Dylan W.

Dylan W. Director.

Dylan is an award-winning director who is comfortable working with a wide range of contributors to tell human and brand stories, placing a strong emphasis on humour and energy.

His clients include New Look, Stylist, Shortlist and Morrisons as well as music labels where, with a background as a musician, he feels right at home.

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1 x campaign film, 8 x social films.

Client: Keel London

Role: Director / Editor.

3 x 2’ Facebook Films plus social cut-downs. Winner of Best Native Advertising Campaign at the 2016 Digiday Awards.

Production Company: Atomized TV.

Role: Director / Editor.

2’ comedy online commercial.

Role: Director / Writer / Editor.

2’ recruitment film.

Role: Director / Editor.

2’ Hero film and 5 x 15” cutdowns.

Role: Director / Editor

Music video.

Client: East City Management.

Role: Director / Editor.

Music Video.

Client: Art Is Hard Records

Role: Director / Editor.

2 x 90” brand films following fashion blogger Olivia Purvis and her boyfriend Joe Galvin as they prepare for and attend a New Look & Stylist fashion party.

Production Company: The Smalls.

Role: Director & Editor.

3’ A man loses his favourite pair of boots and sets out on a journey to find them.

Producer: Ksenia Harwood

Role: Director

15’ A motivational speaker is challenged by an audience member that he used to know…

Producer. Ramin Sabi / DEM Productions.

Role: Director / Editor.

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