production Manager.

Laylla is a passionate and enthusiastic producer and storyteller with vast experience working in the Film and Media Industry. She has produced engaging, creative and innovative content. For digital online, branded corporate content, commercial TVCs and Film. A strong leader who can motivate and develop a team to work collectively to produce consistent high standard content.

Proven success in delivering excellent results in accordance with client specifications, budgets, and deadlines. Technically astute and adapts to new equipment and systems with ease. Proficient in all aspects of pre-production, production, and post. Proficient in all aspects of project management and client relationships.

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1x 30secs / 1x 20secs / 1x 10secs – Deliveroo celebrating its partnership with Paris Saint Germain - (Post Producer/reversioning)

Original By Tradition’ 1x 60secs – Product promo - (Post Producer/reversioning)

Leishmaniasis ‘Case Study Film’ 1x 3m26secs filmed in Naples, Italy (Producer/ Production Manager)

Hemophilia ‘Are we close to a cure’ 1x 4m48secs filmed internationally (Producer/Production Manager)

RA Matters ‘Case Study’ – 1x 7m29secs animation in multiple formats/cutdowns and languages (Producer/ Project Manager)

‘ePen3’ 1x 40secs description on the new ePen3 device (Producer/ Production Manager)

‘Banker Abroad Sydney’ 1x 60secs on how banks hide fees filmed in Sydney, Australia (Camera Operator and Editor – Adobe Premiere Pro, AE and DaVinci Resolve)

LHV joins Wise Revolution’ 1x 60secs partnership filmed in Estonia (Camera Operator and Editor – Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve)

‘Testimonial Case Study’ 1x 2m7secs case study on Beamery product (Camera Operator and Editor – Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition)

Hemophilia ‘Team Clotting’ 1x 2m17secs 3-part series animation (Producer/ Project Manager)

‘Investment Escalator’ – 1x 3m14secs showcasing program (Producer)

‘Chancellor’s Appeal’- 1x 3m22secs support/ appeal for natural disasters (Producer)

‘How are you feeling?’ – 1x 60secs motivational film (Producer)

Digital Shoreditch Event 1x 4m21secs event filming (Producer)

‘Love every drop’ – 1x 1m29secs promotion of saving water (Producer)

‘It Stops Here Campaign’ – 1x 1m11secs sexual harassment is not ok promo film for Kings Students Union campaign (Producer)

‘Blockchain’ – ‘Transforming Trade’ topic around blockchain technology (Producer)

‘Bonusbond TV advert – 2014’ – 1x 30secs TV Spot. Spectrecom Films for Cable TV (Associate Producer)

Featuring John Hurt – 2014/15 – 1x30sec TV Spot Spectrecom Films for C4 and affiliate channels (Associate Producer)

‘House of Holland & ePen3’ – Fashion designer Henry Holland talks about his new sleeve designs for the ePen3 device (Producer/Production Manager)

‘A Qubit Case Study’ – case study client testimonial (Camera Operator, Editor - Adobe Premiere Pro/ AE)

‘Sun Mo Mi’ – 1x 3m15secs Music video/ Afro soul. Production for Taiya Soul/ MM Records / SSK Music (Director/ Producer/ Camera operator and Editor – Adobe Premiere Pro/ AE)

2013 – 2m33secs – 2x girls short sketch starring 2 upcoming actresses (Director/ Camera Operator and Editor – Adobe Premiere Pro)

Sport at the University of York’ 1x 1m20secs showcasing sports at York University (Producer)

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